Waiting for my Coton de Tulear .........

by Judi B

I don't get my Coton de Tulear until July 31 or Aug 1 2011, and just can't wait!

Already have her name picked out, and getting pics from the breeder weekly, she is a little love, I have a Maltese, Phoebe Suzette and I hope they will be friends.

So, I will write more when I get her.
I agree, wonderful breed, why don't more people seek them out? Not that difficult, and certainly there are breeds just as pricey, for example my Maltese.

Well, here is hoping they will, but also hoping the breed stays sound.

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Jul 12, 2011
Share the Joy
by: Linda

I did up little "business cards" for the Cotons. I included a picture on one side of the card and on the back I put the breed name and a brief summary of them. Whenever someone is interested in the breed when we meet them on our walk, I give them a card. It's a hard name to remember until they get home and "Google" it so this way they have a little information and the spelling of the name too.

Jun 22, 2011
by: steve and refina

Our friends joke that we are so "fancy" that even our dog has a password. Other than our friends who has two cotons that are BB's parents nobody has ever heard of the breed. We do a good job of advertising when we go to the dog park. Well he really does his own advertising with his cuteness.

Enjoy your new pup!

Jun 22, 2011
Coton puppy
by: Gale

I too wonder why more people don't have Cotons, but most people I meet have never even heard of a coton de tulear. Guess it's kind of hard to get one if you don't even know they exist :)

Good luck with your new puppy and enjoy every single moment; they grow up so fast! Send in photos when you get her so we can all ooh and ah.

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