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Saying goodbye is the hardest part about being a dog owner.  Please use this dog memorial page to honor your Coton's memory. 

Grieving the loss of pet is so heartbreaking.  These dogs are part of our family.  They are with us for such a relatively short time, but in that time, we form a deep bond as they teach us about patience and unconditional love. 

There is no right or wrong way to grieve the loss of a pet.  Whether you grieve for a day or a year, it's a personal process.  Sometimes just sharing your feelings can lessen your sadness, so tell us about your beloved pet.  Share some photos and tell us anything you'd like, such as:

  • What made him/her special?
  • How was your life enriched by your dog?
  • What funny or cute stories will you lovingly remember?
  • Did your dog have any unusual quirks or behaviors?

Just fill out the form below and you dog memorial page will be built.  Please allow time before your dog's story goes live.

In loving memory

Honor your beloved dog. Tell us what made your pet special and how he or she enriched your life.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Charly my best friend forever and always 😥😘My Charly died 4 years yesterday of kidney failure .Worst day of my life ! . I just want to tell you all how …

Zachary Bear Finnegan RIP 
Our gentle, lovable Malagasy Coton recently passed from a defective heart valve-March 23,2009-Jan 20, 2020

Gucci was the light of my life. We went everywhere together. My constant companion. Always happy and able to bring sunshine, laughter and a smile to my …

Lars is Love@ 
My wonderful, sweet, tender Coton, Lars, a Swedish import, died and I am devastated. He was 17 y.o. and it is difficult because I think he might have lived …

Sad good-bye to our best friend 
We sadly said good-bye to our very old coton Chazz. He was almost 18 years old when he passed away last week. His 16 year old buddy, Bentley, is a lost …

The heartbreak of losing my Maddie 
My sweet girl Maddie who had been the light of my life and our whole family became sick several days ago. We had no idea what was wrong but she was definitely …

We got her and brought her home from north dakota. when I would come home in the morning she would be right there and wait for me to get in bed and covered …

COOPER Zorro 4-6-06-----14 
It has been 4 months since my Cooperman passed. I have had a tough time of it - so much love lost. I'm seeing a therapist to help me. I have been told …

Charly boy 
1 YEAR yesterday ,my Charly died ! , and I have missed him everyday day since . I JUST WANT TO ASK anyone ,How you coped and how did you stop that soaring …

Just remembering my boy Charly " 
Was just thinking about Charly like I do everyday ,I'm sat reading your lovely stories which do make me smile sometimes. He's been gone nearly 10 …

I just wanted to post a pic of Charly - my boy . He's been gone 4 months now and my heart still hurts from the loss of my best friend. I miss him every …

Charly was my best friend . I truly loved him. I bought Charly in Antibes France ,he was bilingual (true)clever little boy was my Charly . He died …

My old old buddy, Valcor 
Valcor was one of the smartest dogs I've ever met. He was SO nobly, caring, sweet, playful. He died when he was 19 year old.

Tebow had a mind of his own. He was so awnry. He slept at the foot of our bed since day one. He loved his alone to sleep but the best feeling was how happy …

She was the love of my life - a beautiful, dominant, female who was very smart and very loving. We were joined at the hip. She went to work with me everyday …

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