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Is this normal?

Hi my coton is a-year-old. His front legs are shorter than his hind legs. Is this typical for the dog breed? Should I be concerned?

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My coton (age 9) developed really bad breath - teeth cleaning ideas?

Poor little girl has developed the worst stench in her breath over the last year or so. No changes in food or activities. I've never really brushed her

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1st Class from Texas to Indiana-I had my own seat!

After a lifetime of Weimaraners weighing 90 to 130 lbs.,I was shocked to be attracted to a puppy weighing,10 oz. But the last Weimaraner had

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BooBoo the Bear Cub is a joyful crazy boy

BooBoo is 10 months of crazy Coton. He’s my first Coton and is the most joyful puppy I’ve known. He Iives with a 3 year old Havachon Daphne and a 2 year

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My Adorable fur babies 🥰

My 2 Cotons Moses & Nefertiti are very dear to my heart. They know when I’m sad they know when I’m not feeling well and they know exactly what to do to

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Why does my Coton take a mouthful of food and go roll in it? How do I stop this?

Sushi is 13, she and I have been together since she was 6. She is in reasonable health although due to a gum disease no longer has any teeth. She also

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Our little Liliana

Our little Lily came to us 6 years ago. Her human passed away and left her and her sister Lexi, a Yorkie. We attended an adoption event at Petsmart and

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running and growling

Coton runs like there's no tomorrow, and growls while running, bounces off the wall and keeps going - lasts maybe 5 min

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Worrisome sounds

Hi there! My Coton Gigi just turned 14. I’m very worried about her as she has developed this very weird new condition. I’ll try to describe and look forward

Continue reading "Worrisome sounds"

Aggressive behavior to me

My dog Marley can be very aggressive toward me and my husband. When we try to catch him chewing on thing he should not be chewing on, when we want him

Continue reading "Aggressive behavior to me"

My Sweet Luc at 2 years....color faded.

This is a progression of Luc’s hair color fade. I wished the color stayed dark, but glad he didn’t turn all white...we love the markings of color...adds

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Rescued Rascal, Rusty

My fur baby, Rusty, is a rescue. He Was a stud in a puppy mill his whole life until a shelter found him. I became his first mom about 6 months ago, and

Continue reading "Rescued Rascal, Rusty"

Zachary Bear Finnegan RIP

Our gentle, lovable Malagasy Coton recently passed from a defective heart valve-March 23,2009-Jan 20, 2020

Continue reading "Zachary Bear Finnegan RIP"

We LOVE our Louie the 13th

Louie is our second Coton. Our first Coton, Harvey, lived to be 18 years old and we were devastated when he passed. We went about a year with many tears,

Continue reading "We LOVE our Louie the 13th"

General TIps

HI, we just purchased a 9 week old boy we call CoCo.We have had him for two days and unfortunately my wife and I work 6-8 hrs a day. While he is so young

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Gray skin blotches

I have a wonderful Coton named Cameron. He is 7 years old. Last year he started getting dark gray blotches on his belly from the size of a nickel to larger

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They don’t get any cuter

Callie is the smartest dog I have ever owned. She is a but more active than I expected (I have always had lazy Lhasa Apsos in the past) but I would never

Continue reading "They don’t get any cuter"

Mischievous Milo

This dog runs around with our shoes in his mouth taunting us to play chase. Of course, he out runs and out smart us every single time. He is too funny

Continue reading "Mischievous Milo"

My Rescue Wonder Dog

Our little Habibi was rescued from a puppy mill here in Ohio. She lived 5 years in a cage; uncared for, unloved and neglected. All so people can buy

Continue reading "My Rescue Wonder Dog"

The Escobar Boys

Hi gang, its been quite some time since ive posted here. Our boys are doing great. Spanky just celebrated his 9th birthday in December and Gleason his

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