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How often do they need to be walked?

I am thinking of getting a Coton de Tulear puppy but I need to know for sure how many times a day do they need to be walked? I don’t want to stress out

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Do you think they want a treat?

Here is a picture of all 4 dogs. Macey is the multi colored female. The Alpha for sure. DD our only male who is the house Sheriff Allee, our princess

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Our four babies

We have 4 cotons and I couldn't be more happier

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Obsessive compulsive shadow chasing

My Coton is 14 weeks old and has been obsessively chasing his own shadow. We have noticed his change in behavior since this week. He furiously barks at

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Sweet Scooter

I have two a cottons. Remy a 20 lb 9 year old and Scooter a 10 lb 8 month old. I believe the heavier one is a Malagasy Coton while the younger is a European

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Our funny teddy bear TOBY

Toby was born end of May 2017 in Poland. He made his first trip at 4 months as our carry on dog in cabin and landed with us in Canada. Already we knew

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When we first got Brady, we tried to get him to sleep in the kitchen. He could not settle down..kept crying. After a couple of nights we moved him into

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My precious little angel

Nikki is full of kisses, a great snuggler and never misses a moment to let me know I am her #1. My little girl is smart, (no formal training). Her goal

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Coton skin

I adopted my Coton from a rescue. She is 19 lbs, and has pink skin with brown patches on her skin (not hair, the cottony hair is all white). Other than

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raw food

My Coton loves the raw food we give her, but it stains her face and beard reddish-brown. Does anyone else deal with this and is there a type of raw food

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Homemade Dog Collar Ends Scratching

I replaced Jazz’s hard leather rolled dog collar with one I made from the belt of an organic cotton robe. I cut off about 15 inches of the belt and loosely

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coton health

My 7 year old coton. My vet has told me that she has high enzyme count and treating her with Denamarin. I gave the pills for 30 days but the count still

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The sleeping style of Lulu Victoria

She is always near me, keeping an eye on me. You know sometimes she adopts such a funny style when sleeping that I want to share

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What to do if the dog starts shaking

My dog Macy was laying down then started trying to get my attention and all of a sudden started shaking and breathing fast

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How to stop nighttime barks

My 1 year and 3 month old Coton has started barking at night. She will bark twice and then stops but it wakes me up. She has been barking for the past

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My 13 year old puppy

Porsche, my sweet little 13 yr. old puppy(i I still think she's young) loves to sleep on the bed with me, but will not go to bed until I'm ready to go,

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why my Coton keeps his ear(s) up?

nothing more specific he just keeps mostly one ear up and sometimes both it doesn't bother me, I'm just curious - I've never seen other dogs doing tha

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Puppy Pen/ Separation Anxiety

Hi Our beautiful boy Casper is 18 weeks old. We have had him since he was 8 weeks and is our little prince. We chose a wonderful breeder who loved

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Adopting 2 males from the same litter?

I bought my male Coton and he is now 12.5 weeks old. I've had him for 5 weeks. His male brother (litter mate) is available and we are thinking of bringing

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Oliver Twist, October 4, 2011

He lives with his sister, Susie Q. They enjoy going into the water at the beach every morning. Then coming home to jump in kiddie pool to wash off.

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