Favorite Coton de Tulear Resources

Here are some Coton de Tulear resources to help you learn more about this wonderful dog breed. Learn about grooming, training, breed characteristics, and much more.

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Coton de Tulear Resources - BOOKS

complete guide to natural health for dogs and cats

Puppy Culture Program. A comprehensive guide to raising a healthy, happy, well-behaved puppy. It includes must-have information on puppy development, training, problem solving, nutrition, and more.

Coton De Tulear (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series) This book is well written and one of the best Coton de Tulear resources available from booksellers. (It's more affordable if you have an e-reader). 

How to Groom A Coton de Tulear The Right Way. This book is hit or miss when it comes to availability, but when it is, it has very helpful information to help those who groom their own dogs.(Check status, as the cost fluctuates as well as the availability)

Small Dog Training Online Course. There are so many dog training options available these days. An in person trainer is usually the best option since you can have individualized training specific to your own dog. But I found this online class extremely valuable in helping me train Lucy. We all know small dogs have their own unique issues, and this course does a wonderful job helping you show your small Coton how to be a happy, healthy, well-behaved member of your family. And it's affordable!

Small Dogs, Big Hearts: A Guide to Caring for Your Little Dog , Revised Edition You just can't treat a small dog the same way you treat a big dog, at least not physically. This is a great resource to help you have the best relationship with your furry friend.

The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Shaw Becker.

This is one of the best resources I’ve found, consolidating everything you want to know about dog health and longevity. I highlighted practically the entire book. Invaluable!

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Coton de Tulear Resources - Find a Coton

Coton de Tulear Clubs
Coton de Tulear Rescue
General Info on finding a Coton

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Other Important Resources:

Dogfood Advisor. Want to learn if your dog's food is healthy, nutritious, or safe? This website will provide detailed analysis of thousands of dog foods and help you make the right decision on what to feed your dog. Sign up for their free e-mail notifications when there's a dog food recall.

How much do dogs sleep? Is your dog sleeping too much? Not enough? Learn what's "normal" and what you can do to enhance your dog's sleep.

Join our Facebook community of Coton lovers. Another of our favorite Coton de Tulear resources - chat with other "Coton people" from all over the world.

Coton FAQs. Ask a question about this rare breed or provide answer to others' questions. Visitors to this site have shared their own expertise and experience so we can all learn more about our Cotton Dogs.

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