Dog Grooming Basics

For your Coton de Tulear

Learning how to groom a dog is so important for long haired breeds like the Coton de Tulear. It's essential to understand dog grooming basics, especially relative to their long, fluffy, nonshedding, cottony coats.

The Coton's coat looks more daunting than it actually is. With regular care, the coat is easy to maintain and grooming time can actually be a great bonding time for you and your dog.

The earlier you start grooming your puppy, the sooner he'll get used to it at an early age and it will become as natural as rolling in the grass or chasing cats.

coton de tulea

Start brushing your dog as soon as you get him home for a few minutes at a time. This should be a positive experience, so start out with very short sessions and throw in rewards for good behavior - lots of hugs, praises, or even a small treat.

Since the coat is one of its most striking characteristics, maintaining good grooming habits is very important for the Coton de Tulear whether you do it yourself or choose a professional groomer.

Good dog grooming basics can:

  • keep your pup in great physical condition – it can alert you to potential health issues

  • save avoidable & costly veterinarian visits by noticing problems before they become serious

  • strengthen the bond you have with your pet

  • help you check for fleas, mites and skin issues

  • help your furry friend feel more comfortable, relaxed and pampered

Here are some dog grooming tips to help you get started (click on each heading to learn more in depth valuable tips):

Must-have Coton de Tulear Grooming Products: Learn what our visitors recommend for common grooming problems such as matting and tear stains. Get tips on the best shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and brushes also.

Basic Grooming - Brushing: There is a great deal of variation in coat length, texture and thickness of the coat within the Coton de Tulear breed. Brushing is one of those dog grooming basics we all need to get comfortable with.

Bathing: Because there is a great deal of individuality among dogs in this breed, the frequency of bathing will vary from dog to dog. How often should you bathe your dog?

Choosing a Dog Groomer: Should you do it yourself or leave grooming to the professionals? Ultimately this is an individual decision, but you should make an informed choice.

Dog Grooming Videos: Are you a self groomer? Watch these videos to learn how to groom your Coton de Tulear.

Hypoallergenic Dogs: There are a number of breeds that are labeled as hypoallergenic or allergy free. Is there really any such animal?

Nonshedding Dogs: If you’re worried about allergies or dog hair becoming a problem on your clothes and furniture, nonshedding dog breeds are a wonderful option.

Dog Grooming Tools: Learn how to groom a dog using the best tools to make the job easier for the results you want.

Dog Ear Care: You can avoid the number one reason for visits to the vet by making ear care and cleaning part of your regular dog grooming basics activity.

Trimming Dog Nails: Don't forget about your the feet and nails.

Dog Grooming Books: Find the perfect dog grooming books to help you with skin care, nail trimming, dental hygiene, matting, maintenance and so much more to keep your Coton looking and feeling fabulous.

How to groom an anxious dog: Learn how to groom a nervous or anxious dog so it becomes a good experience for both you and your pet.

Deciding on what kind of haircut to get your Coton? Check out these adorable Coton de Tulear puppy cut photos.

Still have questions? Visit Dog Grooming Questions page to ask or answer questions.

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