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Sweet Sadie Belle

This little sweetie is the second Coton in my life. She is 4 1/2 months old, and full of energy! Last night she had her second grooming appointment, and

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Temperament differences between girls and boys

Is there a temperament difference between girls and boys in the breed? My hubby thinks all males of any breed are more crazy, but I've had a couple of

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Fun loving Louie

Louie is 3 years old and the sweetest dog ever! I got him from a breeder in Nebraska called Heartland Classics (highly recommend!). Once I saw him in his

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My Therapy Dog Stella

Stella is a fun loving Therapy dog for the Veterans Hospital, Presbyterian hospitals, and several Assisted living and Alzheimer’s homes! She LOVES ❤️❤️

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D’Arcy. 1/3/2019

She’s very laid back and sweet.

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Bruno 12/31/18

Bruno is a clown. He loves to climb on the back of the couch and kiss your cheek. He has tons of energy. Like a newborn we are so relieved when he finally

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Update on then Pattona Coton’s

My last photo was 2016..this was taken about 2 weeks ago. These girlies are my life. They make me go on every day. I work to pay for all their little luxuries.

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Starting to look like a wooly mammoth

The before and after pictures of Saylor Jane. She was a month behind on her haircut. She didn’t mind though.

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Laughable Taffy

Taffy loves to play with her sweakey toys, ropes and large and small balls. Taffy prefers the toys scattered over the floor so that she can have access

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Gucci was the light of my life. We went everywhere together. My constant companion. Always happy and able to bring sunshine, laughter and a smile to my

Continue reading "Gucci"

“Little Johnny “ aka Bruno

Bruno, aka “Little Johnny” is full of energy. Like a newborn so relieved when finally falls a sleep. He is the friendliest, loving, playful dog we’ve ever

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Skah (pronounced Sky) was a hard headed little curious dog. We would put a dog gate up and he would climb it😂😂 What makes him unique is that since he was

Continue reading "My LOVABLE SKAH BOOGIE"

Female Coton heat cycle question

My female coton was a rescue she was a breeder dog at a puppy mill and I’m not sure when her next heat cycle will be but now has a smell of fishy, but

Continue reading "Female Coton heat cycle question"

Sweetpea our funny girl

She is a real clown and makes us laugh on a daily basis with her poodle sister

Continue reading "Sweetpea our funny girl "

Minnie after grooming today

Minnie is 8 years old. She is well trained and is Mom's shadow. She is a love!

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Henri. November 4, 2016

Henri is a very happy 2 year old Coton. He has his own Instagram account @henri_thecoton He loves to play with his puppy sister Bailee, a Blue Heeler

Continue reading "Henri. November 4, 2016"

Carmella Sue "Carmie", our therapy dog.

For the last two years, our 4 year old Coton has been part of a wonderful organization, Caring Canines, a group sanctioned by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

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Tigerlily, Hotel Hopper

Enjoying the big bed in Flagstaff AZ and Toronto Canada

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Marlowe, #1 Ballroom Doggie

This flouffy tornado blew into our lives at 10 weeks old, and oh how we love him! My grown daughter refers to him as her Ewok baby brother, so of course

Continue reading "Marlowe, #1 Ballroom Doggie"

Mousse for Cotons??

I have 2 precious five-month-old Cotons that I'm grooming myself. Does anyone use some sort of Mousse to lift the hair on the top of their head to keep

Continue reading "Mousse for Cotons??"

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