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Constant nose to the ground

My Coton has her nose to the ground smelling everything. We travel extensively which changes our location. Is this normal for a 8 month old puppy.

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Oliver Logan 6-11-16

When someone Oliver loves comes through the front door he literally crawls over on all four legs, rolls over on his back and smiles at you. He pulls his

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Our coton only wants to eat alone in the dark

We have a very assertive (not aggressive) cat when it comes to food who WILL, if allowed, eat ANYONE'S food, including humans. The cat and dog belong to

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1 year old boy shaking/panting?

Hello, I have a rather large size coton - 1 year as of May 2018 with 14lbs. We noticed that he's been panting and shaking more than other dogs. This

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How can you ever say no to this face?

He loves to have more treats than he is supposed to have.

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What is the best collar for a Coton puppy?

And where can I buy one?

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Harley, May 23, 2015

Harley is full of energy. He loves to be with people, especially children. He licks everyone to death!

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What to feed my Coton

I am wondering what kind of dog food to feed my sweet boy Romeo. He doesn't like much dog food but if I give him rice peas carrots and ground beef. He

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Happy 5th Birthday Saylor Jane!

I can't imagine my life without Saylor Jane. She loves life and definitely keeps us on our toes. She is so smart, funny, and a Momma's girl. My biggest

Continue reading "Happy 5th Birthday Saylor Jane!"

My sweet Lily

Lily stays with me most of the time unless I have a hair appt or doctor appt. she’s very loving & sleeps above my head at night time. She loves to please

Continue reading "My sweet Lily"

Has anyone done a DNA breed test on a purebred Coton?

Has anyone done a DNA breed test on a purebred Coton? We bought our second cotton (from same breeder as our first) and our first Coton seemed to possess

Continue reading "Has anyone done a DNA breed test on a purebred Coton? "

Joni 5/14/2017

A very smart boy, playful and inquisitive, so much fun!

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How to encourage Coton with neck,pain to eat

Our Coton stops eating after a few bites and needs to be hand fed sometimes. We use a small plate now and not a doggy dish. Any suggestions. It doesn’t

Continue reading "How to encourage Coton with neck,pain to eat"

Patellar Luxation

I'm curious if other Coton owners have young pups with Patellar Luxation? If so, what if anything has been done for your pup?

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THE Coolest Coton in Vegas !

She's laid back... calm and loving. I cannot imagine my life without her in it. BEST money I ever spent was the day I bought Dakota.

Continue reading "THE Coolest Coton in Vegas ! "

Winston 10 months old

Winston is such a great companion! He loves all people and all dogs!

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she has bad teeth and her gums are swollen, what causes these

she had 15 teeth removed and her gums were very bad. What can be the cause.

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About weight of puppy.

Is my puppy Underweight? She is 9 and one half months now and she weighs 8 lb 6.4 oz. She has only gained 4 oz in the past month. She is a picky eater.

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Peeing in the house/apartment

I have a 9 year old Coton, male, who is smart, funny, loving, affectionate and of course, ridiculously cute. Unfortunately, he recently started to pee

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Seeking Coton boot or shoe advice

My Coton's front right paw is dragging and is sore and nails inflamed. I'm having trouble finding boots/shoes that would help cushion his paw. welcome

Continue reading "Seeking Coton boot or shoe advice"

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