Easy Tips for
Training a Dog to Come

Training a dog to come is pretty easy if you make this command fun and exciting for him – make him want to come to you. He has to know that when he comes to you great things will happen so make sure you give him lots of rewards (toys, kisses, treats, play).

NEVER ask your dog to come so you can punish him; what do you think the odds are that he’d come the next time you ask?

When you teach the “dog come command”, ALWAYS start out in an enclosed safe environment. You don’t want to try this outside where there’s potential for disaster if he doesn’t respond.

How to Teach the Come Command:

  1. Put your puppy on a long leash and wait until he’s distracted (that should take about 5 seconds).

  2. Say his name and then say “Come” and reel in the leash while you back up and say “Good Come” while he’s approaching. Make sure to use a high happy voice.

  3. Kneel down to his level and reward and praise him.

  4. Use your release word such as “Finished” or “OK” so he knows the exercise is over and he can do whatever he wants.

  5. Do this over and over when you are sure not to be distracted because you want this to be success oriented. Once your dog is good at the come command you can work on it in more challenging environments where there are more distractions.


Teaching your dog to come is critical, and can even mean the difference between life and death. Imagine seeing your beloved pet heading for traffic and ignoring your call to come back to you. Work on this command every day until your dog comes to you every single time you ask him to.

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