Coton de Tulear Bath question

by Ana Claudia

Please, I really need to ask the experienced Coton de Tulear owners, how frequently I should bathe Sophie. The climate here is hot and at the moment very very dry, her hair is is SO dry lately! I bathe once a week, I think that is maybe too much. How do you do? Is there an oil to use on the dry hair? Sophie says "thanks" :)

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Feb 14, 2011
I am surprise at how seldom Ray needs a bath.
by: Sylvia

When he was a puppy Ray would need a bath frequently. Now that he is a very dignified gentleman, he stays sweet smelling and clean with daily brushing. I haven't bathed him for at least 6 months. I have a Maltese and bichon who I need a bath every two weeks. I have read on many different sites that cotons may need a bath as seldom as once a year. It's true!

By the way, he has never had a haircut and is drop-dead gorgeous. The long, thick hair may be the reason he stays so clean...repels dirt, maybe.

Sep 18, 2010
White-ish coat
by: Anonymous

I always know when it's time to bathe my Coton de Tulear because his snow white coat starts to turn a dingy off-white color. As soon as he gets his bath, he's stark white again. Usually every 2 weeks (sometimes 3 if we're lucky).

Sep 16, 2010
by: Ana Claudia

Thanks girls, I will try a different shampoo also. It is a little limited in my country for shampoos. The other day I was looking at a Coton competition on a facebook group for Cotons, and I was asking: "How did they mantain the hair like that?" Sophie stays outside a lot, and only has that look after the bath, but generally my Sophie is a lovely RUG with black eyes!! :) :) and the knots because of the wind.... so diffucult to comb them.... does anyone use conditioner?

Sep 15, 2010
by: Joyce

I use a chamomile and Oatmeal and Yucca Shampoo the groomer recommended for our Yorkie that passed. He was having a dry skin problem. It's AromaCare and I think I bought it through
JR's hair feels GREAT after his bath and I bath him about every 7-10 days.

Sep 15, 2010
Coton Bathing
by: Gale

I thought you would be interested in the results of our Coton de Tulear bathing poll:

36% Bathe once a week
33% Bathe once a month
21% Bathe twice a month

I must say I was surprised to see so many bathe their Cotons once a week. With Luc the bathing frequency changes depending on the weather and his allergies. It used to be just fine to give him a bath once a month, but when his allergies flare up I bathe him every week. I can always tell when he needs a bath by the way his coat feels - if it feels rough and dry instead of soft and cottony I know it's time to put him in the tub.

See what others have said about what kind of shampoo they use here.

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