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Opie is amazing! I saw Opie on line and immediately fell in love with his little tail. We picked him up at six weeks old. He was so tiny. About a month

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marking with pee in strange houses

How do i stop my 2 yr old coton to stop marking in strange houses.

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Tigerlily, my 11 month old Malagasy Coton She is sweet, happy and playful and is a total lovebug. She also speaks. She says I love you and of course no

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paprika for coton

my 11 week old Cotoon loves to chew and has already ruined the wood on my dining table. A neighbor suggested to put paprika on the legs of the dining

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Coton de Tulear / Havernese mix.

My Coton/Havernese is 8 l/2 years old. Four years ago she had a bought of hemoragic gastrointeritis, she recovered with antibiotics Metronidazole, however

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Buttons 7-20-17

Buttons...has the sweetest eyes and cutest smile. He is the kindest most wonderful loving dog! He loves to kiss kiss and more kisses..they never ever

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Bentley 7/18/2007

Bentley is the love of my life, always excited to see me, twirls around in circles. We celebrated with lots of hugs and kisses!

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My high flying girls

I have two Cotons they are litter sisters and now three years old. My husband and I have had them from 9 weeks old. We love them dearly they are very

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My wife and I have a Coton. de Tulear which is named Bella. She is so smart. She is trained to ring the bells that my wife attached to the door nob to

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Sophie.....March 15, 2009

Sophie can make anyone smile and before they know it, they're down on the floor playing with her. Or, if they are sitting, she's snuggled in their laps.

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Little Johnny

Little Johnny is actually Bruno. My brother in law because he’s always into mischief. Bruno is a loving funny happy puppy. He loves playing with the big

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Snarling when performing tricks

My Gracie is an 11 year old Coton who has always loved to perform her tricks for treats. Lately when I go through her routine (Wag Your Tail, Sneezeyes,

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Lars is Love@

My wonderful, sweet, tender Coton, Lars, a Swedish import, died and I am devastated. He was 17 y.o. and it is difficult because I think he might have lived

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Why my coton is licking her bum

Periods of restlessness, discomfort, licking her bum concerned me. The vet penetrated her to release the fluid that wasn't being released during her bowel

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Lathargic 9 year old

Of course they get sick or act up on the weekend or now that vet office is closed. Yesterday one of my 3, a female, wouldn't eat not even a treat (Not

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how far to walk a 13-year old coton

we have new dog walkers. they sometimes go 3 miles - twice/week. in addition, she is walking in a group of 4-5 dogs, most of whom are bigger than she

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My cutie Casper

Casper is my 10 month old Coton. He is the love my life. He is so fun and is a little rascal. He loves playing with his toys in the morning and running

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Sophie, Madagascar's Princess.

After being the human Mom to 4 huge Weimaraner, imported from Germany in their own first class seats directly to DFW, I had 14 years of their love. Then......

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My rescue dog, Cotton Puff

I had been looking for a buddy for my Shi-bi Teddy Bear who gets a variety of other names like T.Thaddeus Dog, Theadore and Tiddley winks.He is a cross

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Excitment Peeing

my 10 month old baby girl continues to experience excitement peeing. She had it before being spaded and it continued after as well I have tried everything

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