Important Dog Obedience Commands

How to Teach the Down Command

Down can be one of the more difficult dog obedience commands for your small dog since you’re asking him to get in a pretty vulnerable position. But the Coton de Tulear is pretty smart and if you follow the tips below, your dog should pick up this trick quickly.

Why does your dog need to learn the down command?

  • First of all, it's a great way to show your dog that you are the leader, since the down position is a submissive one.

  • It's great for instances when you need your dog to be absolutely still and easy to control. For instance, if you're in a public place like a restaurant or store. This is a good command for times when your dog needs to be still for longer periods of time, since he will be more comfortable lying down than sitting down.

  • You have more control of your dog when he's in the down position so it's a good command for when small children are present.

How to Teach the Down Command:

down comman
  1. From the stand or sit position (try which works best for you), hold a treat down between your dog’s toes so he’ll have to lie down to get the treat.

  2. When he’s in the down position say “Good down” and reward him with the treat.

  3. If your dog just doesn’t respond to this, use the leash to help gently guide his body to a down position. NEVER push a small dog into a down position.


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