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Theo enjoying his summer time!!

Theo is not a pool/swimming lover yet, but Theo truly loves his people, and we love him even more I think!! We are thankful for his black markings (which

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Walter 12th of August 2015

Things Walter loves most are ...meat, other dogs, walks, socks, driving and running in circles at high that order.

Continue reading "Walter 12th of August 2015"

My Coton is very shy

I have a 4 yr old Coton. I got him when he was 9 weeks old. He has always been very shy and timid. Unfortunately it's just my husband and I as his family.

Continue reading "My Coton is very shy"

When to Switch from Puppy Kibble

I have been feeding my 14 month old Dakota, Orijen Puppy sine we brought her home. I supplement with a bit of roasted chicken, peas, brown rice and once

Continue reading "When to Switch from Puppy Kibble "


Lucky is friendly and playful. A perfect 100% companion dog.

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Does anyone have a Coton who immediately runs outside looking high in the sky for anything moving above? Bentley could care less what he is running,g into

Continue reading "NORAD.....MY DOG BENTLEY"

My rescue dog Scout

I walked into the APA one morning after three months of sadness over the death of my 15 year old Wheaten Terrier. On the way to the Animal Protective

Continue reading "My rescue dog Scout"


Loves to love and be loved, whimsical, curious, he lies down and meditates with me every morning and evening. He is four months old and likes everybody

Continue reading "Scout"

Will my Coton ever stop crying?

My Coton is about nine months old and he cries whenever there is any barrier between us (a low gate, a closed door, etc.). It goes on and on and on. In

Continue reading "Will my Coton ever stop crying?"

do they have a prob chewing?

1 yr, 1 mo Female white and some beige, and some little black. We got Angel at 5 mo., she loves paper (TP house, documents, and anything close to ground.

Continue reading "do they have a prob chewing?"

I am so blessed to be in this loving and supportive community

My grief increases day by day, the tears continue to flow. In the real world, few have tried to console me, they say at least Tuffy is no longer suffering,

Continue reading "I am so blessed to be in this loving and supportive community"

Sprocket July 11, 2017

Sprocket is the best! She loves the outdoors.

Continue reading "Sprocket July 11, 2017"

Coton breeder near nyc

We saw a Coton yesterday and got in love. We would appreciate a tip about a recommended Coton breeder. Amir

Continue reading "Coton breeder near nyc"

Need help for dog peeing in dog sitter's house

Help, Higgins just turned a year old, he has not gone in house for some time now. BUT, took him to dog sitter while we vacationed for one week and he pee’d

Continue reading "Need help for dog peeing in dog sitter's house"

bites at tail

She is very protective of her tail and will nip at me if I try to touch her tail. Seems like something is biting her as she bites at it viciously. She

Continue reading "bites at tail"

New puppy - I'm nervous!

Hi everyone, I am going to bring home my new Coton puppy home in a week and I am very nervous. I have been watching lots of youtube videos on puppy training,

Continue reading "New puppy - I'm nervous!"

Taking Cotons to a Groomer

Are there any sites where I can get diagram for my groomer on how to do a summer cut and a regular cut on my Coton Bill?

Continue reading "Taking Cotons to a Groomer"

When is a Coton no longer a puppy?

When is my Coton no longer considered a puppy, i.e., 9 mos., 12 mos., 18 mos., etc.

Continue reading "When is a Coton no longer a puppy?"

Are Cotons good swimmers?

We have a 3 month old male and we have a swimming pool. Obviously at this age we watch him very closely but we still worry about him falling in the pool.

Continue reading "Are Cotons good swimmers?"

Aggressive behavior

5 year old coton that is becoming aggresive when people walk pass the house or when we are leaving the house to go someplace with out him. He continuously

Continue reading "Aggressive behavior "

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