Discover Dog Behavior Modification Tips that Work

Is your small dog well behaved?

Dog behavior modification is necessary for ALL puppies, but can be especially important for small dogs like the Coton de Tulear.

We sometimes let our little dogs get away with bad or inappropriate behavior that we’d never let a big dog get away with. This isn’t doing you or your small pup any favors. Behavior problems for puppies are pretty normal, but small dogs often come with some unique challenges.

Imagine going through life where everything and everyone is so much bigger than you. If you see signs of stress or worry in your puppy it's best to take action right away before little bad behaviors turn into big bad behaviors.

The most important thing you can do is let your dog know that he is safe and that you will take care of him. Much of fear based behavior comes when dogs think they have to be the pack leader; this can be a big burden for them.

Let him know that you are a good leader and can take charge so he doesn't have to protect you and your home every minute of the day. Help him relax and enjoy his home instead of constantly trying to protect it.

Make sure everyone in the family is consistent with dog behavior modification training. If you are strict and consistent, but your spouse or kids let him get away with murder, you're going to have a very confused pet.

No dog comes into this world understanding what it takes to be a well mannered part of your family. Successful dog behavior modification takes time, patience, training and love.

coton de tulea

The reason puppies are so unbelievably cute is so you’ll be able to overlook their behavior issues. The most common bad dog behaviors are house training, chewing, and barking. All of these are quite normal in new puppies and easily corrected with training, patience, and socialization. Most often it’s the dog owner who needs to be trained more than the puppy. Are you enabling bad dog behavior?

What dog behavior modification issues are you dealing with?

Dog Behavior

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Housetraining: This is the number one concern for all new puppy owners. The Coton de Tulear is pretty smart and is usually pretty easy to house train or (or crate train).

Chewing: While chewing is not an inherent trait of the Coton, it's fairly common behavior in puppies. Find out how my dog Luc overcame his chewing problem.

Barking: The Coton de Tulear is a pretty good watch dog and they often don't appreciate strangers coming into their home. But do you know what to do when barking becomes out of control?

Separation Anxiety: I get a great deal of mail about this subject. This can be a heartbreaking problem, but it’s definitely something that can be conquered.

Leash Pulling: Going for a walk with your dog can be such a fun and happy experience, UNLESS your dog isn’t trained properly on how to walk with a leash.

Biting: It's important to learn how to stop puppy biting from turning into a real problem.

Fear issues (storm phobia): Is your pet afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises? Don’t worry; a few changes can turn your puppy into a calm, happy, stress-free dog.

Aggressive Dog Behavior: This behavior is not breed specific and ANY breed can exhibit aggressive behavior. The important thing is to stop aggression before it becomes a serious problem.

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