Meet the Coton de Tulear:
A rare dog who will steal your heart

coton de tulear

The Coton de Tulear is one of the most affectionate, gentle, playful, loyal, protective, fun-loving dogs you will ever meet. But you probably already know this since you are one of the very few fortunate people who know about this wonderful rare breed.

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Since this breed is still not widely known, getting information about these dogs can be difficult and a little challenging, which is why I decided to create this site. I wanted a place for Coton lovers to share their pride and passion for this breed with each other.

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Coton de Tulear Care Mission:

  • Help you decide if this breed is right for you and your family. Choosing a dog is a big decision - is the Coton your dog?

  • Provide much needed resources for Coton parents who have been frustrated with the lack of information available about this rare dog. There's so much to learn about this breed.

  • Establish a community where visitors can share their love and knowledge of the breed with others. We can learn more about this lovable rare dog breed from each other.  Tell us about your dog!

This site is for everyone – I hope you will find the support you need whether your dog is a:

  • Purebred
  • Coton rescue of uncertain lineage
  • Show dog
  • Companion or lap dog
  • Puppy or senior
  • Long hair or short hair
  • White or multi-colored
  • Well behaved therapy dog or behaviorally challenged

All Cotton dogs (as they are sometimes affectionately nicknamed) are unique and deserve to be loved and cared for regardless of their background, physical characteristics, genetics, or price tag. This is the place to learn about this incredible breed and share YOUR experiences.

Over the years, visitors to this site have generously contributed their knowledge, experiences, photos, and questions which have helped us all get a better understanding of the Coton de Tulear. But more than anything, our wonderful visitors have shared their genuine and unconditional love of this amazing breed.

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