My Story

My story

I've been an animal lover my entire life and I can't imagine not having a pet or 2 or 3. I've never really had an affinity for one specific breed over another – I love them all. Mostly I've had some kind of "mutt" or mixed breed dog over the years.


I accidentally stumbled upon Luc after my little 15 year old beloved Yorkie mix passed away a few months previously and I was ready to bring another dog into my home. I couldn't believe it when I found Luc; he was perfect for me. He fit every requirement I was looking for in a dog (except the price tag).

I had never heard of the breed but after falling in love with him and then doing my research I knew we were a perfect match.

Over the past few years I have been quite surprised at just how rare this dog is. NO ONE I know (except my vet) has even heard of the breed and I hate when people ask me what kind of dog he is because I know when I tell them they're just going to give me that blank look that says "Huh?"

I decided to create this site because there just isn't enough information out there on this breed and I was hoping to connect with other Coton de Tulear lovers. Maybe if you're lucky you can find a one or two sentence blurb in dog breed book, but check out any library or bookstore and you can see that there just isn't a great wealth of resources available.

During the past several years I've had a blast getting to know other Coton parents from all over the world who have generously shared their love and knowledge about the breed. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do and please stop by and share your stories and photos.

With Great Appreciation,
Gale Lennard (and Luc)


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