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Betsy looking beautiful after a groom

Betsy is always a little scruffy looking even though she's brushed daily and regularly showered. So I'm very proud to share her looking perfectly groomed.

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Who rescued who!

I rescued my coton July 2020 he’s 19 months old and has stolen my ❤️ He’s super smart and wants to be in charge of everything! I’m already so in love

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Shy Tito

We have a five month old and he is incredibly smart and affectionate to all of our family but extremely shy around strangers and has been that way since

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My dog will not stop biting me and I've tried most things I’ve read but nothing works and she really hurts

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My curious little dog, Brady

Brady is nine years old and acts as if he's four or five. Loves it when I come home from shopping with bags. He trys to look inside hoping there's something

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Recently, the inside of my Coton’s ears are turning black

Recently, the inside of my Coton’s ears are turning black. She is a pure white, healthy 5 year old. Is this normal? What might be causing this?

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She is such a Diva, always finds shade when we go walking. I thought I was bad. 😊. I just need to get her to stop ripping up her puppy pads.

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Question about neutering

Will my 18 month old boy's personality change after he is neutered? Will he continue to be the same playful and silly boy he is now? Also, someone told

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Charly my best friend forever and always 😥😘My Charly died 4 years yesterday of kidney failure .Worst day of my life ! . I just want to tell you all how

Continue reading "Charlyboy"

Lazy 6 yo coton 😟

My dog Stella is about 6 years old, she stopped playing with toys as much and gets tired easily when she's during a walk! She used to always get me toys

Continue reading "Lazy 6 yo coton 😟"

Do Coton’s bark a lot ?

We had a Maltese that would bark when anyone walked in the room and then keep barking for a while. It was like she would get startled. Also when on a

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Is a 9 year old female Coton too old to adopt?

1.She was a breeder until about 3 years ago. 2.Has an allergy to vaccinations. 3.She needs her teeth cleaned really bad and at least 1 tooth pulled. 4.The

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Do the males pee standing up? Ours is 9 months old and is still peeing like a female.

Our male dog still squats when he pees. He is 9 months old. Will this change?

Continue reading "Do the males pee standing up? Ours is 9 months old and is still peeing like a female."

My third child, Toby

He’s so sweet and good with my two young children. He knows to roughhouse with my 3 year old while being so gentle with my 8 month old, even when he pulls

Continue reading "My third child, Toby"

Why did Jake die so suddenly?

Haley is gone 6 years now but I still wonder what went wrong. He had a good walk at 10:30pm, bound up the stairs when we came home and seemed to be in

Continue reading "Why did Jake die so suddenly?"

Ear infection

Bozley has a recurring ear infection. Looks like coffee grounds. Been to vet for drops , insert, meds....still comes back. Are Cotons prone to this

Continue reading "Ear infection"

several questions

we rescued our 7 years old coton about 3 weeks ago. I work from home so she is very loved and stays in my office with me all day. But she is afraid when

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My coton is 9 years old and has been having problems with abscess for the last 3 months.

It's costing me a small fortune at the vet's and they have put in 2 drains (not at the same time) and given him several antibiotics. It's been difficult

Continue reading "My coton is 9 years old and has been having problems with abscess for the last 3 months."

Upstairs Training

Have dog door. While down stairs during the day Coco uses it all the time but at night when we go upstairs, she needs potty pads otherwise she pees &

Continue reading "Upstairs Training"

Is this normal?

Hi my coton is a-year-old. His front legs are shorter than his hind legs. Is this typical for the dog breed? Should I be concerned?

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