The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Dogs 

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Ah, the holidays! Christmas and Hanukkah are a time of joy, love, and endless treats—for humans and dogs alike! If you're reading this, you're probably a dog parent who believes your four-legged companion deserves to be part of the festivities. 


Coton de Tulear celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah

As you can see from the poll below, most of our site visitors (close to 70%) buy gifts for their dogs on special occasions. And why wouldn’t you if you consider your dog to be a part of the family? We want to make our dogs feel loved and included in our family fun, right?

As a Coton de Tulear dog owner, I understand the urge to spoil our pets by making sure they also have a wrapped gift or special treat waiting for them. Whether you own a Coton de Tulear or any breed, you'll surely find the right gift in my curated list.

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Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love

New toys are an obvious choice because they’re playful and fun, which is precisely what you want to feel at holiday time.

Does your dog love toys? My dog, Lucy, is weird about them. Like many dogs, she seems more enamored with a cardboard box or an old torn plush toy that's seen better days than a brand-new toy. She might ignore the toy at first, but she eventually comes around. She especially loves interactive puzzle toys because she's all in for anything that involves treats.

The trick to finding the best dog toys is knowing what would be a good fit for your dog. Not all dogs love to chase balls or frisbees. 

Interactive Toys

Coton de Tulear puppy with snuffle mat

I love finding new ways to make Lucy work for treats. She’s so smart and needs new challenges. I like to switch out her interactive puzzles so she doesn’t get bored. Above, she’s having fun finding treats in her snuffle mat

Most dogs love a good challenge, and what better way to entertain them than with interactive puzzle toys? These toys require your dog to solve a puzzle to access treats or toys hidden inside.

Not only do these interactive toys prevent boredom and provide mental stimulation, but they also keep your dog occupied and entertained for long periods. It's a win-win situation!

Look for toys that are made of durable materials, ensuring they can withstand your dog's enthusiastic play. 

interactive dog puzzle clock

This interactive wooden clock is a great way to teach your dog a new skill. She’ll have to learn how to turn the clock in order to get the treat. This is a more advanced toy.

interactive rolling food puzzle toy

There are more unique interactive dog toys at Mr. Peanut’s - you’ll find something whether your dog is a beginner or more advanced.

And of course, you can always find a wide variety of interactive toys at Amazon.


Coton de Tulear chewing tennis ball

First on the list is the good old tennis ball. Although a simple toy, it has proven time and time again to be a fan favorite among dogs. A new, brightly colored ball can provide hours of fetch, making it the perfect holiday present. 

Lucy will chase the ball, but she has no interest in bringing it back to me. Fetch is not “her thing” - She’s more of a cerebral girl and loves puzzles. But it is good exercise for me since I’m the one who has to fetch the ball. 😊

Chew Toys


I have also found that chew toys make for excellent dog Christmas or Hanukkah gifts. They come in various shapes and difficulty levels, making them perfect for pups of all sizes and ages. My dog is still a big chewer even though she’s no longer a puppy. 

Lucy seems to manage stress with her chew toys and treats, so if you've got a dog with anxiety, try incorporating some of these toys into their routine.

Kong toys or Nylabones are perfect for dogs who love to gnaw. They're durable and can be stuffed with treats for added fun.  But my favorite is the Pupsicle because it’s so much easier to clean!

I fill it with healthy treats like sweet potato, peanut butter, or even her regular food. Then I freeze it so it takes her a while to eat it all. I use these when I need quiet time on Zoom calls. Don’t judge! 😊

Plush Toys

Who doesn't love a soft and cuddly toy to snuggle up with? Plush toys are perfect for dogs that enjoy gentle play or love having a companion to nap with.

Opt for toys made with durable stitching and are machine washable for easy cleaning.

This Snuggle Puppy is perfect for new puppies. It’s soft, cuddly, and has a battery-operated heartbeat to remind them of their mother’s heartbeat. It’s designed to calm dogs and help them sleep at night. 

plush toy - Lambchop

I don’t know what it is about Lambchop, but I’ve never had a dog who didn’t love this plush toy. It’s soft, cuddly, squeaks, and is just the right size for most dogs. This is Lucy with her current Lambchop (there may have been several others😊).

Squeaky Toys

squeaky dog toy-zippy paw

Squeaky toys are not for all dogs. Lucy is not a fan, but my dog, Luc, loved them. 

If you have an auditory pup, squeaky toys like the ZippyPaw Skinny Peltz is a pup pleaser.

Hartz squeaky toy

If your dog is more of a ball fan, these squeaky ball toys from Hartz DuraPlay will make a good gift. It’s durable, so they can play with these inside or outside.

