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My Girls

I have 2 sisters. They are now 5 years old. They weighed 3 pounds each when I got them! They are now 10 pounds and 13 pounds. Very healthy and happy.

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Sophie, 16 years old and going strong.

Sophie’s always up for a photo!

After writing for close to an hour, my iPhone 13 erased it all. I will buy another phone tomorrow just so I can finish her story. Patti Atkins, human mom

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Does anyone else's Coton have mitral valve regurgitation?

My darling Coton, Charlie, 9 years old has been diagnosed with advanced heart disease, specifically mitral valve regurgitation. I have an appointment

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My best boy Buddy

My Baby is celebrating his 8th birthday may 15th. Of all the pics I’ve seen of Cotons my boy is the biggest . I have seen his mom and dad and don’t know

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My baby crossed the bridge

My 10 year old had her teeth cleaned in August 2023. She started biting. Had her whole body and teeth Xrayed. Was told she had arthritis. She had no

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Still Young at 12

Our baby Poppy is now 12.5 years and every bit the puppy she has been since she arrived in 2011 she isn’t a dad’s girl and is glued to her mum but I love

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Scared of other dogs

Our 4 1/2 yr old Coton wants nothing to do with other dogs, probably because we got him just before COVID hit and he wasn't exposed early enough, but we

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How to Clean Puppy Tear Stains on White Dogs

coton de tulear closeup

Learn how to clean puppy tear stains and prevent them from occurring in white dogs

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Shiloh the little thief

Shiloh the little thief

Shiloh is 8 months old and has made all of our lives a little brighter. We lost my Dad last year and the grief overwhelmed all of us. I thought we would

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Teeth cleaning

What is the best toothpaste to use? What about the teeth cleaner you put in their water?

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Dark brown eye staining

My coton is almost 5 years old and for the past year she has had terrible brown eye staining. The vet says it is allergies but it never gets better even

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Is my dog a Coton de Tulear or a Maltese?

So I bought a dog from someone and they were saying that she's a maltese, but she's too tall to be a maltese. So I was searching why is she so tall and

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Are cotons prone to cysts? They keep showing up in my coton de tulear

Why are cysts regularly forming in my coton?

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Love Bug

Oscar is a rescue. He is so loving. Even loves to lick the cats.

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My Lulu Victoria

Lulu Victoria

Lulu Victoria is going to be 10 years old next March 14th. She believes she is a puppy.

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Need tips for finding a groomer for Coton de Tulear puppy cut or teddy bear cut

I live in Georgetown,Tx. I have a new Coton in our family. Emmy is 8 months old. I want her cut in a puppy/teddy bear cut. Her first trim was perfect.

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Best CBD for Senior Dogs

Coton de Tulear in garden with bottle of CBD oil

Learn how to find the best CBD for senior dogs. Discover what you need to know to ensure you’re choosing the safest CBD products.

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My senior girl CANDIE

We found Candie (dove) as she was known back then on Petfinder. We were looking for a companion for our one year old Coton, Cotton. We drove 9 hours

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Sadie Mae and Saylor Jane

Not getting to close

This is about as close as Saylor Jane wants to be to Sadie Mae.

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Saylor Jane's, sister Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae the Aussiedoodle

This is Sadie Mae (Aussiedoodle) Saylor Jane's sister. Don't be fooled for a moment....Saylor Jane does not claim Sadie Mae as her sister. haha She just

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