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Brush dog - puppy vs. adult

Don’t be fooled by your puppy’s easy to care for coat. I remember thinking, I don’t know why I was told the Coton de Tulear was high maintenance as far as grooming, because Luc’s coat is a breeze to care for.

Well, I didn’t know that the adult Coton coat starts coming in sometime between 6 and 14 months and becomes a little more challenging to manage. His tendency to mat took our grooming sessions from a playful and bonding time to one of me chasing him around the house because he knew what was coming.

He had to be brushed more often during this time period, but after Luc lost all of his puppy coat, we were fine. Today I keep him in a puppy cut because it just suits our lifestyle better. We live in Florida so it’s cooler for him and we live on a lake and he’s easier to keep clean with the shorter hair. Plus he’s still adorable.

coton de tulear
coton de tulear

Small Dog Grooming Tips that Work!

  • Start a regular brushing routine when your dog is a puppy and the coat is short and easy to care for. This will make the transition to the adult coat easier for you and your dog.

  • A slicker brush and a metal comb work great for puppies and adult dogs. Click here to see what brushes our visitors recommend most.

  • Brush dog in short fun sessions.

  • Small dog grooming can be easier on a table or counter top (cover with a towel or rubber bath mat to prevent sliding). Grooming tables are great for small dogs as well.

  • Always brush your dog before bathing to reduce the tendency to mat, but if there is matting:

    • Pay close attention to the armpits, between the toes and behind the ears since there is usually where matting occurs.

    • Gently separate the hairs using your fingers; don’t pull the mat out in a clump.

    • Work gently to avoid irritating the skin.

    • Comb the outside of the knot very gently, so you're not tugging on the skin.

    • If the coat is severely tangled or matted, brush dog in short sessions and reward and praise your dog frequently.

    • Always keep Cowboy Magic Detangler on hand. Works like a charm!

    • Sometimes you may have to take your dog to a professional for an evaluation of his condition and possible clipping.

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