Just remembering my boy Charly "

by Jacquie Thompson

walk on the beach

walk on the beach

Was just thinking about Charly like I do everyday ,I'm sat reading your lovely stories which do make me smile sometimes.

He's been gone nearly 10 months now ,and I still feel the gut wrenching pain when I wake and hes not right by my bedside looking up at me waiting for me to get ready to go on our walk . I still cry every day and wish with all my heart I could magic that crazy gorgeous naughty boy back . My Charly boy" what can I say but I loved you so much and I will miss you for the rest of my life ,my best friend ,ill never forget the amazingly loyal dog you were .I just wanted to share a few photos of my lovely Charly xxx keep posting your stories I love seeing your dogs they remind me of Charly a lot funny how they are all have very similar traits ,These beautiful Cotons best friend anyone could ever have .x

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Feb 10, 2017
Gigi / Charly NEW
by: Jacquie Thompson

Thankyou Silvia , oh god I know that pain and I do hope your other little baby brings you some comfort ..Just give her a hug tight and I know Gigi will be glad you've got her
I'm so sorry for your loss , I hate that life is like that sometimes .Its just too hard .
My Charly was nearly 11 but to be honest I thought he would live to be 16 at least, cause he was always so fit and healthy .
Kidney failure took him and I didn't know till the end, he hid his pain from me was just a happy old dog that needed his mum .
Only by weight loss did I see there was something wrong within 2 weeks I had to let him go .That was the hardest and saddest day of my life .He knew he almost asked me to let him go ..I loved my boy so much was my constant ,made me smile everyday ,little devil that he was ...If theres one thing I know now I wouldn't change a moment of my years with Charly He truly was the best friend I will ever have xxxxx

Feb 09, 2017
Missing my seeet and beautiful Gigi NEW
by: Silvia

Dear Jacquie I understand your pain I feel the same pain as you do. I lost my sweet Gigi 14 days ago. My heart is broken I wish to be able to to hug and kiss her.one more time. I hope to find some peace loving our new Coton Sophie who is Gigi's half sister . They look alike.
Gigi was only 4 years old.
Let's keep our dear Cotons in our hearts. I am pretty sure they will be waiting for us in heaven. Big hug to you.

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