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Cotton jumps in bathtub

My little boy loves everyone. Can't give out too many kisses, loves the water, whether it's a bath or waterdish he will jump in it. He's a regular comedian.

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Sushi, big ears

We love Sushi, she makes us smile everyday.

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Has anyone had a problem with pancreatitis?

My coton is 4 years old and I thought he wasn't going to make it. Before it was over he had HGE - hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. He was a sick little boy.

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Is FCI or CTCA better?

I'm pretty confused by the different standards for Cotons. Is CTCA more inbred compared to FCI, or vice versa? If possible, I would just love to hear what

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My Coton Izzy is finding her legs! I can’t sit in my chair peacefully without her constantly clawing at me and jumping up. I can’t walk without her biting

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At what age can i breed my dog?

i want to breed my 2 years old female coton de is it right to breed her?

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Coton baby teeth

What age do Cotons lose baby teeth?

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Is this breed prone to cancer

Vet noticed a protuberance o my 11 yr old female coton... she gave me a grim prognosis... she did not do any blood tests and referred me to a specialist

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My Little Girls

My Little Girls Nia and FeFe have been a joy with our family. They have some funny personalities.

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Elmo March 31, 2015

Elmo loves to celebrate his birthday at the Conch Republic with a kiddie burger (no fries😀)

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How much to feed my 3 year old Coton

How many times do you feed a three year old Coton and how much do you feed them?

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High Anxiety - Older Coton

We have a nearly 12 year old CDT. She has been an anxious sort her whole life but now she is so overwhelmingly anxious, she just won't calm down. She

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my dogs upper palate is turning black. What is happening?

My dogs upper palate turned black. Is it healthy?

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Tsuky 31/03/17

Mi Tsuky es muy inteligente, regalona, dulce, tierna y juguetona. Se lleva muy bien con todos los niños y le encanta dormir en mi cama Google Translation:

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When to neuter?

We have a ten month old male Coton ,the breeder told us not to neuter him until he is at least a year old ,the vet told us to do it now.Any suggestions

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My Tuffy died today

Thursday March 15,2018 6:46AM Angels have him he smiled when they took him rip. My heart my good boy. You took care of me, always be with me. I love you

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Leila - March 16, 2011

She's our sweet puppygirl! So loving and playful. We usually get her a squeaky toy and a special treat for her birthday. She wants her pack with her most

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Madeira (Maddie) March 11, she'll be 11 years old.

Maddie is my best little friend! She tilts her head from side to side when anyone talks to her. He loves to walk in a leash, getting lots of attention

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Is it okay to hold/lift a grown up Coton de Tulear?

I have a beautiful young lady called, Samantha. She is 2½ year old. I am wondering if it would be okay to hold/lift her. She REALLY enjoys to be held,

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Has anyone experienced your Coton having Seizures or epilepsy ?

My baby Daphne has a liver abnormality. After she eats she will at times start to show the heartbreaking signs of another 24 hours of the pre,siezure,post

Continue reading "Has anyone experienced your Coton having Seizures or epilepsy ? "

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