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Strange "gurgle" sound from our Coton

Hi, Our Jordy is a 2 1/2 yr.old male. Ever since he was just a couple of months old, he would make a strange gurgle sound that is a little different every

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Ringo licks toy after eating

My boy will immediately lick his favorite toy right after he finishes eating. Has anyone heard of that before

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Coton head moves

Hi everyone I’m want to ask you all if you’re coton by any chance suffers of weirds moves back and for which last for few seconds and this is all Day

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What age is best to take a Coton from his mom?

We are getting a bee puppy- the breeder will release him after 8 weeks but says staying longer with mom is better. Just want to do the best for our new

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My female Coton is 4 months old weights 4kgs. She is very healthy according to my vet, but is she overweight? Everywhere I read I get a different answe

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Tessa, 10/11/10

Tess is already registered, but we have moved and no longer live in Marshall, MI. We are now in Spring Lake, MI. :) Tessa is the most affectionate and

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I have a new toy!

I first became acquainted with the Coton through a friend. I had just lost my pet and on the fence in acquiring another dog. In meeting my friend's Coton,

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Sir Winston must navigate

My Winston is smart and playful even at 8. He befriends all other dogs, as long as they know he’s the boss. He’s also quite the silly boy and the most

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My Nutty Coton Casper

Casper was a newbie. He joined a 2 year old King Charles Spaniel,Bailey. When he was a tiny puppy he pushed the Bailey away from the water bowl. We knew

Continue reading "My Nutty Coton Casper "

Good info for coton de tulear puppies

Hi all I want to share with you all this Important information for your puppy and I think is very important that we as Coton’s parents know about it.

Continue reading "Good info for coton de tulear puppies "

coat question

Hi i just got mi coton a couple of weeks. I see that the coat is very thin and kind of silky in comparison with other puppies ive seen on the web is

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Stares out front door and won't stop. Waiting for car, truck or delivery

My coton is so afraid of something passing the front door or a delivery or a squirrel he stares out the front door and won't stop. I have tried walking

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New habits for my older dog

I have a 14.5 year old Coton named Monty. He is an lovely little guy! Lately Monty has picked up some new habits, such as whining for company when he

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My 2 yr old female coton has one tear stain and tea colored fur around her mouth. I only use bottled water. The natural wipes for tear stains didn't work.

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Rhylie loves getting groomed.

Princess Rhylie loves when she gets groomed. We always tell her how pretty she is and how beautiful she looks. She gets so excited and loves being told

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Miss Winnie

She is formerly of Snowy River Cotons in Amador County, California. I haven’t had a pup in several years, and now am enjoying every minute of almost 6

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separation anxiety.

I am seriously considering a Coton. A concern is learning about separation anxiety issues with the Coton. Living in a quiet condo setting, separation

Continue reading "separation anxiety. "

Betsy looking beautiful after a groom

Betsy is always a little scruffy looking even though she's brushed daily and regularly showered. So I'm very proud to share her looking perfectly groomed.

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Who rescued who!

I rescued my coton July 2020 he’s 19 months old and has stolen my ❤️ He’s super smart and wants to be in charge of everything! I’m already so in love

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Shy Tito

We have a five month old and he is incredibly smart and affectionate to all of our family but extremely shy around strangers and has been that way since

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