Shampoo recommendations please for a Coton de Tulear

by karla

Hi, can anyone recommend a good shampoo for Coton de Tulear dogs?

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Oct 22, 2014
My Rrecommendations For Shampoo NEW
by: Henry

I recommend the Vellus Show Shampoo and/or the Vellus Clarifying Shampoo, and the Vellus Show Conditioning Concentrate. Alternately I use the All Systems Super Cleaning and Conditioning Shampoo or the Les Poochs Pooch Bright Shampoo. It is best to rotate shampoos occasionally to prevent product buildup. If you are sensitive to fragrance, Les Poochs makes a wonderful fragrance-free shampoo, Botanique Hypoallergenic Shampoo. There are many excellent shampoos/conditioners on the market that are suitable for the Coton coat. I have mentioned just a few of my favorites. I suggest avoiding any product that contains lanolin.

Be extremely careful with your pet's eyes during all parts of the grooming process. For the eye area you will need a safe, effective under-eye cleanser like Gimborn Eye Clear. This is the best eye cleanser I have found, and you should use it daily to clean area below the eye with a cotton ball. This cleanser can actually be used as drops in the eye, so it is an extremely safe product. Another excellent brand of eye cleaner is the Butler Eye Rinse which many vets use. The Butler Eye rinse contains almost identical ingredients to the Gimborn Eye Clear. Both products can be easily purchased online. Contact lens solution or other saline solution products can also be used to clean the eye area, and can be used after the bath to rinse the eye of any contaminants. Professional dog groomers often apply an ointment (or mineral oil) to the dog's eyes before bathing in order to protect the cornea. However, the trend is to move away from this practice because some ophthalmology specialists believe the ointment may actually trap irritants that run into the eyes during the bath. Shampoo and other debris can get trapped behind the oil in these products, and cause serious eye ulcerations. The ointment can actually CREATE a problem, rather than PREVENT the problem, so my recommendation would be to simply use the saline solution to cleanse the eye after the bath.

Jun 11, 2010
Earthbath Puppy
by: Anonymous

I love Earth Bath Puppy shampoo. It is very mild and smells really good with natural ingredients. Leaves my dog's coat really soft.

Apr 27, 2010
favorite puppy shampoo
by: Iris Miller

My favorite is BioGroom "Fluffy Puppy" shampoo. It is mild, won't sting his eyes, does a good job cleaning him,( even his muddy paws). and it is not highly perfumed. We are both allergic to perfumes, so I would equate this puppy shampoo very mild, similar to Johnsons baby shampoo.

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