12 Dog Safety Tips that Every Pet Owner Should Know

Every pet owner should know these important dog safety tips. You love your dog and you want to make sure he has a long, happy, and healthy life. Here are some important dog safety tips that are easy and can make all the difference in your dog's life.

  1. Dog-proof your home. Make sure your dog can’t get into anything that is potentially dangerous such as electrical wires, harmful chemicals, poisonous plants, medicines, etc. This is especially true for new puppies that are extremely curious and will want to check out everything. That dangerous electrical wire just looks like a chew toy to your dog.

  2. Make sure your dog understands the basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come. If you see your dog getting into possible hazardous situations such as running towards traffic, these commands could be life saving.

  3. One of the easiest dog safety tips is to make sure your dog has a proper collar with identification tags. Make sure the collar fits just right – not too tight, but not loose enough so it can slip over his head. Make sure your dog never goes out of the house without identification. Every precaution should be taken to prevent the heartbreaking situation of losing your beloved dog.

  4. If your dog should get lost for any reason, having a microchip can be a painless, easy, and inexpensive solution. Any vet or shelter can scan your dog to learn how to contact you if you lose your pet.

  5. Make sure your dog always has clean fresh water available at all times, especially if he spends a lot of time outdoors.

  6. Safeguard your dog with flea, tick, and heartworm prevention treatments.

  7. Keep your dog up to date with yearly vaccinations and wellness trips to the veterinarian.

  8. Keep a canine first aid kit handy to treat minor injuries. For more serious problems, make sure you have emergency phone numbers available (your veterinarian, emergency after hours phone numbers, poison control, etc). If you're traveling with your pet, The Red Cross has a First Aid App for dogs to access pet safety info at any time.

  9. Don’t give your dog unhealthy people food. If something is bad for humans, you can be sure that it's also a no-no for dogs. Junk food causes the same health concerns for our pets as it does for us. There are many healthy snacks available so make choices that are good for your dog.

  10. Provide proper restraints when traveling in the car with your dog. Every dog loves to ride in the car (many with their head out the window). It can be very dangerous for your dog to wander free in your car while you are driving. Use a crate, a harness, or safety restraint to ensure your dog is safe.

  11. Don't forget play time. Make sure you have safe dog toys to ensure a happy AND safe pet. Learn which toys are safe and which to avoid.

  12. There are certain items that are especially dangerous for our dogs. Make sure you are aware of this very important list of common dog dangers.

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