Dog Age: How Old is Your Coton de Tulear?

Calculating dog age to the equivalent human age isn't as easy as you'd think. Many believe that one year of a dog's life equals seven human years, but this isn't the case.

birthday dog

So how old is your dog?

Dog age conversion to human years depends on the size and the breed of the pup. For instance, a Coton de Tulear's equivalent human age will be different than a Great Dane's.

Conversion can even be tricky within the same breed. The average "Cotton Dog" weighs between 9 and 16 pounds which would usually equate to about 32 to 36 years old in human years for a pup who is age five. My 5 year old, Luc is a big boy though, so he would actually be closer to 37 in human years.

Wow, it's hard to equate a five year old dog with a thirty-something year old person. We are used to thinking of five year olds as small children so it's hard to imagine them as being middle aged.

You will find many canine age calculators and charts available and they will typically vary somewhat since there is no single formula that can be used on all dogs.

To get a general idea of your dog's equivalent human years you can use the chart below.

This chart is the one my veterinarian has posted on the wall in his office. You can get a general idea how old your dog is in relative human terms.

dog age chart

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