Too Much kissing and Licking from Coton de Tulear

by Lynn

Cody is a 14 month old Coton de Tulear. He is a total joy. Cody loves to lick and kiss you. It is his way of saying he loves you. But sometimes it is too much. How can I get him to cool it a little bit? My husband finds it offensive. How can we get him not to kiss so much and not upset his loving disposition?

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Sep 06, 2010
by: Iris

Thanks again Gale, that was new information for me too. I did not know that was the reason for all the kissing.
Tuffy knows the word "kiss" and only kisses me when I say "kiss" and offer him a kiss. I only let him kiss once and then back my face away and pet him.BUT< this is not the case with my (adult) son, he plays on the floor with him, lays down on the floor, couch, bed and lets Tuffy totally wash his face, nose, ears, and licks his face clean as if my son was Tuffy's puppy. Tuffy does not do that to anyone else, he usually does not let anyone reach over his head to pet him, and is only cozy and affectionate when he first wakes up.He puts his head under my hand to pet him and scratch his ears. Tat's his way of waking me to get up and take him out.If I pretend to be asleeep he taps my arm with his paw, and if I still don't respond, he shakes real hard to rattle his tags on his collar. What a dog!
love and hugs, Iris and Tuffy.

Sep 06, 2010
Too much kissing and licking
by: Joyce

Our JR does that also. I'll try your suggestion. I didn't want to ignore him - since he was a rescue and wanted him to feel welcome in our home. I thought that was the nature of a Coton - their people persons and get excited on our return. When we leave he's sooooooo excited to see us - I've tried to ignore him - but he jumps on both my husband and I. Je jumps with his hind legs. In the morning when we wake - he licks our hands, face, legs. I thought he was lacking something. Thank You

Sep 05, 2010
Kissing Coton
by: Gale

Hi Lynn

Did you know that when a dog initiates excessive affectionate behavior they are exhibiting signs of being the pack leader?

There's nothing wrong with the licking/kissing behavior IF you're the one initiating the affection. Your dog has to understand that you are the pack leader - he will actually PREFER it that will and will feel much safer and secure.

So, how do you redirect Cody's affection until you're ready for it?

As soon as you are with him after any kind of separation or as soon as he starts exhibiting the excessive affectionate behavior:

  • Ignore him completely – no touch, no speaking and no eye contact until Cody is totally relaxed (he's not jumping on you, whining, barking, or touching you in any way)
  • Then wait for 5 minutes
  • Then call Cody to you and give him attention and affection for as long as you want and if he gets too affectionate again, just turn around and ignore him again.
  • Keep practicing this, making sure that YOU or your husband are the ones that initiate affection and playtime.

Cody really wants your attention so he will eventually understand when it's okay to be affectionate and when it's not.

You don't have to worry about changing his disposition. He will actually be more relaxed and happy when you take over the leadership role so he doesn't have to. You'll still get plenty of kisses, just on your terms instead of his.

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