Charly boy

by Jacquie Thompson
(york uk)



1 YEAR yesterday ,my Charly died ! , and I have missed him everyday day since . I JUST WANT TO ASK anyone ,How you coped and how did you stop that soaring pain that just wont go away.

Im totally lost without my boy he was such a massive part of my life its left an emptiness that nothing can fill .
I haven't been able to get another I panic at the very thought . plus Charly was far too jealous I almost feel guilty if I even consider loving another .
He truly was my best friend ,I loved him so much . I just wish we had more time ,

I Will never forget my boy I know you all love your dogs too , please cherish and love them everyday these dogs are simply amazing souls . To the bestest friend I ever had Charly boy I will love and miss you for the rest of my life xxxx

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May 23, 2017
coton love NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Charly. I too have a Coton, Charlie, whom we love dearly, and we also have a 3 yr. young cat named FluffyCat. They give us so much joy, so heal the hole in your heart and adopt another furbaby.

Coton Love,

Connie, Charlie, and FluffyCat.

Apr 25, 2017

Thankyou , for your kind words . Charly was 10yrs and nearly6months old . He was always fit and healthy . So I was in total shock when they said he had kidney failure . It was only when i had him groomed I thought he had lost weight and was drinking much more than normal ,otherwise he was bouncing around walking upto 3 hours a day . He hid it from me the vet said ,because he must have been sick for sometime . I had no idea ! He lasted 2 weeks after I found out I had to have him put to sleep in the end ,it broke my heart totally ! I loved him so much ..I FEEL GUILTY I had no idea he was always Charly naughty scruffy beautiful Charly my best friend ever x

Apr 25, 2017
Goodbye Charley boy NEW
by: Iris

Dear Jacquie,
I am so sad to hear of your loss,
Can you tell us how old he was and what caused his death?
I know how you feel, and sympathize with you, maybhe Rest In Peace and you will feel consolation and peace in the fond memories and pictures you have.
I have lost the lives of many., it's a heartache.
I am also afraid for my dear loving TUFFY every single day,. I cry when he seems down, and tell him don't you dare die on me! TUFFY is only 9 years old, and has reoccurring calcium oxylate bladder stones. In the past three years he's had four major bladder surgeries. Neither of us cannot tolerate any more of that. I pray Day and night and beg him to drink more water.
We send you love and many blessings and thanks for caring so lovingly for your dear Charley boy. ­čĺĽIris and Tuffy

Apr 23, 2017
Charly boy NEW
by: Georgina

Dear Jacquie

I am so sorry about your beautiful Charly. He reminds me of my lovely boy Pinkerton. Abd I am sorry for your pain.

I believe that those we love and who love us never really leave us, and that love is always a part of who we are. And I also believe that there is a very thin veil between this world and the next.

I hope that you will come to feel differently in future about having another friend.

I am especially appreciative of my Pinkerton now - but I know that this path is one that all of us who love these beautiful souls will one day be on. I hope and believe it will get easier for you with time

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