Beyond Basic Dog Training

Your dog has mastered the basic dog commands - Now What?

Is your dog ready to go beyond basic dog training? The Coton de Tulear is a very smart dog and wants to please you so teaching the more advance training commands should be a breeze - if you know how.

Too many small dog owners make the mistake of thinking that their little pups don't need training. Nothing could be farther than the truth. Little dogs like the Coton need you to be the leader and a well behaved dog is a much happier dog and will also be a safer and well adjusted dog around other people and animals.

Remember to always make your teaching sessions a good experience for you and your pet and to use positive rewards. If either you or your puppy are getting frustrated or tired, stop immediately and try again later.

Here are some other useful small dog training commands to help you and your canine pal live in peace and harmony:

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Off Command: Don't to confuse this with the down command. "Off" should be used when you want your puppy to get off whatever he's on like the bed or the couch.

  1. Pull him "off" (whatever it is you want to remove him from) with a leash or collar

  2. Praise him as soon as his feet hit the floor


Wait Command: This especially comes in handy for preventing your dog from running out of a door and into trouble.

  1. Put your dog on a leash

  2. Open the door and say "wait" and give him praise and a treat


Leave It Command: I know you can think of many times this will come in handy.

  1. Put a treat or toy on the floor and have a more desirable treat in your hand

  2. Walk with your dog near the treat or toy and make sure he sees it

  3. As soon as he sees the toy or treat on the floor show him the treat in your hand

  4. When he takes the treat in your hand, say "Good Leave It" in a happy voice


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