Dog Grooming Questions about Your Coton de Tulear

Dog grooming questions are probably the most common concern for Coton de Tulear owners.

Here are just a few of the common questions.

  • How often should I brush my dog?
  • How often does my pup need to get a bath?
  • How to I prevent matting?
  • Why is the adult coat different than the puppy coat?
  • How can I find a good dog groomer?
  • What's the best shampoo to use?
  • Is grooming expensive?
  • How do I treat tear stains or staining on the coat?
  • What tools do I need to groom my dog myself?

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Dog Grooming Questions

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Your Grooming Questions and Answers

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Hair around the eyes 
Do we have to cut the hair around our dog's eyes? Our Capi has very long hair and it covers his eyes. It looks like he can't see properly. Thank you for …

Dryer Recommendations 
Can you give me some recommendations on a stand up dryer? Thanks

How often should we bathe 4 mo old? 
Please advice how often to bathe Bounty, 4 months old when we feel bad smell? Now and later when he is older. Thx

Face Hair Gone 
My relative decided this morning to cut my dog's hair completely around her muzzle and cut the longer hair all off of her ears. My cotton has a puppy cut, …

Good day, I have a coton, a boy 3 years old. I would like to ask you why on the summer months his coat is brown and the winters months his coat is white? …

When to maintain the puppy cut? 
Our coton is just around 12 weeks now, and his coat is already getting a bit longer than we imagine it to be. We already know that we want him to have …

Goodbye comes the adult coat! 
Hello fellow Coton lovers! As you might have read in my first topic (Dinky has saved my life), I am the more than proud mom of Dinky. Dinky is 9 months …

First haircut 
I brush my 12 week old Coton every day to keep on top of matting. My question is, how old does she need to be to cut her hair? I also have a Shih Tzu and …

Pee Stains 
Hi everyone, I have a sweet little 5 month old named Biscuit. The problem I seem to be having constantly with her (besides keeping her little paws ever …

Fly away coat 
Live in Az and it's always dry. Every time I comb or touch him his hair flys all over. Lots of static electricity. Any ideas to help with this? Thanks, …

Does anyone have a clue how to keep whiskers neat? After a bath I blow Jasmine dry but she does not want the dryer anywhere near her face. I have a little …

How to Maintain my Coton De Tulear away from Cotton Balls? 
I have a fluffy and healthy CDT, however maintaining his hair is quiet challenging. Cotton balls usually pop out after his shower session, eventhough I …

first hair cut 
Can anyone tell me how old they should be about when they have their first hair cut. Thank you

Keeping those white paws white! 
Does anyone out there have a solution to keep their Cotons little paws white? I have Logan groomed every 4-6 weeks but those paws seem to turn gray the …

need a smooth collar so he doesn't mat 
Any ideas on a collar for a long haired coton? I need to keep a collar on him but he mats around the neck. I brush him every day. I use a detangle spray …

Grooming Jasmine and what happens @ 6 months. 
I have taken her to a groomer and she looked really nice. I bathe her every week using puppy shampoo and conditioner. And blow her dry. How do I get …

Stained hair around eyes and mouth 
Hi, we need some help! Our coton is 2 1/2 years old while we lived in Las Vegas her hair was perfect but we moved to Puerto Rico a few months ago and her …

how long does it take for an adult dogs hair to grow an inch 
she is 2 years old and has hair cut really short.

What is the correct haircut for my male Coton.  
My groomer trimmed my Coton like a schnauzer ! I hate it.

Need advice about a 'Coton' hair cut 
Ollie is 1 and half years old and he has that wonderful full Coton mop like hair. We love it, it adds to his character and his personality. We want to …

help with grooming my puppy's front hair 
hello i just got a Coton, from my mom who was not caring for her, She was living with other family that was mistreating her, and she was greatly matted. …

Matted fur 
I have been sick and got behind on brushing Bill. He isn't badly matted but has quite a few. He needs a trip to the groomer but can't go yet has been …

Winter Grooming 
We had Bill groomed in a summer cut when the weather got warm. I love it but I also like his hair longer. It is just the extra brushing I don't like. …

Coton Brushing 
What kind of brush should I use on my coton?

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I have always used Frontline Plus in controlling fleas and had success. Now both my dogs have fleas. They are given it as usual, have not been anywhere …

Does your Coton like to be brushed? 
Della will not hold still for more than 4 minutes at a time for brushing. I read online this is supposed to be a great bonding time between owner and …

Tips for Coton de Tulear coat problems or coat changes 
Never in my life have I read so many books about dogs & grooming like I do now. My Cotons are 6 months apart - a boy - Gio & a girl - Natasha. They look …

What is a good coton de tulear shampoo ? 
What are the best shampoos for Cotons. And do you use a cream rinse after shampooing?