Tasty Treats

holiday treat gift ideas for dogs

Does your dog love treats? If so, choose treats that are made with high-quality ingredients and suitable for your dog's dietary needs.

Whether your dog prefers crunchy cookies or chewy jerky, there's a wide range of flavors and textures to choose from. Just remember to offer treats in moderation to maintain a healthy diet. But everyone deserves a treat during the holidays, right?

Lu- Party box dog treats

Perfect for the holidays, this variety party box includes delicious single-ingredient natural dog treats. They’re 100% digestible and are an excellent healthy alternative to rawhide.

EcoKind treats

I love Ecokind treats because they have limited ingredients, are natural, and are easy to digest. And most of all, I love that there are no chemicals or scary preservative ingredients. 

Advent calendar with dog treats

This advent calendar with dog treats from Bonne et Filou is perfect for the holiday season. These are not your average milk bones. They’re luxury handmade gourmet treats, including dog truffles, dog bones, and dog macarons.

Dog Apparel Holiday Gifts

Many of you love seeing your pups dressed up for special occasions. A festive sweater or bandana would make for a cute way to celebrate the season. Fun sweater designs are especially great gift ideas for those of you in colder winter climates.

Know your dog - if your dog is like my Lucy who hates wearing clothes, don’t force them to wear a cute outfit if it causes stress or discomfort. 

These adorable sweaters are perfect for winter days, and they’re so cute!  You can find the sweaters below and more choices at

Kuoser-dog sweater
Kuoser outerwear
Blueberry dog jacket

You can find more jackets and coats for your dog at this Blueberry Shop. I love practical gifts that also look fantastic. They also have a fabulous Christmas collection here.

Pajamagram pajamas

Does your family have holiday traditions like wearing the same pajamas on Christmas morning? Why not include your dog? These PJs from Pajamagram are adorable!

And yes, you can find similar matching pajama sets on Amazon here.

grippy socks for dogs

Is your dog too cool for school? How adorable is this puffer coat from Walkee Paws? You can’t beat cool and practical!

Grippy Socks for dogs

Grippy socks are perfect to keep your dog from sliding on wood or tile floors. They’re also perfect for dogs recovering from an injury like my Lucy, or senior dogs.

Cozy Beds

Coton de Tulear on calming donut bed

I share this photo of Lucy as a puppy a lot. So freakin’ cute! That was her first donut bed, but certainly not her last. She and the cat have them in every room of the house.

A cozy dog bed is a gift that I’ve found to be a hit almost universally. This makes for a great holiday gift for dogs, and it also gives your pup a warm, restful place to recover from the holiday activities.

Choose a bed that suits your dog's size and sleeping habits for the ultimate comfort.

donut bed

You can find this donut bed at Mr. Peanut’s. They’re washable, nonslip, soft on the outside, and firm on the inside to support their backs. And of course, you can find donut beds at Amazon or any pet store as well.

fashionable dog beds

If you’re looking for more fashionable beds that may fit your decor, check out these beds at Blueberry. The covers can be removed and washed, a must for any dog bed. 

orthopedic dog bed

If your dog is getting up there in years, it may be time for an orthopedic bed. Amazon has a large selection that will help support your dog’s back and ease joint and muscle pain, like this popular bed from Bedsure.

Wellness Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Okay, these gifts may not be as fun for your dog as a chew toy or a comfy bed, but they help keep them healthy and safe. What could be more important than that?  

Why not gift the best of both worlds so your dogs get fun presents they'll like, and you get presents that ensure their health?

dog soothing balm for paws

I’m a fan of Dr. Lisa products because they’re plant-based, biodegradable, and totally safe for our dogs. This soothing paw balm is great for soothing dry paws, noses, and skin. Perfect for the holiday colder weather.

itch and scratch chews

Dog skin problems are common, so if your dog is itching and scratching, why not get a gift that provides relief? Check out these Itch & Scratch Chewies to soothe your dog’s skin.

Stress Gold Anxiety relief

If the holidays are stressing you out, imagine how your dog feels. These Stress Gold drops can help your dog feel calmer and handle stressful situations. You can also find more calming solutions here.

Omega Bites for dogs

Zesty Paws Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew Treats helps dogs with joint, skin, and coat support. Your dog won’t know it’s good for them.

We are definitely living in tech times, which makes our lives easier and less stressful when we have the right products.

small powerful dog dryer

Neakasa’s F1 Fast Quiet Hair Dryer for Dogs is small but powerful. I love that the small size and quiet sound won’t be scary for your dog.


The Furbo is a dog camera with a 360° view and tracking. It detects barking, is a treat dispenser, and provides home emergency alerts. You keep your dog safe and capture moments while you’re away. It does require a subscription that you can cancel anytime.

