What name did you give your Coton?

I am getting a male Coton de Tulear puppy next week, I cant wait! However I still cant decide on a name. At the moment the names I like are Dougal, Ollie, Toby and Teddy. suppose I want know for sure until he comes home.

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Feb 13, 2016
Our new Coton NEW
by: Deborah

We wanted something French and regal for our new puppy.
We named her Sophie and my husband is already calling her Princess Sophie. It fits her perfectly! She is smart, sweet and altogether adorable!

Aug 30, 2015
What name did you give your Coton NEW
by: Kim

My initial search was for a girl and really at the last minute I decided to get her litter mate a boy....so I had two names to pick out. For starters this "site" has a bunch of names to choose from in all different categories! Just so happens my son and daughter in law are expecting a son and we found out same time I got my pups.....I watch movie and TV show credits to find interesting names .....I write them down and when it sticks .....I stop looking! My little girl "Indira "we call her "Dira" my boy "Pino" I like different! 😊

Jun 01, 2015
Names NEW
by: Anonymous

Saylor Jane. We named her Saylor because of the Coton's love for the water(of course I had to spell it differently.) And because my other fur baby has two names....well let's just say Saylor Jane cannot stand to be out done...lol

Jun 01, 2015
How Beamer got his name NEW
by: Sandi Brown

Well, he came from Cobblestone kennels in South Carolina. He was out in the back yard one night, and it was impossible to see him except for the full moons beam on him and he absolutely glowed. So he
became Cobblestones Carolina Moon Beam.... AKA

May 31, 2015
Names NEW
by: Sharon and Jasmine

Jasmine. It's French and fits the little diva. I do call her Jazz-a-mean a lot because the dog across the street is also Jasmine. It is also the name of a flower.

May 31, 2015
Coton name NEW
by: Pam

We named our adorable coton Lacey. It fits her perfectly. I name my pets by their color. White reminds me of lace. Therefore we named her Lacey. Good luck with your new puppy. He will give you lots of love.

May 31, 2015
Benson NEW
by: Nicole

My 3 year wanted Benson... The other name we were contemplating was Chico....we think now that would have made a good Chico because he is so Cheeky!

May 31, 2015
puppy names NEW
by: Gadget317

My boys were Gadget and DiOhGe. Their names fit them perfectly

May 31, 2015
Cooper NEW
by: Anonymous

we named him Cooper but we also affectionately call him Poopie too. Lol

May 31, 2015
Jubilee NEW
by: Iza

My coton's name is Jubilee, and we called her sometimes Jubi, or Juju... we talked her in french and spanish, she understand both.

She's about to have 10 months age...

Greetings from France !

May 31, 2015
Male dog name NEW
by: Colton


May 31, 2015
Naming your dog NEW
by: Cathy & Jasmine

My baby girl is named Jasmine. This is the name she had when I got her. And let me say it fits her to a tee! Such a "princess " but she has lots of other names- love bug, pookie do, sweet pea.

May 31, 2015
name my Coton NEW
by: Iris

My Coton is a male and without fail anyone who sees him,even Veterinarians, say "she" is so cute!" I was having a very hard time thinking of an appropriate name that would describe him.finally, I had to choose for his pedigree papers. His official name is Tough Guy Coton, and Tuffy has lived up to that description for 7+ years,and, people still ask "what kind of dog is that,what's her name?" "how cute She is!" It's because the Coton is so soft and fluffy and has a sweet looking expression everyone thinks femininity.
He,Tuffy is okay with it,he loves the attention.Many times I've thought that I should have just named him HOW-CUTE.
Much luck and love with your new puppy and let's know what name you chose.Pictures too! Lots of love, Tuffy and Mom♡

May 31, 2015
Name NEW
by: Sonis

We get our puppy next week also. We have named him Finn!

May 31, 2015
Surf the Beach Bum NEW
by: Surf's Mom

Surf and I live in a coastal beach community in northern CA. When I saw the beautiful puppy pictures he reminded me of the Surf I see everyday outside my window. COTONS love the water and Surf is now the ultimate beach bum.

May 31, 2015
Atlas NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a male Coton named Atlas. The breeders little girl named him and my boys liked it so we kept it!

May 31, 2015
Name NEW
by: Lois

My boy is named Sherman after Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. My Sherman talks smack too he just can't back it up like Richard Sherman can.

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