Searching for a compassionate groomer for our Georgie! 
Hello fellow Coton lovers! Real quick--I am actively looking for an experienced, compassionate groomer for our almost 2yr old Coton. We live in Westport, …

First Haircut for Coton de Tulear 
For those who like to keep their Cotons in a puppy cut, at what age did you begin this? We've given our pup a trim around his eyes to aid his vision, and …

Groomer Recommendations in the Miami, Fl area 
Can any Coton owners in the Miami, Fl area recommend groomers? I have a 15-week-old Coton that I would like to maintain in a puppy cut. Thank you!

How often can I bathe dog if I put oil in tub? 
(1) I want to shower/bathe my dog as often as I possibly can, say, every other day, if not everyday. Is it possible to do it if I apply remedial treatments …

How do you blow dry your Coton de Tulear? 
Hello again, All is great until Connie needs drying. Whilst she is a puppy she can air dry but we need advice on blow drying. A domestic hair dryer …

Can I shave my Coton de Tulear? 
I want to shave my Coton to get him to grow fresh and beautiful fur. Right now he has some knots and it will be hard to brush.If I shave him will the hair …

How do I keep my Coton de Tulear's muzzle clean? 
I have a question on how to keep my dog's muzzle clean. She has a drippy eye which I try to clean everyday but the drips end up making her muzzle stink. …

How do you keep the muzzle and face hair out of puppy's eyes. 
My five month old puppy has beautiful dark eyes, but they are permanently hidden behind her face hair. Any suggestions?

Need help with Coton grooming 
I have a 4 month old Coton puppy,and in the last few days when brushing, his hair falls out more than usual. What I'm trying to ask is, do Coton De Tulear …

Coton de Tulear Tear Stains and Coat Stains 
My puppy is 5 months old. When should I take him to trim his hair? Also, I have been using this product (angel eyes) for almost 1.5 months. The dark …

Coton de Tulear haircuts 
I'm a groomer and I have a regular customer with a Coton de tulear and we are both unsure of what type of cutting, if any, is standard. I shaved the …

How do I keep Coton de Tulear hair white? 
How do I keep my Coton de Tulear's hair white - especially around her mouth and eyes?

Brushing coton de tulear 
How often should I brush the hair and what is the best comb i could use?

Do you use chemical control for fleas and ticks? 
Tuffy is three years old and I have been using flea,tick and heartworm preventives as prescribed by my Vet applied every month all year long. Tuffy …

Help - My Coton de Tulear Ziggy doesn't like water 
I have a Coton de Tulear who is a year old. Since the beginning he hasn't liked getting a bath; he doesn't like the water. If I mention the word water …

Coton de Tulear Shedding 
I know this breed doesn't shed, however, Jasmine leaves what I call fur balls all over the house? I brush her and she gets groomed but I still find fur …

Should I have the hair around the dogs anus cut short? Poop gets caught and is difficult to get out 
I have two new Cotons.  8 weeks old.  When the littlest goes potty sometimes, the poop gets stuck on his hair and is difficult to get off.  Need some advice …

Coton de Tulear Bath question 
Please, I really need to ask the experienced Coton de Tulear owners, how frequently I should bathe Sophie. The climate here is hot and at the moment very …

Help! My dog gets very bad after grooming  
Every time I get my dog groomed, she gets anxiety, itching, and bites herself and panting. I have to pay $200 for steroids every time. What can I do? I've …

What home products to use to clean the inside of the dogs ears? 
I was watching "Dr.OZ" on TV and he was showing products at home to use. One demonstration was a drop of baby oil in the ear to float the wax out (on a …

I need advice about burrs -Tuffy get a home grooming 
I need advice, we will be visiting my sister and her yard is full of weeds, stickers and burrs. Last time we visited Tuffy had burrs the size of rice in …

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Is anyone (self) grooming their Coton de Tulear? 
After too many unhappy professional grooming incidents, poor Tuffy needed a break. I got a grooming kit as a gift, watched the dvd a half dozen times, …

Shampoo recommendations please for a Coton de Tulear 
Hi, can anyone recommend a good shampoo for Coton de Tulear dogs?

How often does a Coton need grooming and is it expensive? 
I fell in love with my friend's Coton de Tulear and have been thinking of getting one. My only concern is if I'll be able to take care of the grooming …

Coton matting issues 
My Coton de Tulear is 9 months old. He has quite a few mats on his hair right now. The groomer wants to shave him down. Is that a good idea for a Coton? …

Coton de Tulear Grooming Trauma 
I would be very interested to know if other Coton de Tulear owners dogs have experienced trauma and bizarre behaviors after being left at the groomers. …

Need help with curly Coton coat 
I thought his hair would be straight, mine has a curly coat. Why? How do I make his coat straight?

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