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Daisey is 1 year old and still mouths everything! I mean everything. She's eaten 4 rugs, many pairs of underclothes she gets from closets, washcloths,

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Buffy has been diagnosed with CUSHINGS , she is 7 years old which is uncommon for young dogs to get. Usually dogs are older. Cotons aren’t suppose to

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Distinguishing Coton puppies from similar breeds (ie Maltese)

Hello everyone, First of all, I just want to thank everyone for answering this question. I recently brought home a puppy that I special ordered through

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Lucky is a lucky dog!

I was searching for a coton for years but most puppies were 4-5 hours away. Finally, on nextdoor an ad came up for puppies who would add tons of love to

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How can I help my dog who is afraid of noises?

My Coton, Romeo, is very scared of noises thunder, fireworks etc He shakes all over! It’s gets really bad. Any suggestions on what to give him. The vet

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Why is my 10 week old coton breathing so rapidly

I’m not sure why my Cotons is breathing so rapidly? What could be causing this? Is it anxiety?’

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Love, sitting and rolling over it so funny

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Top knot or trimmed?

The hair above the eyes, do you tie it up, keep it short or leave it long? If you tie it up, what is the reason and do they mind?

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Pippin’s found her forever home

We adopted beautiful Pippin 4 months ago. She is an 8 year old ex-breeding dog and we offered her a new home as her previous owners couldn’t breed her

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My princess Heidi

I am in love with my baby girl! She’s so sweet and smart!! Trained in record time! I am also contending with mats and I am the only person that grooms

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My handsome little boy, Blue

He is my sweet little fur kid Such a joy and blessing to my family Got him last May after my dear friend passed away with Covid Keeps me company lively

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9 week orphan puppies eating

9 week old orphan Coton de tulears 7 of & survived and I would like to try and start weaning from gruel to kibble

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Edie the dog ( Madagascar Coton de Tulear)

She is a sweetie. Cuddly and always by our sides.

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Walking mindlessly, excessive salivation episodes?

Hello! I have a 7 year old coton who had episodes of walking mindlessly, excessive salivation. This happens almost every month. whenever it happens, we

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Does anyone know anything about Microphthalmia and COTONs??

Any info is appreciated

Continue reading "Does anyone know anything about Microphthalmia and COTONs??"

Tear staining

I have 3 Coton girls…2 all white. They are having terrible tear staining.Have tried everything, nothing works. Bottled water always. When I took them to

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Are Cotons very attached to their owners?

My Coton is very attached to me. She won’t leave the sofa unless I do. Follows me everywhere. I want her to get more exercise

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Advice on nervous/anxious Coton

I have had a 14-15 weeks Coton male for about 5-6 weeks now. He is very anxious and nervous. For example, I created a little play area for him in the living

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Barney, the farm dog

Barney lives in a 13 acre farm with other animals ( donkeys, pigs, cats, and peafowls (peacocks, lovebirds and a senior dog. He is almost 2 years old

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KARA - our Joy

June 04, 2021 we just “happened” to add our little 3 pound 6 ounce bundle of love to our family! Her name is pronounced KAH RAH which means “happened”

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