Coton Brushing

by Sharon
(Ontario, Canada)

What kind of brush should I use on my coton?

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Dec 14, 2014
I use Wood Pin Brushes NEW
by: Pat T

My cotton Jazz is 14 months old. I have settled on using a wood pin brush by Chris Christensen. This wood brush eliminates static electricity which I feels binds mats. I also start grooming sessions with a wide tooth wood comb which I feel has a massaging effect in Jazz.

Then I move to a fine tooth wood comb to remove loose downy hairs that could become matted.

Then I brush again with the wood pin brush, this removes many many small mats and snarls.

Then I finish with a very fine comb in the area where mats have been removed by the wood brush.

Lastly I finish with wide tooth metal comb.

I do not use a slicker brush or any deshedding tools. Grooming with wood tools seems much more pleasurable for my Jazz.

Aug 09, 2013
Brushing NEW
by: Sharon

I now use a wide tooth steel comb, and then a smaller brush with lighter teeth. Works well, although he still hates his legs & feet done. LOL I wonder if it tickles ..........

Aug 09, 2013
Coton Grooming - for Fussy Dogs NEW
by: Fussy Doggie

Before I got my Coton, I had dreams of sitting on the sofa every evening, gently brushing her and having a cozy time.

As it turns out, my little miss HATES being brushed. Brushing her back always went well, but she fought so much when I tried to brush her legs and tummy, that I gave up and had to keep her trimmed.

After trying various "Coton" brushes, one day I picked up my favorite wide-tooth comb and gave it a whirl. She didn't flinch. She sometimes tries to bite the comb when I do her legs and tummy, but she's so much calmer now that she's inherited my favorite comb.

Once she's detangled and calm, I take a brush to her, to pull out the loose hair. Now we're both happy!

If you want to try a wide-tooth comb, I'd recommend you look at the teeth. If you see seams running the length of the teeth, don't buy it -those seams will pull the hair.

Oct 30, 2012
by: sharon

Thanks for the info about the brushes, we do not have many dog shows in my area, but I will write the name down, and maybe in my travels will come across one. He reacts well to brushing with the steel comb I use, and seems to work well.

Oct 29, 2012
coton brushes
by: sherry cotton candie

When I got Cotton it was really a battle to brush her. I bought several brushes including baby brushes. She fought and struggled and I tried to be gentle but it was like a war zone.

Talked with a lady at a dog show and she was selling Chris Christensen brushes and combs. She took one and ran it thru Cotton's hair and this little girl did not even react........I was sold on it. The one I have is green, looks like a pin brush and at that time (which was maybe a year and a half ago) cost $45. I thought it pricey but considering all the $8-10 ones I had purchased it has been a bargain.

I know you can buy them online but if you attend dog shows they may have them there. I do not have his combs but have heard the buttercomb is a really good one.

There are other good ones I'm sure but from Cotton's reactions I am sticking with these. Good Luck----better also mention this is only for body, I use a really soft brush for her face.

Oct 29, 2012
by: Sharon

Thank you Gale.

Oct 29, 2012
Best dog brushes
by: Gale

Sharon, there are some excellent suggestions in this thread about brushes and coat care in general, as well as several products that make brushing easier. There's a lot to read through, but there are some very helpful hints and suggestions.

Oct 29, 2012
by: sharon

I have received no comment on the proper brush to use on my Coton. He hates the slicker brushes, and will only tolerate the comb.

Oct 29, 2012
by: Deede

I'm anxious to see the response you get to your question.

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