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Unfortunately, Coton de Tulear grooming books are hard to find. Because this breed is known for their beautiful long hair, you would think there would be dozens of books to choose from, but that is definitely not the case.

There are many dog grooming books available, but finding one specifically about the Coton is about as rare as the breed.

There used to be two Coton specific grooming books, but they are no longer available. If any new books Coton de Tulear grooming books are published I will update this page.

Or, if you find a book that’s helped you with Coton grooming, let me know!

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Okay, I may be biased (I am definitely biased!), but my book, Meet the Cotons is an excellent grooming resource. 

Meet the Cotons: Living with and Loving the Wonderful and Quirky Coton de Tulear by G. Lennard

Book Basics: Available as an eBook and Paperback, 208 page

Released in 2023, this informative book is a comprehensive book about the Coton de Tulear breed.


  • There’s a section in the book about grooming your Coton at home that was written by a professional groomer with extensive experience grooming this breed.

  • You will learn about the specific grooming needs of the Coton, not some generic grooming information. You’ll learn about matting, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, tear staining, and there’s a FAQ grooming section for common questions.

  • There’s a section on the must-have tools for grooming your Coton and how to use them. 
  • Understand the best way to maintain the Coton coat by using the right shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetics.


  • While there is great information in this book to help you groom your Coton at home, it is not extensive and doesn’t include any photos. It’s more of a how to get started resource.

How to Groom a Coton de Tulear The Right Way

Book Basics: Spiral bound, black and white, 50 pages

The 2nd of the Coton de Tulear grooming books has been a great resource for many of us until recently when it became quite hard to find.


  • Written in easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

  • Provides list of the best grooming tools to use.

  • Offers suggestions for products that help with grooming problems such as matting and coat staining.

  • Gives tips on bathing, blow drying, brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, teeth brushing, anal gland expressing, clipping, trimming, and hair cuts.


  • The biggest con is that it is often unavailable on major bookseller sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble (unavailable at the time of this writing). At the time of this writing, it’s selling for a whopping $65 plus shipping.

  • When it is available, it's not available on the Kindle Nook or other e-readers.

  • Photos are in black and white and not very clear.

  • Does not provide help for those interested in grooming Cotons for showing.

  • While the author seems experienced and knowledgeable, she (I'm assuming it's a woman but don't know for sure) never identifies herself or tells us her credentials.

  • No index or table of contents to help you find things quickly.

Coton De Tulear: Comprehensive Owner's Guide by Wolfgang Knorr

Book Basics: Published in 2010, 152 pages, In color

I have a soft spot in my heart for this book because it was the only book I could find on the breed when Luc was a puppy.


  • The book is available in several formats (eBook, paperback, and hardcover.)

  • Provides a list of the best grooming tools to use.

  • There are beautiful color photos 


  • While the book provides a list of necessary grooming tools, it does not teach us how to use the tools or even when to use them.

  • The price fluctuates. At the time of this writing, the paperback was $19.99. But in the past, the price was as high as $75.

  • The grooming pages are general in nature, and does not provide enough instruction to truly learn how to groom a Coton.

DIY Dog Grooming, From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show: Everything You Need to Know, Step by Step by Jorge Bendersky

Book Basics: Published in 2014, 160 pages, In color


  • The book is available in eBook and paperback
  • This is a good resource if you have more than one dog breed at home and want to understand the different needs of different breeds of dogs
  • The author delves into solutions for common grooming problems
  • You'll learn about the different grooming tools, including when and how to use them
  • There are beautiful color photos 


  • Obviously, the main con is that this book isn't specifically about the Coton. I included the book on this page because there just aren't enough books available written about this particular breed, and it does provide excellent instruction that applies to the Coton.

No matter where you get your information on the Coton de Tulear, it’s important to remember that there is not just one single definitive source of material about the breed. Sometimes the various sources contradict each other so it’s up to us to use our knowledge of our own dogs and our common sense to make decisions.

You may also find other books that claim to provide info on the Coton, but they are almost always very brief and general in nature.

I have one book at home called Ultimate Dog Grooming that I purchased because it had a section on the Coton de Tulear. What a disappointment. It actually wrote things like “check the Coton’s nails, ears and teeth” or “brush the coat carefully” without any detail of how to go about checking or brushing.

Unfortunately, this general information without giving any real information is too common when it comes to the Coton. 

That is why I don’t hesitate to recommend the Coton de Tulear grooming books above. And hopefully there will be an abundance of books to choose from in the future.

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