High Tech Doggy Door

The Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is more than a regular doggy flap that lets in the cold or hot weather - or even a wild animal. Your dog will wear a sensor that opens the door when he’s near it.

Fatback GPS Dog Tracker

The Fitbark GPS Dog Tracker tracks your dog’s real-time location, health, sleep, and behavior. It helps you monitor your dog’s anxiety and even skin conditions,

automatic dog ball launcher

For active dogs, this automatic ball launcher is not only fun but it’s designed to be safe. It has a sensor that ensures that it won’t launch balls anywhere near animals or people.

Personalized Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Personalized thoughtful gifts are my favorite kind of gifts. It shows that thought went into selecting them. There are so many ways to personalize gifts. Here are a few...

gift voucher holiday gift for dogs

One of my favorite personalized gifts is offering your services for dog walking or pet sitting to busy loved ones. You can create your own handmade vouchers or create a simple one online like this one. These are easy, free, and super thoughtful gifts!

Portrait dog gifts

Give your favorite pet parent a gift you know they’ll love - a present with their dog’s face on it! Cratejoy’s personalized monthly box of gifts with your dog's image is a thoughtful and fun gift. Cratejoy also has a puppy gift basket that all new pet parents will appreciate.

Walkee Paws gift certificate

Gift certificates are a great way for pet parents to select personalized items that will make life easier for them. This gift certificate from Walkee Paws is a great example.

personalized dog collars

Personalized dog collars are an excellent for pet owners who worry about safety. Having your dog's name and phone number on these collars gives you peace of mind and lets your dog sparkle with style. So many to choose from! Personalized dog tags are also a perfect stocking stuffer gift idea.

Eco-friendly Dog Gifts

We all want the safest products for our dogs. Eco-friendly gifts are non-toxic, more durable, and more sustainable. So, you’re helping your dog and the planet - Win-Win! 

Cratejoy Ecofriendly Dog Box

Cratejoy’s Ecofriendly Dog Monthly Subscription box contains sustainable toys and natural treats. It’s a gift you can feel good about.

Ecofriendly Seahorse dog toy

Spunky Pup Clean Seahorse Dog Toy is made from 100% Recycled Water Bottles. This eco-friendly squeaker plush toy is perfect for smaller dogs.

Ecobark harness

EcoBark’s Step in Dog Harness is made from recycled plastic water bottles. It’s safe, padded, adjustable, and no-pull  - so it’s functional and stylish!

Shameless Pets provides high-quality, nutritious, and tasty ingredients that otherwise would go unused. They’re eliminating food waste and providing high quality treats at the same time.

Practical Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Mr Peanut Carrier and Bed

This airline compliant pet carrier also converts to a canopy bed. How clever! This is a perfect gift for anyone who travels with their dog.

pet odor eliminator

Okay, so this may not be the most fun gift on the list, but anyone with a new puppy that isn’t potty trained yet will appreciate it. This odor eliminator is safe and has excellent reviews!

Dr Lisa Dog Grooming starter kit

Dr. Lisa’s Dog grooming starter kit includes wipes, leave-in conditioner, plus a wash and a cologne. It’s a great introduction to these popular grooming products.

picture frame for dogs

As dog lovers, we can’t get enough photos of our dogs. So, wouldn’t receiving a beautiful photo frame with our dog’s picture be the perfect gift?

Spirit dog training gift

New puppy? What better gift for new dog owners than the SpiritDog online puppy training bundle. Let these expert teachers take the guesswork out of raising a happy and healthy  dog.

Other Dog Gift Suggestions

    I hope this list of gifts sparked some ideas for the dog or dog lover on your list.

    First, decide what kind of holiday gift you’re looking for. Is it something your dog will love like toys or treats? Is it something that will improve your dog’s everyday life like apparel, beds, harnesses, or wellness products?

    Next, decide who the gift is for. Is it for a new puppy or an older dog? Or is it something to make life as a dog parent easier like dog training or grooming products? 

    Money shouldn’t be a factor. DIY gifts are always appreciated. You can knit a scarf or bake your own homemade dog treats.

    Don’t forget to show appreciation for the dog lovers in your life who make your life easier like dog walkers, pet sitters, and groomers. Holidays are the perfect time of year to show your gratitude.

    Are you considering surprising someone with a new puppy as a gift? Learn the best way to surprise someone with a puppy here.

    Learn Genius ways to dog-proof your Christmas tree to ensure a safe and festive holiday.

    It’s also the perfect time of year to give to your favorite charity. Selecting dog gifts that also contribute to a good cause is a beautiful gift idea.  Waggle donates 15% of all sales to at-risk pets. 

    And of course, the best dog Christmas or Hanukkah gift is just spending time with them!


Coton de Tulear Christmas ornament

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