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My 2 lovely boys- brothers

Romeo & Artie will be 5 years old in March. Although brothers they are very different in many ways. They are both adorable……🥰

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My Lovely Girls

I have 2 Coton’s, Brindy & Gracie. They are sisters and just turned 4. At first I thought I had made a huge mistake getting 2, sisters on top of it!

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Pooping in house

Poping in the house. There is no snow on the ground now. Son hadn't gone back to school. He just started pooping indoors.

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Coton Rescued on January 19th 2010 - 13 years later

Coton (Phoebe Scarlett found wandering in an Industrial Field in Jackson,CA adopted by Lisa Josefik & Sonja Lilienthal (San Jose, CA) Quick back Story

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My two girls, Olive & Ivy

My name is Megan (I’m 25) and I have two little balls of fun. Olive is three years old today and Ivy just turned one. I got both of them as puppies and

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Enjoying Costa Rica with my long hair.

My name is Surf. I normally live on the Northern California coast on the beach with my human partner. I will be 12yrs old February and have never had my

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Cali the Coton

Our new puppy with her festive bandana. She has a unique gold/ cream coat.

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Our Coton King Kobe Bryant

Kobe is 12 years old. When we got him at 12 weeks old I read about his breed to see what he would be like. The one trait I read that I’ll never forget

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Miss Daisy

Daisy was born August 27, 2022, what a sweet little girl! She is so entertaining and loves our grand kids. Daisy is our second Coton, such a great breed

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Jazz The Super Coton!

Jazz was born in January 2018 and is my first dog (I am 50 years old). What a beautiful adventure it is for the 2 of us! Our family was so lucky to get

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Maggie is a 11 month old character!

She’s very curious and tries to chat with us. I love the way she cocks her head when you’re talking to her.

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Vomiting water

Maggie is a sweet energetic Coton,but she vomits water once a day after drinking it. She’s a picky eater. I’ve had her on chicken, EN, Orijen, wet and

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My Coton, Abby

Abby is very smart and loves to run off leash, but comes, always, when called. We love to go to the park and sit at the marina watching the tug boats

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Need help for Coton with unpredictable behavior

I have a Coton, Abby who is a little more than 3 years old. I love her more than any other dog I’ve had. Unfortunately her behavior is unpredictable.

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My sweetie girl Soybean

Adopted her when she was 2 months old from friend who bought her but his wife so allergy with the dog. She very playful and fun. My wife who never like

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Cutest Dog in Existence - Ouzo!

Ouzo just turned 9 months and we couldn't ask for a better dog or breed. Of course he is very adorable, super smart and an absolute companion dog. But

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Daisey is 1 year old and still mouths everything! I mean everything. She's eaten 4 rugs, many pairs of underclothes she gets from closets, washcloths,

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Buffy has been diagnosed with CUSHINGS , she is 7 years old which is uncommon for young dogs to get. Usually dogs are older. Cotons aren’t suppose to

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Distinguishing Coton puppies from similar breeds (ie Maltese)

Hello everyone, First of all, I just want to thank everyone for answering this question. I recently brought home a puppy that I special ordered through

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Lucky is a lucky dog!

I was searching for a coton for years but most puppies were 4-5 hours away. Finally, on nextdoor an ad came up for puppies who would add tons of love to

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