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Lathargic 9 year old

Of course they get sick or act up on the weekend or now that vet office is closed. Yesterday one of my 3, a female, wouldn't eat not even a treat (Not

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how far to walk a 13-year old coton

we have new dog walkers. they sometimes go 3 miles - twice/week. in addition, she is walking in a group of 4-5 dogs, most of whom are bigger than she

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My cutie Casper

Casper is my 10 month old Coton. He is the love my life. He is so fun and is a little rascal. He loves playing with his toys in the morning and running

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Sophie, Madagascar's Princess.

After being the human Mom to 4 huge Weimaraner, imported from Germany in their own first class seats directly to DFW, I had 14 years of their love. Then......

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My rescue dog, Cotton Puff

I had been looking for a buddy for my Shi-bi Teddy Bear who gets a variety of other names like T.Thaddeus Dog, Theadore and Tiddley winks.He is a cross

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Excitment Peeing

my 10 month old baby girl continues to experience excitement peeing. She had it before being spaded and it continued after as well I have tried everything

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Giovanni (Gio)

He is our brand new baby boy 11 weeks old. He is energetic, lovable, and cute as can be! We are so blessed.

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Spunky Sadie!

My little Sadie is almost 14 and still loves going for 3 mile walks everyday. Her other favorite thing to do is to go on car rides. When I say Do you

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This is our new puppy, Beau (14 weeks). He was a 13th birthday present to our son and it's plain to see that he is going to be a great companion; we just

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Sad good-bye to our best friend

We sadly said good-bye to our very old coton Chazz. He was almost 18 years old when he passed away last week. His 16 year old buddy, Bentley, is a lost

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Excitement Peeing

Hi, I have a 10 month old sweet baby girl who pees just a bit when someone comes into the house or outside. I have tried ignoring her for a bit when entering

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Run Cookie Run

on youtube,

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The heartbreak of losing my Maddie

My sweet girl Maddie who had been the light of my life and our whole family became sick several days ago. We had no idea what was wrong but she was definitely

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Our new puppy!!

Meet Casper Carl.....he is almost 12 weeks old, and quite the handful for us, as seniors!! Lol! We have not doubt, he will be a great dog, once he is

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4 blade or comb for diy grooming?

We adore our doggy😊. I have always cut her hair with scissors but it is time consuming. I bought a clipper set today but the combs don’t seem to work

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My 7 month puppy doesn't eat much

my 7 month old puppy does not eat much of what I put down. I mix wet with dry and she manages to separate the two and eat only the wet

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Coton Meetup- Chicago area 10 March 2019

Come to the Coton Bowl! Bring your fluffy friends. Meet other Cotons! March 10, 2019

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Need to change dog food because she isn't gaining weight.

My very small Coton isn't able to gain weight, as a matter of fact she has lost some and the vet suggested changing her food. We tested for parasites

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Too cute for words!

Bernie is 2 1/2 years old and the darling of our lives. We can hardly make any progress on our walks because people are constantly stopping us to ask

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Zorro 2/13/

Sweet,loving, you fun that’s Zorro!

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