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Jan 26, 2021
What food helps with hair loss NEW
by: Aiko’s mom

After having puppies our dog lost all her hair and then after it grey back and looked healthy again. Then she got spayed and her hair thinned out again! Her akin is leathery and dry around head and neck. I don’t know it this is hormonal or could be food allergies. I read some cotons are allergic to chicken???

We’ve been adding probiotics and fish oil for dogs to her food. She eats organic salmon based food.
Any advice?

Jul 30, 2019
Raw dog food/
by: judy

With the dog food company’s adding pir
Potatoes, lentils beans to replace some meat protein..Looking at Stella’s And Chewy Raw anybody have experience with RAW❓❓ we’ve been on Venison due to other problems with foods but didn’t know what to think of there’d lentils... Now with the reports out the amino acid possible problem causing heart problems taurine

Jun 06, 2012
Good brand of dry kibble
by: Lenore

Our family has a small pet store and we have rese arched many of the foods available. After they last big recall we realized that it's best to buy a kibble made by a small company who strives to put out a good, natural, holistic kibble made in their own processsing plant. With so many of the dog foods being made in the same plant, it doesn't matter if you are buying the more expensive dry food or not since the salmonella passes through the machines and all the brands they sell are tainted. The small companies who only made one brand are safer. We like VeRus which fits this criteria and has NEVER had a recall evern!! Check our their website and learn all about them. I buy mine at Pet's Plus, but you can purchase directly from them. Great product and small pieces for the Cotons.

Aug 27, 2011
What's your Coton eating today?
by: Connie

This is more of a poll to see what we are feeding our Cotons?

Orijen, Arden Grange, or chicken and rice have been mentioned a few times.

What about you?

Jan 03, 2011
Home made dog food
by: Jazzy's mom

I finally gave up after over a year of trying to find a food that my female Coton would enjoy. I now cook for her with recipes from Pitcairn's book. At first I though this would be too much trouble, especially mixing up the 'healthy powder' that goes into each dish, but once I decided to try it, it was not too bad. You mix the powder once and keep it in fridge. Make extra food and freeze it. At least she is eating and I know the ingredients are all healthy. Problem is, after work I cook for her and then order pizza for me and my husband!

Nov 09, 2010
Fussy eaters anyone?
by: IRis Miller

I think it is time to dry anew dry food for Tuffy because he really does not eat much of his kibble and I have to supplement it with fresh food to make sure he has a balanced meal.Tuffy is a very fussy eater. His Breeder recommended Blue Buffalo food but even as a little puppy he did not like the taste of additives in his food and will pick out the black kibble pieces with vitamins and other additives in it and put it on the floor. If he could talk he would probably say "yucky". I have tried every sample bag of all the "natural" dog foods out there, Tuffy turned his nose up at all of them.I cannot sneak a single piece in his food, he sniffs it out and puts it on the floor. I think he would make a good drug sniffing police dog. He has been eating IAMS with probiotics with some Natural Balance lamb recipe moist roll for breakfast, about 1/4" slice chopped into his dry food. I think it has been good for him, Tuffy digests it well,but he only eats less than a fourth of a cup of the dry food each night, his preferred time to eat.. I like that this brand makes easy to pick up firmer stools. The only treats he eats and loves most are the freeze dried liver pieces. He does get a supplement of a couple of tablespoons of "table foods regularly, mostly bits of cooked chicken, sometimes baked sweet potato. rice, peas, carrots and .egg. He does not like raw foods ie, veggies, it need to be cooked. (my little prince). I need to buy dog food this week and wonder what everyone else is feeding their Cotons and how much and when they are eating. I leave Tuffy's dry food in the bowl all day, he might take a piece or two in the afternoon but has always been a night eater, and always eats his dog food before bedtime.

Mar 28, 2010
Natural and safe dog foods
by: Gale

It would be so much easier for all of us dog lovers if there was just one answer to this question. But just as with us humans, there's no one food item that is right for everyone.

There are some general rules of advice that work well for every dog:

  • Choose commercial food that's made for your dog's size and age. Puppies and senior dogs have different nutritional needs so make sure to get dog foods especially formulated to meet their needs.

  • Make sure the dog food you choose has natural ingredients that are not highly processed.

  • Don't feed table scraps as a general rule.

  • Work with your Veterinarian if possible to get some good options for your dog.

    Luc currently eats Wysong and Organix dry food. I like these because they are natural, aren't filled with high processed chemicals, have no pesticides or antibiotics and they have all the nutrients he needs. Plus, he likes it!

    All Natural Dog Food

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