This is Giorgio.....a naughty 5 months old puppy....

by Hilda Miller

I love him so much even though he is very naughty. He does so many diferent "sounds" when I come back home and he likes to bite my finger and then he does this other "sound" is like he was feeling better or like biting my finger get him a relief in a way when I am already home.By the way he is not alone during the day when I am working, my parents stay with him...but he still does that every day...

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Sep 05, 2015
Sounds I make. . . And BITING: NEW
by: CoCo

Coton's are known to "talk" and that they do indeed! We mommy's just need to learn their communications just as mom's innately learned their baby's talk.

CoCo has a different cry, bark, nod, stand for numerous expressions. His tone level varies too. The more happy, the more brilliant, the more energized he is the more he talks. Some days he's like that Everready Battery Energized Bunny on TV commercials!

He's up on his hind legs to show off for company, he loves to run in circles, full speed, then jump up to be caught as they do in circus performances. He's a show-off!

One walk to the river to let him encounter a Big dog, and he turns meek, mild, submissive to mommy after his courageous barking.

When he thought as a puppy he was playing cute, he would bite my ankle's and grandma's arms (until they bleed). I quickly put a stop to that:

I told CoCo biting "hurt" mommy and Oma. We had no choice but to have CoCo go find a new home. As our cleaning lady was leaving one day I passed CoCo over the window into her car seat "to go find a new home". I said "wait" and returned from the house with CoCo's favorite toy to take with him in the car to his "new home". I said: "CoCo must find a new home cause biting hurts mommy and Oma - we do not not tolerate biting in this home - go find a new home".

The cleaning lady drove around the block with CoCo and returned. CoCo was shaking so bad. He was still a young puppy. I gripped him in my arms, lovingly, and said: "CoCo, we missed you too but no more biting".

CoCo has not beaten either of us since that day.

He also listens to my every word since that day. I'm mommy and he's puppy. And "this is our home". Our home has "rules".

These Coton's are brilliant and they do understand. CoCo gets loads of love and attention. I reserve "rules" for important items only. I don't believe in negative or bossy training where the puppy must be always submissive. I allow CoCo to express himself, and to play, and when I say "Act like a big boy", HE DOES!

Your Giorgio is not naughty. He's a 5 month old "puppy" showing wonderful traits of playful expression! His picture is beautiful. Like CoCo, I just needed to find creative ways to "teach" him what is tolerable and what is not. But I needed to do it with love cause these puppy's are very sensitive, get hurt easily, and don't do well with too many "no" words. I reserve "NO" for outside, to protect, for urgency like "no street"..

Inside the home I never use the "no" word. Inside I use the word "enough". Or I say "Big Boys do it this way". "Big Boys use the PeePee paddies". "Big Boys use the leash for street walking". CoCo loves to behave like a "Big Boy"!

Coton's just need to "be shown". They are pleasers. And Puppy dogs love to play. Its a sign of health. One good ball-play keeps CoCo running-off his puppy energy. One good doggie bone keeps CoCo chewing happily for hours.

CoCo is a "good boy".

Sep 05, 2015
Naughty! NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

Your puppy looks beautiful! Inqusitive, intelligent, attention seeker all show happy brilliance in my opinion. Naughty? No.

The aggression can be easily calmed. For CoCo I take him "out" when he gets too aggressive. A visit to a store. A walk in a doggy Park where bigger dogs are roaming leash free. First, he's inquisitive. Second, it takes away his boredom. Third, it offers him a better sense of "home" when we return.

He's not King in the big outside world.

He's more appreciative and respectful when we return.

It works everytime.

Sep 04, 2015
Mine does this too! NEW
by: Carol

Well, maybe this is a common Coton trait because since I adopted my dog Pogo he has always loved to gnaw and chew on my fingers and feet! It's like he never got over teething as a puppy. He doesn't do it to be vicious at all. It is definitely "soothing" to him. (not so much to me) I try to substitute a toy or chew bone because it gets annoying and starts to hurt! Those cute little puppy traits aren't so cute after they grow up and are still doing them at age 3 :)

Sep 04, 2015
by: sherry cotton candie

You are just adorable Giorgio!! I can see why mommy is in love with you. I bet you are never really naughty -- just full of love and energy.....My little girl likes to hold on to my fingers as well, I have decided it is a show of affection, whenever she is really happy or I come home from somewhere she does this along with a grunty
little sound. Is that what you make??

I love her sooooo much as your mommy loves you, keep sending us pics of you and no biting, just love holds OK?

Sep 04, 2015
by: Deb in TN

He is adorable. You can tell from the way his head is cocked that he is a fiesty fella...I love to see and hear how loved our babies are. Thanks for sharing and keep us updated on his adventures.

Sep 03, 2015
by: Ollie's human

We have a 2 year old. He is sneaky, playful, loves socks, he will even take them off your feet. He will steal anything. We love him and take him anywhere we can

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