New Puppy?
Here are the must-have small dog supplies you'll need

Make sure you have these essential small dog supplies on hand for your new puppy (whether it's a Coton de Tulear or any breed). The easiest way to make your puppy’s transition in his new home go smoothly is to be prepared. Here’s a list of some of the essentials for your new dog.

dog food bowls

  • Dog Food Bowls: It should be durable enough so your puppy can’t break it or knock it over. Metal bowls or ceramic bowls work well.

  • Dog water bowl: As with the food bowl, make sure it’s durable and ALWAYS filled with clean fresh water. The only time you don’t want your puppy to have access to the water is right before bed time.

  • Dog travel water bowl: It’s a good idea to get a travel water bowl so fresh water is available when you take your puppy out for a long walk or car ride.

  • Puppy training collar: Make sure you get the right size collar for your new puppy and adjust the size as he gets bigger. A buckle collar works well because you can adjust as he grows.

  • Dog Leashes: A 4 to 6 foot leash is a good size for your new puppy.

  • Dog Identification Tags: This is one of the most important of the small dog supplies you'll need for your new puppy. Learn more about the importance of pet identification here.
    small dog crates

  • Dog Crate: Crate training is one of the easiest ways to ensure training success with your new puppy. Make sure the crate is large enough for your puppy to stand, turn around, and have some room to grow in. You don’t want the crate so big that your dog will feel comfortable eliminating in it (dogs don’t usually go to the bathroom where they sleep). Learn more about crate training here.

    small dog supplies

  • Dog Gate (Baby Gate): These are great for keeping your puppy (and your valuables) safe from parts of the house where you don’t want him to be until he’s trained. This is great for blocking entrances to stairs or various rooms in the house. Make sure you get a gate sturdy enough that your dog can’t knock it over or chew his way through.

  • Small dog bed: Make sure your new puppy has a comfortable place that’s all his.

  • Safe dog toys: There are so many dog toys on the market these days. Look for toys that are safe and have multiple purposes. Toys that keep the dog active and entertained but also help with their need for chewing are great.

  • Grooming supplies: This will depend on the kind of dog you have, but all dogs will require shampoo, brushes, and combs. Other supplies will depend on the length and type of the coat as well as whether you’re going to do all the grooming yourself or hire a professional groomer for taking care of cutting the hair, trimming the nails and ears, dematting, etc. It’s best if you can find all natural products that are safe for your pet and the environment.

  • Cleaning Supplies: Don’t even think about getting a puppy if you’re not ready for stains on your carpet, clothes, or furniture. It’s part of the package until your dog is trained. The key is to be prepared. Keep all natural safe cleaning small dog supplies on hand.

    small dog supplies

  • Dog First Aid Kit: You can buy inexpensive ready made first aid kits or you can put one together rather easily yourself. Basic dog 1st aid supplies you need are bandages, scissors, cotton, gauze, tape, antiseptic wipes, eye wash, hydrogen peroxide, extra leash, extra travel water dish, extra collar with ID tag.

    The first few days and weeks with a new puppy can be stressful if you’re not prepared. Having small dog supplies ready when you need them makes life with your new dog so much easier.

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