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My friend has a coton puppy, after 2 months barks at night, every two hours, after 6months old. UPSET NO one knows, nowhere online, if the breed is inbred


Her “Royal Highness” Winnie

Well she’s queen of my world!

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Mr. Personality - Luxor Maurice

Luxie (6) is hexalingual. His first language being Canadian French; second - Canadian and/or American English; third - Latvian; fourth - Russian; fifth

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When is the right time to take male dog for breeding/ activities

Hello all, We have a male Coton who is currently 1year old. Recently he has been showing traits of sexual behavior to humans. Any advice would be greatly

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My Coton De Tulear Bitch is 16 months old and has still not came into season. Is this normal?

I have her since she was 9 weeks and she is coming into season yet! is it normal? can she have any puppies in some point of her life?

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Testicular cysts

My 10 month old male coton had one smaller testicle, with a pea sized cyst, has anyone had this before?

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Burping or gurgling through his mouth

Hi, Our 2 1/2 year old male makes a strange noise through his mouth on a regular basis. It's sorta of a burp or gurgle sound but not really a burp or gurgle.

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My cheeky Chico

A big hello to all the coton lovers from London, United Kingdom. Chico came into our lives in April 2020-right in the middle of lockdown-and has made our

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Shocked at my sweet Coton's aggressiveness suddenly....

My 2 yr old Coton, who has always been playful and friendly, has suddenly started nipping at other dogs and then did the same to a little neighbor girl.

Continue reading "Shocked at my sweet Coton's aggressiveness suddenly...."

how to deter Coton from eating his own poop

tried furroLandia NO POO treats. He likes treats but eats his own poop and then comes inside and vomits. help!

Continue reading "how to deter Coton from eating his own poop"

Play time

My 9 year old Coton doesnt play. Its as if she doesnt know how to or was never taught how to play. How do I teach her to play?

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Black Coton

I am expecting my all black coton on 1/16/21, and I am very excited. Any advice? Is it true that he may turn color as he grows up and become all gray or

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What is the best food for senior cotons?

Hi, we are about to get a senior coton de tulear. What is the best food for them?

Continue reading "What is the best food for senior cotons? "

Puppy Personality-How to pick a puppy when you can't physically see the pup

I will be purchasing a Coton puppy from a breeder in another state. I have to choose a young puppy just a few weeks old and not weaned yet. I cannot

Continue reading "Puppy Personality-How to pick a puppy when you can't physically see the pup"

Aggressive towards other dogs

My Coton is about a Year old. We have another who is 13! They get along well enough but the younger coton is incredibly dog aggressive. If another dog

Continue reading "Aggressive towards other dogs"

Sophie, former Queen of Madagascar.

AAt 11 & 1/2 years old, Sophie has never yet met a stranger. She greets with a doggy smile. In all these years, she’s never even snapped at anyone.

Continue reading "Sophie, former Queen of Madagascar."

Can I just enjoy my coffee?

This is my morning routine with Pogo. I make my coffee, and sit down on the couch with a little treat. This time it happened to be a pizzelle. As you can

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My Zoe

Had her 17th birthday last Monday. Can no longer jump up on furniture but uses a ramp. Always gets excited when she goes for car rides. Loves her greenie

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The moment the suitcase came out, Winnie and her bestie decided that were coming too!

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My adorable Teddy Bear! 5months old!

He was my Birthday present from my sweet 84 year old mother!

Continue reading "My adorable Teddy Bear! 5months old!"

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