Upstairs Training

by Elaine

After a trip for Bath & Tidy

After a trip for Bath & Tidy

Have dog door. While down stairs during the day Coco uses it all the time but at night when we go upstairs, she needs potty pads otherwise she pees & poops on my rugs. How can I change this?

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Apr 01, 2020
Ideas for your precious pup NEW
by: Anonymous

Does the doggie door stay open at night or do you lock it?

How old is your dog? Does she have arthritis and climbing upstairs and downstairs is difficult? Do you give her CBD oil for any reason? When we started giving our Minnie CBD oil for arthritis, her entire behavior changed.

We also found out she needed dental care. That also made a HUGE difference.

Did something happen to frighten her and the behavior is new?

Have you consulted a dog trainer?

Just ideas off the top of my head.

I know with our 9-year-old very passive Minnie she needs special considerations. I bet your Coco needs them, too. Keep us posted as to your progress.

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