Learn How to stop puppy biting

Is your Coton de Tulear nipping or biting?

Why is it important to learn how to stop puppy biting? Puppy biting isn't the same as when an adult dog bites. It's not considered aggressive behavior; it's just considered part of play and a way of getting attention.

While it's not aggressive and it can even be quite cute to have a little puppy nibbling on your hands or feet, it's very important to stop it right away before it gets ingrained in behavior that is definitely undesirable in an older dog.

Puppy biting is often called nipping and it's how very young puppies learn how to play and show affection. This behavior comes naturally to dogs so it's our job to intervene and show them a more acceptable way of demonstrating play and affection.

If we don't step in, this cute puppy biting behavior can become annoying and sometimes dangerous behavior in adult dogs. We've all heard the horrifying stories of dogs biting young children.

So, what's the best way to stop puppy biting?

  • According to many dog experts, including the comprehensive dog training guide, Secrets of Dog Training you should squeal shrilly and loudly as soon as your dog bites you. Then stop all contact with your puppy for 2 or 3 minutes until your dog calms down. You have to make it very clear that there's no playing if there's biting. Your dog loves to play so when you stop the fun, he'll get the message.
  • Make it easy on your puppy by not tempting him to nip or bite. Many of us inadvertently encourage biting by playing roughly or putting our hands or feet too close to the dog's mouth.
  • Provide lots of good alternatives for dogs who are teething. Give your dog plenty of appropriate chew toys.
  • Always praise your dog when he's playing nicely without nipping or biting.
  • Sign up for dog obedience training to ensure you’re teaching the right behaviors at an early age. Your dog learns about the basic dog commands and will get socialized at the same time.
  • Make sure everyone who comes in contact with you dog also follows these guidelines so he's not getting mixed messages from different people. Consistency is very important with all dog obedience training.

Check out the Secrets of Dog Training to learn more about how to stop puppy biting or any other behavior issue such as house training, barking, or jumping. This is also a perfect reference for all the other basic dog obedience training necessary for a happy well behaved dog.

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