When should I neuter my 5 month old Coton?

by JJ

He's five and a half months old right now and I was told to have him neutered at six months, but the vet who gave him the vaccinations said 6-8 months, so I'm wondering when would be the right time to neuter him? He's a sweet boy but a bit bitey at times although improving and suffers from separation anxiety when I'm gone which is only a couple of times per week at most, for 1-3 hours each time. I don't want the neutering to give him joint problems later on if it's done too early.

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Apr 17, 2024
Neuter or Not NEW
by: Anonymous

Here is an article worth reading about neutering etc. It definitely says to avoid neutering to soon. I am waiting until the dog is at least 1.5 years old and then may opt for a vasecotomy if I do anything at all. The breeder wanted neutering done at 7 months, which is too early.
From the article "But current research on neutering shows that the issue is not so simple. There are a number of risks associated with neutering male dogs that pet owners are not being told about."
The site is called yourpurebreduppy.com/Health/Articles....
There are many potential risks of neutering and a few for not neutering.
"IF DONE AT THE WRONG AGE, neutering increases the risk of hip dysplasia, torn ligaments, and bone cancer" so the article mentions.

Nov 29, 2023
The world needs more Cotons NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello - I feel our Cotons should not be neutered even when our contracts require us to do so. The Coton is a wonderful Canine and we need more not fewer Cotons.

I would wait at least one year before considering neutering.

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