Pet Identification Tags, Microchip for Dogs, or Dog Tattoos

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pet identification

You don’t have to decide between pet identification tags, a microchip for dogs or dog tattoos. The best way to protect your dog if he gets lost is to use all 3 methods.

Losing your dog is one of the most heartbreaking events and preventive measures should be taken to avoid this at all cost.

What can you do to prevent your dog from getting lost?

  • Secure ALL gates and fences so your dog can’t wonder off your property.
  • Make sure your children and all guests to your home understand the importance of keeping all doors, gates and fences closed.
  • Train your dog. A well trained dog is much less likely to wonder off.
  • Make sure your dog has proper identification. There are several options and the best option is to incorporate all of them. 
  1. Pet identification tags: Providing dog name tags is the first thing you should do when you bring a new dog home. They should include the dog’s name, your name, and your phone number. Make sure to always keep your phone number up to date.
  2.  Microchip for dogs: In addition to pet identification tags, a microchip for dogs is actually a very inexpensive, pain-free, and simple way to protect your dog from getting lost. Dog name tags and collars are very important, but they can slip off. Microchipping is a very simple procedure that doesn’t even require anesthesia. It’s done right at the vet’s office. Your vet will simply inject a very small chip just under the dog’s skin. Almost any veterinary office, clinic, or shelter will be able to scan your dog to help him find his home.
  3.  Dog Tattoos: Tattoos cannot fall off like ID tags and cannot go undetected by certain microchip scanners. They are permanent and once you register, it’s a great way to recover a lost pet. Many shelters won’t destroy a tattooed pet. The downside with a tattoo is that over time they sometimes get less legible.
  4.  Lost Pet Finder: Using is a very proactive way to protect your pets. This alert system will notify your neighbors within minutes of reporting your missing pets.

As you can see, there isn’t one perfect way to protect your dog. All of these methods are great to help find lost dogs, but the best way to ensure you recover your lost pet is to use multiple pet identification methods.

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