When do these puppies lose their baby teeth?

by Janis

At what month/week do the puppies lose their baby teeth and should you brush baby teeth?

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Sep 12, 2016
Had them removed NEW
by: Anne

I had to surgically remove 16 baby teeth from jules. As they havent fell at 8 moths old. He had them removed during his spaying surgery. Everything was fine after that :)

Apr 10, 2016
When puppies lose their teeth NEW
by: Anonymous

Bijou had lost his teeth by 5 months. He just lost his first canine a couple days ago, he is 24 weeks old, and his second canine is loose. I was able to get 4 of his teeth, the others who knows, his belly or the vacuum cleaner. He isn't biting any where near as much as he use to. Yea!

Nov 23, 2015
Losing baby teeth NEW
by: Lulu

Socrates started to lose around 6 month old.
We will see your baby starts to more than usual. If I remember correctly, Socrates's teething was done when he was 8 month old. You will see his teeth around the house when you look carefully.
I kept some of Socrates's baby teeth.

Brushing teeth are never too early, I think. Better to start early then late even if it is for only ten second at a time.

Have fun with your baby.

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