Find the best dog food choices for Your Coton de Tulear

Is your Coton eating healthy dog food?

Making the best dog food choices can be challenging these days with so much conflicting information available to pet owners. It's always beneficial to select high quality dog food that is geared to your particular dog’s stage of development. Puppies and senior dogs should eat foods especially formulated for their specific needs.

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Healthy dog food should always contain whole ingredients without added additives or preservatives, which are dangerous to your dog's health.

As a pet owner it is important to be educated about the best dog food choices and not fall victim to the labeling many companies use to sway consumers. Always read the labels and be sure that whole, natural ingredients are used. If you're having trouble, aim for at least the first five ingredients. Do not fall for the gimmicks that list a meat in the title. More often than not you will see that the actual meat type isn't even in the ingredient list.

Because of my dog Luc's allergies, I have done a lot of research on dog foods and it is very shocking and disturbing to find out what's actually in a lot of the pet foods on the market.

Confusing and misleading advertising can lead you to believe that your pet is eating healthy food, but that is often not the case. This could take years of your dog's life because low quality dog food can actually contribute to all kinds of health issues such as kidney disease, liver dysfunction, thyroid disease, pancreatitis, epilepsy, allergies, heart disease, autoimmune disease and more.

It's hard to imagine that the dog food manufacturers make food that is actually bad for our pups, but unfortunately this is the case. The good news is that this is slowly starting to change and more are more companies are stepping up to provide higher quality food for our dogs.

It's also disconcerting that many veterinarians are not up to speed with the best dog food choices and will in fact sell low quality foods in their clinics. It's up to us, as dog owners, to become detectives and seek out the best nutrition for our pet.

I always get asked to recommend the best dog food brands, but that's a little tricky since ingredients often change and what's good today may not be so good tomorrow. BUT there are some web sites that are invaluable in helping you decide if your dog food is high quality and good for your precious Coton.

These helpful sites give reviews on hundreds of dog food brands and categorize them by their quality. They list all the ingredients so you can check if your dog food lists any of the above "bad" ingredients.

Websites to help us make the best dog food choices:

You may be surprised to find that your Coton isn't necessarily getting the best food even if you're paying a lot of money for it. Or you may find a pet food that would be better for your pet based on his/her particular health needs. Certain foods are better for certain conditions such as allergies, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disorders, etc.

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