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We are having a disagreement in our house about our dogs, we purchased our coton almost 5 years ago and from day one she has been adjusted, loves to go anywhere and was friendly. We took her places all the time. Her name is cotton.

A little over two years ago we came upon our other one named Candie. She had been rescued from a puppy mill, was 4 years old, mistreated, untrained and terrified of everything. She finally came around to where she is more trusting of us and after 9 months finally allowed my husband to touch her. She is a sweet dog, gets along great with her sissy and family and friends are amazed at how she is doing. When at home she is fine. She still will not allow anyone else to touch her unless she is on my lap.

The problem is she seems to be out of her comfort zone when away from home, this summer we did not take the dogs often because of this and the heat and I quit their flea protection to give them a break.....We did take them to petco a few weeks ago and she freaked out over a cardboard cut-out of a big black dog they had at the end of an aisle. Barking and pulling on her leash. That same day something else spooked her while we were walking outside and she got between my legs knocking me down on the sidewalk. It just is not fun taking her out.

The problem is I want to take Cotton when we go places because she loves to go and she is good. I feel we are punishing her by leaving her all the time. My husband thinks it is not fair to take one and not both, I agree it isn't -- but Candie seems more comfortable at home. We have taken her places over two years and she still is not at ease, still terrified of big dogs, will not let anyone touch her. People look at us like we are abusing her. We are not close to anywhere that has obedience classes but I don't think that would help. While on vacation she was around grandaughters big dogs and after a few times calmed down but the next big dog she sees is causing her to panic again.

I'm sure some of you have had this experience. What did you do and what do you think? She does like small dogs and is fine with them. I love them both but miss taking Cotton as she needs the stimulation of different places. Candie seems content to go from couch to couch and eat........HELP!


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Oct 02, 2014
Sherry NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

I get what your saying about walking. We live in an area that is a dog is out it has gotten out of someone's yard. Not to often but even 1 time is to many.

Your trying to pick up the dogs watch the big one & if it starts jumping on u to get the little dogs well just scary. Once Jonah learned to walk on leash with out pulling I then attached the adjustable one to a belt so he learned to walk hands free.

I do like the belt type adjustable ones since if u have to grab it, it doesn't cut your finger. I do thou anymore have pepper spray since it does freak me out when they come towards. As we know the famous words, my dog won't do anything or he grew up w/a little one r useless words when the dog is off leash.

If your rescue is light enough I've even taken a walk starting out with them in my arms just so they see some of the world. Then after walking I may try putting them down but it can be more then once for them to come around.

Since dogs never quit learning & experiencing the diff sounds & situations of the world it's good to take the one that will absorb all kinds of situations.

I know it's hard I've felt so many times what am I doing wrong. We can't help feeling that way but it is so much trial & error they all r so diff & their is no one size fits all that works.

I always have to remember in trying to break a habit it always gets worst b4 better. I guess they have to give it their last hooray b4 they let it disappear.

It sounds like your accomplished alot in 9 mos. Even after fostering everything is not fixed. raising any dog even one we have had as puppys is continual work for new situations that occur.

Its like the sound of a bus going by or kids riding bikes. It takes longer to fix a problem if the dogs not confronted everyday unless u can get kids to ride by the house every day same time for training.

I'm glad I could help with a little peace of mind.

Good luck

Oct 02, 2014
timid dog NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Thank you Vicky for your response. I know you deal with rescues and probably have had similar problems.,,,Your answer made total sense.

My husband has in the past tried to lead Candie but if she gets out of my site she cries, barks and goes crazy. If I am not walking close she will not move. He has had to drag her which neither of us like to do.......We live close to several big dogs which of course jump at the fences and bark like demons while you pass. One sometimes is even loose and had chased us on our bicycles so we no longer walk the girls here in our neighborhood. I am terrified they will get out and come after us.

We took them both a car ride this am. She was fine and we ran a few errands while out, he stayed in the car with the ac running while I shopped and Cotton was the only one to become vocal.

I am glad you feel it is ok to only take one now and then. They both seem to have anxiety when I leave but perhaps if Candie stays home with daddy she will get closer to him and not have the stress of being away.

With cooler weather coming maybe we can get back to daily walks, there is a nice walking path about 3 miles away that is safe. she does ok then until she sees a big dog....as for going in stores, etc. maybe I will just take Cotton. She loves the attention of people.

Thanks again and hope your weather will soon cool down as well.

Oct 02, 2014
rescues NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

One thing to start out with is you seem to b doing very well 9 months is not a long time.

Freaking out over the cardboard is just bc it was new almost on the same scenario as y some dogs bark at the tv when dogs r on & some just don't care.

It is ok to take your other dog w/u so she continues to experience social growing up while leaving the other comfortable at home.

Until ur rescue feel comfortable walking or going into a store by herself it will remain difficult handling both while out in a world environment.

Maybe start selecting events for the time being where when out they have their own time out in the world. If u go to pet store take the rescue since its usually in & out & ppl with dogs when ask will help you with socialization.

Have your husband if he will walk the rescue Down the street & back. It does not have to b far the goal is confidence building that she gets comfortable leaving the house. It can b to the neighbors house & back daily. The reason I pick your husband is bc it is a small step getting her out of comfort zone. You both should do it separately & together again the goal is not a long walk the goal is teaching change. Keep it fun & if she takes treats outside give her 1 when u reaches the end of street & 1 back home.

Look at your dog's as if they r sisters & each get their own time w/family & events. If their is a friend's home that u feel comfortable taking rescue for now just take her until comfortable enough to watch 2. Other then that your 1st dog also deserves to continue growing & go places w/you by herself.

It will also b good for the 2 not to b together all the time even dogs appreciate their own space & adventure. Dogs r like kids some like to play ball, some frizbee. Good luck

I hope this makes sense I type on my kindle & it's so hard to go back & reread b4 sending bc it's so easy to lose what u typed.

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