Dog Training Reviews

How to find the right training program
For you and your dog

I hope these dog training reviews help you find the perfect training program for your dog, whether you’re looking for basic dog obedience training or you’re ready to go beyond basic dog training for your puppy or even your older dog.

It is great to have in-person training so your dog can learn while being surrounded by distractions. But there are times when online learning makes more sense. Puppies shouldn't be around other people and animals until they've had all their shots, so finding a good online dog trainer will get your pup learning right away before bad habits set in. 

I did a combination of in-person and online training with Lucy and that worked for us. 

99% of dog behavior problems are due to improper training. Often we actually teach our dogs the wrong behavior inadvertently. Your relationship with your dog lasts many years and it’s worth it to spend some time and money in the beginning of your relationship to prevent a lot of frustration and much more money spent on behavioral issues.

There are so many dog training programs that claim to be the best, the easiest and the best value. How do you know if they are any good?

Here are my personal dog training reviews. I highly recommend you look for training that:

  • Is provided by qualified professional dog trainers
  • Uses easy to follow training techniques that are fun for you AND your dog
  • Include 100% guarantees of success (or your money back)
  • ALWAYS have the best interest of the dog at the core of their training techniques
  • Helps you by saving time and money, avoiding mistakes and potentially disastrous situations
  • Provides you with techniques that will improve your relationship with your dog

You just have to decide which delivery method you feel would match your learning style. Do you learn by reading, by listening or by watching?  Or do you like a combination of these delivery styles? Do you like someone with a gentle voice or an in-your-face-do-it-my-way voice?

Some of you, like myself, may choose more than one of these dog training programs. For obedience training and puppy training I like the videos so I can watch the trainer's body language. For behavior training, the books are perfect for me and are a great reference I can refer to whenever I need to.

Dog Training Reviews: Which training program will be the solution for you and your dog? 

Genius Dog 300 x 250 - Animated

Brain Training 4 Dogs

I found this program invaluable. I find it easier to learn from videos than reading a book. I loved that the goal was to make the lessons fun for dogs. Lucy actually loves training. This training used a lot of games, which made learning fun for Lucy. It helped her learn new skills, and also kept her physically and mentally stimulated, which helped to keep her from developing bad behavior habits. 

All the basic skills are taught using positive reinforcement only, plus so much more. There's training for puppies as well as senior dogs. 

Adrienne Farricelli is a great trainer for dogs, and a great teacher for us humans. I liked her teaching style and I could pick and choose which lessons to work on each day.

There's a forum where you can discuss your specific dog's issues with other pet parents.

It's so affordable! At the time of this writing, it's only $47 - and there's a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee, so it really is risk-free. You can try it here.

I hope these dog training reviews helped you select the right training. It is so important to have a well trained dog. A well trained dog is a safer, happier and healthier dog and will make life so much more enjoyable. Many of the tragic stories of euthanized shelter dogs are due to people unable to cope with their untrained dogs. This is 100% preventable.

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