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Higgins my beautiful coton

Higgins is a boy, 15 pounds and 8 months old. He is very loving. He seems quite long for his size, and can jump through the air with the greatest of

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My puppy doesn't have a sweet temperament like other Cotons

She isnt that sweet and when we play she growls all the time i think its just excited or so i read but now i am not sure ,she doesnt like to be left Alone

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Potty Training outside

I'm a first time dog owner. My 6 month old, Baxter was potty trained by the breeder to pee/poop on a pee pad. When I walk him I try to get him to go outside

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Bald at birth

Do the puppies often have “bald” patches on the bridge of the nose at birth? Thank you.

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how often to feed my 8 month old Coton?

Dakota, my 8 month old female has been getting 3 meals a day. should I continue feeling her 3 x or reduce it to 2 x?

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...and Class, this is how you do the Savasana pose it's also known as the 'resting or corpose pose'.


Heart problems and eating

My little one, Angelique has heart problems and I’m having a hard time know what to feed ...she really doesn’t want to eat much...she is on medications

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My Coton walks from side to side instead of alongside me.

When I take my 12 week old Coton outside I would like to take her for a walk but she criss crosses back and forth in front or behind me. She doesn't walk

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Best chewing toy for Coton?

Hello: My 15 month old Coton,, Astro, still likes to chew his bed, his blanket etc. So we provide him with chewing toys to keep him occupied and away from

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Six years of pure joy

Katinka Joy turned six years this February 2. In these last six years she has shared her sweet self with hundreds of people that she has visited as a

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Rhylie - My Sweet Little Girl

Rhylie is 2 years old and 7 pounds. Such a sweetie!

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Is my dog a Coton?

I bought Mitzy and was told she was a Coton. We love her and she is now part of our family,BUT we aren't sure she is really a Coton. She has pink eye

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My coton and collapsing

Our coton collapsed 2 times in one day. he would lay there for about 1 minute and then slowly get up. he would then seem normal. has any one heard of this

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Nugget 2-2-15

Well what can I say, Nugget is a Coton. He is a little person, who thinks he's a prince! He is a mommies boy and we enjoy doing everything together.

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Mazie gets her puppy cut every four weeks

We find this length very easy to manage. She also gets brushed several times a week.....I just show her the comb and she jumps onto my lap. :)

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Cali🐶-Kat loves her lion cut

This cut is so easy to maintain, but still shows off of her pretty flowing Coton hair. I put hair chalk on her ears & tail; because Coton hair is porous,

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Ted’s puppy cut

We keep the hair around Ted’s ears short as well because he was constantly getting ear infections, and the shorter hair permits more air circulation and

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Blue prefers her puppy cut.

I know - and so does Blue - that I would not be able to keep up the brushing and grooming of the true Coton cut. She is quite happy, and thinks it keeps

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Help for 14 week old nipping and biting

Hi. We have a 14 week old that loves to nip and bite at me when he wants to play. I’m trying to do the usual things like ignore, time out, stuff a toy

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Deaf Rescued Coton

I have recently become the new mummy of a 10 year old former breeder who found herself homeless with a mouthful of bad teeth. She is a sweetheart and

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