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KARA - our Joy

June 04, 2021 we just “happened” to add our little 3 pound 6 ounce bundle of love to our family! Her name is pronounced KAH RAH which means “happened”

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size of harness

We are soon collecting our Coton chiot at 8 weeks. He is a boy and I am trying to find the size of harness to buy as I would obviously like to get everything

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Sunny the Coton

Here is Sunny, he is an adorable Coton from Bergerac in the south of France. He’s only 4 months but already so smart and very sweet. He just loves being

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What to feed, and should I get another Coton?

I love reading about all the different Cotons. I would love to hear more about what people are feeding their cotons. Mia is a year old and my vet recommended

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Sophie is 12 years old!

I’m looking good for being 12 years old!

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Half Sisters Roxy and Piccolina

Roxy is 4 and Piccolina is 8 they are half sisters and we had Roxy when she was seven months and Piccolina at 7 years of age (Piccolina was re-homed).

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I dematted my cotons back and now the hair is really short and wiry

I was brushing my dog with a normal brush when I came to his back which was looking pretty rough so I tried a dematter but I got a little carried away

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Veterinarian vs Breeder

What do you do when you get conflicting information from the vet and the breeder? My vet said to get my Coton spayed at 8 or 9 months prior to first heat

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Boo sept. 25 2015

We just spend his birthday close, as a family. He might get an extra treat or two

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Colton the coton

Colton was saved from a lady in AZ. At 13 mos.old. bought him sight unseen. He lived with 5 Maltese...even tho he didn't get much love ,he's getting it

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Bailey is the sweetest puppy I could ever hope for. His biggest challenge is liking to bark loudly at anything! He is a picky eater so I cook for him—chicken

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Can you find the Cotton?

My mom’s dog had to move in with us after her passing. Saylor Jane does not like change of any kind. She handled this one by claiming all the toys as

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My Sweetie, Abby

Just got her 5 days ago, so right now we are experiencing sleepless nights & very busy days. Being a fur baby parent does resemble bringing a new baby

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reactive behavior to other dogs

Tulia is kind, funny and playful, but is unfortunately reactive to other dogs. I have had her in puppy classes, life-skill classes, canine good citizen

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Merle the pearl…OR…Merle the wolf in sheep’s clothing…depends on the moment! 😂

Here is Merle! 💕. I felt like we needed a little boy to make our pack complete.

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Bailey 8/16/10

She has been my constant companion for over 10 years and has brought me much happiness.

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Angel Baby Sophie

Sophie was the absolute best part of my mother’s life and sadly she lost her little companion and I just wanted to share her beautiful pictures with all

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Grooming powder

I've read that grooming powder is good for working mats out. Any product recommendations? I have all manner of cleaners conditioning stuff tools everything

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Bella started playing with the neighbor's cat. The cat was attempting to use the doggie door. Bella came into the house, got her biggest stuffed animal

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Mili. 7-28-2019

She usually gets a new toy on her monthly birthdays. I'm not sure how we'll celebrate the big one year mark, but I can guarantee that toys and treats will

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