Urinary tract infection & struvites

by Nancy

LeXi was diagnosed this week wth a urinary tract infection that included many struvites. The UTI is being treated with Clavomax for two weeks. This does not guarantee that the struvites will also go away.

For those of you have never heard of this they are Chrystal's that form in the bladder and often become bladder stones. Sometimes these Chrystal's will fill the bladder with stones and necessitate major surgery. Her symptoms were frequent urination and pinkish urine. She had no fever and doesn't seem to have any pain. She is on her 4th day of the antibiotic and she peed 15 times during her morning walk. Anyone else dealt with this and what was the outcome?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also is anybody using coconut oil with their Coton? Hear such great things about it that I was wondering if anyone had used it.

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Nov 01, 2015
Frankie's experience with Struvites NEW
by: Jane

Hi Nancy;

My Frankie had some problems earlier this year. He's around 7 years old. He was asymptomatic other than blood in his urine which alarmed me. He was tested and diagnosed with struvites. Calcium oxalate formations can be treated with diet but unfortunately, struvites can't. Because the possibility of stones in Frankie's urethra would be potentially fatal, I had the vet remove them surgically. He has been prescribed potassium citrate 2x/day, and has not had any problems since. In fact, yesterday someone asked me if he was a puppy because he's so active! The prescription was cost-prohibitive for me at $5/pill, so I researched medical grade and found them at WalMart (with prescription), which run me around 40 cents a pill. I hope this helps.
This link might help: https://www.b-naturals.com/newsletter/november-2009-struvite-and-calcium-oxalate-urinary-stones-and-crystals/

Oct 26, 2015
urinary infection NEW
by: sherry candie cotton

Sorry to hear of your baby's urinary infection, I know nothing about those except years ago my cat developed a problem, kidney stones and vet said it was because she was not drinking enough water???

As for coconut oil it can be very beneficial, the lauric acid in it will help with thyroid balance, energy level and helps balance their metabolism....also improves coat and helps with dry skin issues as well.

Dosage is 1/4 teaspoon twice a day per 10 lbs of dog. This is what I have gotten off the internet. I use coconut water in my smoothies and have tried putting a little in their water, they will not touch it.
Picky Picky girls!

Good luck with your dog, hope this issue is gone soon.

Oct 26, 2015
Lexi NEW
by: Gale

Nancy, one of our favorite visitors (Tuffy) had a recent issue with bladder stones. You can read more here.

As far as coconut oil, I've been using it for several months for Luc's skin allergies and have been happy with the results. I would recommend starting with small dosage (less than a teaspoon) and gradually increasing so there are no stomach issues. Luc gets a tablespoon a day. He loves it (but of course he's never met a food he didn't like).

Hope Lexi's feeling better soon. Let us know how she's doing!

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