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Meet the Cotons:
Everything You Need to Know About Living With and Loving The Wonderful and Quirky Coton de Tulear

This book is a must for anyone who has fallen in love with the Coton de Tulear

Look no further for the ultimate reference on everything Coton de Tulear - Meet the Cotons is a must-have guide to raising a happy and healthy Coton!

I've created a thorough and authoritative resource for understanding the extraordinary Coton de Tulear dog breed. For over 15 years, I’ve been curating a wealth of knowledge from this website, enhanced by the contributions of thousands of visitors who have shared their stories, photos, and experiences about the breed. This has helped me to enhance  my understanding of these amazing dogs. And, I even have firsthand experience living with two adorable Cotons - Luc and Lucy!

Meet the Cotons features expert advice on nutrition, training, behavior solutions, temperament, grooming, health, and caring for Cotons from puppyhood to senior days. In addition, you’ll discover detailed descriptions of the breed’s characteristics and tips on how to find your own Coton de Tulear puppy.

This book will be your go-to guide for all your Coton de Tulear questions. These adorable, quirky Cotons are an excellent addition to any family, but they come with unique needs and requirements. So, whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a seasoned pet parent, this book is designed to help you understand and care for your Coton de Tulear in the best way.

Meet the Cotons includes the most asked questions I’ve received over the past decade. Get your copy of Meet the Cotons and explore the world of the Coton de Tulear.


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