Is the Coton de Tulear Puppy Cut a Good Choice for Your Dog?

Thinking about the Coton de Tulear puppy cut for your dog? 53% of our site visitors tell us their Cotons sport the popular puppy cut. 

Coton de Tulear puppy cut

The Coton, with its soft, cotton-like coat, is undeniably one of the most adorable and lovable dog breeds. Not only do these dogs have a friendly and quirky personality, but their long coat is also a defining characteristic that needs regular attention.

Among the many grooming styles for Cotons, the puppy cut stands out as a favorite among many owners. 

I’ve kept both my Cotons in a puppy cut because it’s easier to manage and works for our lifestyle. It was great for my dog, Luc, who struggled with allergies. His scratching would cause severe matting if his coat was too long, even though I spent so much time brushing him.

My dog, Lucy, got terribly matted when she went through her coat change period. As a result, the groomer had to shave her. Yikes! It’s always jarring to bring a fluffy, long-haired dog to the salon and come home with a skinny, almost bald dog.

I had to keep Lucy in a onesie until her hair grew back because she was constantly shivering without her hair. But even without hair, she was totally adorable, in my unbiased opinion.

Shaved Coton de Tulear

She’s been in a puppy coat ever since. I love how easy it is to take care of, and she loves it because brushing is quick and easy. She HATES being brushed!

Why Choose a Coton de Tulear puppy cut?

Deciding whether the Coton de Tulear puppy cut is right for your dog is a personal preference. These questions can help you determine if a puppy cut is a good choice.

  • Are you concerned about the amount of time it takes to bathe and brush your long haired Coton dog?
  • Do you get frustrated with finding a groomer who knows how to groom your Coton the way you like?
  • Is matting a constant issue for your dog?
  • Does your Coton hate getting brushed?
  • Does your dog have allergies or skin conditions that require frequent bathing?
  • Do you like the look of shorter hair on your dog?

Answering these questions can help you determine if a Coton de Tulear puppy cut is a good decision. Don’t stress about it, you can always let it grow out if you don't like it.

Remember that even though the puppy coat is less maintenance, your dog will still require regular grooming. But instead of brushing every day (or more like several times a day), you may only need to brush 2-3 times a week, and even less once your dog has its adult Coton coat.

Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut

How to Achieve the Coton de Tulear Puppy Cut

This quick video shows a Coton getting his first puppy coat. I love that the groomer emphasizes that a well-brushed dog is easier to groom and much less stressful for you and your dog. The video is an example of a good groomer who listens to the owner's wants before starting the groom.

Common Coton Haircut Questions

What are the differences in Coton haircuts between the poodle cut, summer cut, puppy cut, teddy bear cut, and the schnauzer cut? 

Clarity is everything when it comes to deciding on your Coton's haircut. For instance, if you're having a professional do it, there can be different interpretations of the various cuts. Some people think that puppy cuts and summer cuts are the same thing, but others make a distinction between them.

Always come prepared with photos! The same applies when grooming at home and researching how to cut your dog's hair. Check out the photos and not just the haircut name. 

For general purposes, here are some definitions of some popular shorter Coton haircuts:

  • Puppy Cut: This is a more uniform cut where the hair is kept at the same length all over the entire body, usually about 1-2 inches. It's designed to make the dog look youthful and is relatively low maintenance.
  • Summer Cut: Many people think the summer cut is the same as a puppy cut, but this cut involves trimming the hair as short as half to one-quarter inch. Sometimes, the ears or tail are left longer, but this is a personal preference. While this cut can be ideal for hot weather, be cautious, as cutting the hair too short can lead to sunburn if you don’t use sunscreen.
  • Poodle Cut: This style is often associated with Poodles but can be adapted for Cotons. It involves shaving the face closely to the skin, giving the dog a more serious, regal appearance. The body hair is usually kept longer, and there may be "pom-poms" on the legs and tail.
  • Teddy Bear Cut: Like the puppy cut, the teddy bear cut keeps the hair at about 1-2 inches long all over the body. However, the face and sometimes the tail and ears are often trimmed to a different length to give a more "cuddly" appearance. The face may have more defined features like eyebrows and a muzzle.
  • Hybrid: Don’t be surprised if you get a hybrid cut. Several times, my dog Luc came home with a Coton body and a poofy poodle head. My instructions became, “Don’t make him look like a poodle”. I've seen some dogs with teddy bear faces and short, summer-cut bodies.

