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Grooming powder

I've read that grooming powder is good for working mats out. Any product recommendations? I have all manner of cleaners conditioning stuff tools everything

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Bella started playing with the neighbor's cat. The cat was attempting to use the doggie door. Bella came into the house, got her biggest stuffed animal

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Mili. 7-28-2019

She usually gets a new toy on her monthly birthdays. I'm not sure how we'll celebrate the big one year mark, but I can guarantee that toys and treats will

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Ella is turning 3! We are having a Birthday Party with 3 of Ella's friends coming over for doggie ice cream, swim party, and lots of room to romp and

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She was gift after my husband passed. The original owners wife said she was too cuddly and wanted to give her away. I was blessed to receive her. She

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Finlay Of Matanzas

Such a smart and good boy. He will be 5 January 15 2022.

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She is so adorable. She is also a very shy girl with most people. I am so grateful for her. She snuggles up to you and all your cares seem to disappear—

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The Ambassador of Love aka Sir Barxalot

Oscar is 9 months old, and he is very smart and affectionate. He possesses that manic puppy energy at times, and then he is incredibly mellow. He loves

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Goofy Lucy

She's the apple of my eye after losing my mom and husband I needed to love something. Lucy came into my life she has been a wonderful asset in my life.

Continue reading "Goofy Lucy"

end of life

My coton is 16 turning 17 in December. He is now eating less, lethargic and drinking water only and small treats but not too much. Legs are wobbly. He

Continue reading "end of life"

Fussy about her food

Our Coton ‘Sugar’ is 9 months old. She is fussy about her food. Has anyone the same problem ? Thanks.

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Our Coton bitch is 16 she has a large wart on her neck which sometimes bleeds.

We have had skin tags removed in the past but we don’t want to stress her as she has heart problem. The wart doesn’t bother her. The bled usually happens

Continue reading "Our Coton bitch is 16 she has a large wart on her neck which sometimes bleeds. "

At what age is the Coton typically potty trained?

Our Coton is 3/12 months and she is a sweetheart. We have a crate inside a large pen area. Also in there is a litter box. This is what the breeder used

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Butt fur trouble..,

Does anyone else have trouble with poop pieces getting stuck on their cotons butt and leg fur? He is still a puppy and we would love to keep him long haired

Continue reading " Butt fur trouble..,"

Will my Coton's coat grow back if she gets a puppy cut?

My coton dogs hair is Long. It Never has been cut. If she is given a puppy cut would her hair grow long again? She is three years old. Thank you

Continue reading "Will my Coton's coat grow back if she gets a puppy cut?"

Good chewing options for new puppy

What can you give 8 week old Coton puppy to chew on besides a toy

Continue reading "Good chewing options for new puppy"

My Cotie becomes possessed in water. Is this normal

My Coton freaks out in water. Bites at waves and becomes uncontrollable

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Looking for homemade dog food recipe for a picky eater.

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Re-homing a15 yr old Coton

I am having to move where I cannot take my pet. She is deaf, has an enlarged heart and severe separation anxiety. I just need advice.

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Why do my Coton’s back legs tremble?

Toby is 10 years old. When we walk his back legs tremble significantly. Often just standing in the house as well.

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