Storm Phobia - Does your dog have a fear of storms?

Although storm phobia for dogs is relatively common, it can become a significant issue if left untreated.

Some symptoms such as trying to escape and loss of appetite can also become safety concerns. The good news is that your dog can overcome fear of storms with a little patience and these easy tips.

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Does your pup show signs of storm phobia? Is your dog afraid of thunder? If he exhibits several of the signs below, you need to take action, especially if any of these symptoms become a safety concern.

Is your dog afraid of thunder? Does he show any of these behaviors?

Does your dog...

  • hide?
  • pant?
  • try to escape?
  • cry or whine?
  • drool excessively?
  • pace?
  • cling to you for dear life?
  • stop eating?
  • tremble?
  • lose “potty” control?

What can you do to alleviate your dog’s fear of storms?

  1. Be gentle, loving and patient without overly comforting or cuddling. It’s natural to want to pick up your fearful dog and comfort him, but this is not the best way to handle the situation. If he gets rewarded by exhibiting signs of fear, he will continue the behavior. Your extra care and attention also confirms that his fear is legitimate.

  2. Stay calm. Your dog is very sensitive to your emotions and reactions so show him how calm you are in a storm. Let him know that you are in charge and have everything under control so he doesn’t have to worry.

  3. It’s okay if your pup wants to seek shelter in a safe place (his crate, under the bed, under the stairway), but don’t force your dog into a closed confined place.

  4. Try to distract your pet by blocking out some of the noise of the thunder with music or television.

  5. Get a CD of storm sounds and play it when there is no storm. Reward your dog when he acts calm.

  6. Try wraps like Anxiety Wrap ( or Storm Defender Cape ( Many people have had success with the Thunder Shirt.

  7. Try special sprays, pheromones, and supplements that are formulated to help your dog relax.

  8. Be patient and consistent and NEVER use punishment for storm phobia behavior.

  9. In some extreme cases your veterinarian may need to prescribe medication to help calm your dog.

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