Groomers may have different opinions about what each of these styles looks like. Instead of asking for a puppy cut or a summer cut, discussing your expectations and providing a photo, if possible, is best.

Your dog groomer should be willing to work with you. But, some salons are limited by the tools they have and the time allotted to each dog.

Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut

Will a shorter coat affect my dog's coat when it grows out?

The belief that cutting a puppy's coat will affect its adult coat is a common misconception. In most cases, trimming or cutting a puppy's coat will not permanently alter the texture or quality of its adult coat. Hair follicles determine the texture, length, and type of a dog's coat, and these are not affected by haircuts.

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Coat Changes: As a Coton matures, its coat will naturally change in texture and thickness. This is a genetic and hormonal process, not one influenced by grooming.
  • Health: A well-groomed coat promotes better skin health, regardless of length. Regular grooming removes dirt, spreads natural oils, and reduces matting, which is particularly important for breeds like the Coton de Tulear with a cotton-like coat prone to matting.
  • Comfort: Shorter coats are generally easier to manage and can be more comfortable for the dog, especially in warmer climates. However, a shorter coat offers less protection against the sun and environmental irritants.
  • Regrowth: When the coat grows back, it may appear different simply because it's been cut, but this is temporary. The new growth will eventually blend with the existing coat.

It’s a good idea to consult with a professional groomer or veterinarian, especially if your Coton de Tulear has specific skin or coat issues. They can provide breed-specific grooming advice.

Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut

What tools are needed to maintain the puppy cut?

This overview video includes bathing, ear cleaning, blow drying, brushing, combing, nail trimming and filing, and the actual trim itself. You can get an idea of what supplies and tools you'll need (grooming table, shampoo, conditioning spray, poodle comb, nail clipper, ear cleaner, brushes, clippers, etc.).

The video shows what's entailed in keeping your Coton in this adorable haircut. And Louie is definitely the star of the video - he's an adorable example of this breed's gentle nature.

How long does grooming a Coton de Tulear puppy haircut take? 

As you can see in the video above, it took an experienced professional groomer about half an hour. The time will vary depending on your skill level and your dog's tolerance of the procedure. Having the right tools will also impact how long it takes.

Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut

At what age should my Coton get its first haircut?

The timing for a Coton de Tulear's first haircut can vary based on several factors, including the dog's individual needs, coat condition, and lifestyle.

However, there are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Puppy Coat Transition: Cotons usually start transitioning from their puppy coat to their adult coat around 6 to 9 months of age. This is often a good time to consider a first haircut, as their long hair may start to mat more easily during this period.
  • Matting and Tangling: If your Coton's coat is starting to mat or tangle, it may be time for a trim, regardless of age. Matting can be uncomfortable and can lead to skin issues if not addressed.
  • Climate and Season: If you live in a hot climate, like Florida, you might consider a shorter cut, like a puppy cut or summer cut, to help your Coton stay cool. However, be cautious not to cut the coat too short, as Cotons have sensitive skin prone to sunburn.
  • Activity Level: Active puppies who love to play outdoors may benefit from a trim earlier to keep them clean and debris-free.
Coton de Tulear puppy cutCoton with a fringe-Twixy
Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut

Will a puppy cut keep my Coton cooler in the summer?

Contrary to popular belief, giving your dog a short haircut does not necessarily keep it cooler during hot weather. A dog's coat serves as a natural insulator, providing a layer of protection against both cold and heat.

If the hair is cut too short or shaved, the coat can expose the skin to sunburn and may interfere with the dog's natural ability to regulate its body temperature.

Coton de Tulear puppy cut
Coton de Tulear puppy cut

The Coton de Tulear puppy cut is not just a grooming style; it's a commitment to ensuring your Coton remains comfortable and looks its best. While grooming can seem daunting, especially if you're new to it, remember that practice makes perfect.

And remember, you're not alone. Share your experiences, seek advice, ask your questions here, and don't worry about bad haircuts - they grow out! Deciding to give your dog a puppy cut is not a life sentence; you can grow it out whenever you want.

Show Off Your Dog

Show us your puppy cut photos so others can decide if it's the right look for their dogs. It's also helpful to take a photo to your groomer so they know how you'd like the haircut to look.

Show us your Coton's puppy cut

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