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Apartment dog ?

I love my Abby. She is 22 months old. She is very well behaved and has been to formal training classes four times. My problem is she goes bezerk without

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Can I leave my Coton at home for 5-6 hours?

Im thinking about getting one. Will it sleep while I'm gone for 6 hours? Help needed Thanks

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We took her over when our sons family was not in a position to have a little puppy and the time it took to work with her. Our granddaughter named her Agnes

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Second puppy?

I have a 5-month old coton male puppy and am in line to get a second one in three months. Would it be better to wait until my first puppy is older before

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Just adopted

Just adopted 1.5 year old female Coton from owner. What can I expect the first couple of days? What is the most effective way to gain trust, and make her

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At what age does a female Coton have her first heat and when is best time to spay her?

My Coton is 10 months old and I have not spayed her yet. I am getting mixed info on when the best time to do this is. Some say before first heat, others

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House training advice

I have a neutered, six month old male pup. I am having a difficult time house training him. I take him outside at 5 in the morning and he will go. Any

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Burping or Gurgling

Hi, Our 3 yr. pld male burps or gurgles quite often. Not just after meals. I worry about acid hurting his esophagus. Has anyone else has this issue? It's

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Rudy’s first snow

Rudy is 3 months old and has experienced snow and 8 degrees. He wanted to play. He has been with us for 3 weeks and is smart and a quick learner. Constantly

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Has any owner used the joint supplement Phycox MAX for your Coton?

Has your Coton experienced a change in the texture or appearance of the stools while using the joint supplement, Phycox MAX chews? Our vet recommended

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My gorgeous girl, ‘Steffi’

Our Coton came to us because her owner suddenly became ill and had to be hospitalized... we did not know him very well but we had our own little white

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Lulu’s Style for sleeping

Lulu is now nearly 7 years. She is always near me. I want to share how she sleeps. Hahaha she looks stressed

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Valentine’s Day Cutie

Zorro just turned 13! Still looks adorable!

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Pico, our wonderful companion

His “aunt” Rudder trained Pico when he joined us as a 4-month old family member. Rudder did not like to ring the bell to go out, so she made it Pico’s

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My sweet Bobby Socks

Bobby was rescued from a reservation. An ad in the paper said he was a cocker/poo and free. Bobby is addicted to socks. Hence his middle name Socks. He

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Anxious and aggressive on walks

My Luna is 3 years old. She gets very anxious when we go on walks and will bark randomly at people, other dogs and sometimes even lunge at them. At home

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MY Precious COTONS will always be With me,,,in my heart!

Thay are Love Bugs. One of my boys, Sir Oliver here was 19 y when he left me. The others were 14-15,,,,,,I have ONE Baby Mae 11y now. They were/are are

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Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

Hi. My Coton, Molly, is 8 years old and recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, specifically transitional cell carcinoma. Was wondering if anyone else

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Still a teddy bear

My adorable Poppy is a nine year old puppy - still an adorable teddy bear from the day we got her 9 years ago and she is still the same. For all those

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Welcome Delilah Rose

I’d love to introduce myself my name is Delilah Rose I was born December 1, 2020. I live in Pittston Township PA. With my mommy Cathy. I can’t wait meet

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