Third time lucky for Dizzy

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We are the proud new parents to our 3 year female coton. We are the third home that she has had, and what we can gather is at some point in one of the previous homes she was ill treated by a man!! she isn't too bad with women but for some reason, she growls and cowers from my husband this was the first moment we saw her, the woman who we got her from said that it was because it was her and the dog on their own!! however its quiet clear that something bad has happened to this little girl.

she was called Mrs, but didn't seem to connect with it so we decided to give her a new home, new family, new name, new beginnings. We pick a couple of names and said them out loud to her, out of the 4 she seemed to respond only to one name by looking up and wagging her tail... so 'Dizzy' it was.

Dizzy needs to be groomed (a puppy cut we think) and spayed, she also needs training as she has no basic training at all, but she is house trained and in the last few days has learnt how to go through the doggy door...However I can't help but worry, there seemed to be a lot to do with her plus of course dealing with this problem of men!

Any idea which issues we need to deal with first... At the moment I've left it to Tony (my husband) to give Dizzy her treats...I thought by him doing this she will associate him with something nice and start to come around...any other idea would be appreciated!!

We've only had Dizzy for nearly 3 weeks and we love her to bits, she deserves a new start and we are so desperately wanting her to come around where men are concerned.

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Jan 29, 2013
Dizzy NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

Thought u might find this link helpful.

Jan 29, 2013
Dizzy's Rescue NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

First of all congrats on you new pet. Your story is so very similar to what we went thru last july. We adopted a 4 yr. old coton that was taken from a puppy mill. She had been caged pretty much her whole life and mistreated. Like Dizzy she had no training and was not even house broke. Fearful of us from the start and would tremble when we would try and catch her. She would come close enough to grab treats and run. Hid under the bed for hours and it was days before I could pick her up. She would watch our feet and anything we might have in our hands. Like you, I know she had been treated very bad.

We tried taking her out in the car and would have to drag her out of the cage. She knew nothing of a leash either but would walk with us but never get in grass. That evidently she was not used to either. Would come home and pee on the carpet. After a few weeks she started to come around to trusting me but up until last month even my husband could not touch her. He still cannot pick her up -- I am telling you all this so you realize it may take awhile - but it will get better.

You are doing the right thing having him give treats, but it may take just time for her to realize that he is also a good guy. Always talk softly and lots of praise do wonders.

Candie still has lots of issues and when guests are around she does not bark, she only hides in a corner or under a table, chair or whatever she is closest to. Its like she becomes invisible.

It may take Dizzy months to come around to your husband but do not get discouraged. There were days when I felt so upset with Candie and then mad at myself for feeling that way. It is not their fault and some days will be good and maybe the next few will not be. JUST HANG IN THERE!

With praise, hugs and treats she will come around. This website helped me so much. We have lots of Coton lovers and lots of support and good advice.

I wish you lots of luck with her, please let us all know how she progresses. (Watch the treats, I overdid it and Candie has gained 5 lbs.) baby carrots are great if she will eat them.

Jan 29, 2013
They say the Thrid time is the Charm NEW
by: Suzan

Its going to take patience & giving as much of your time as you can especially when she first arrives. Don't overwhelm Dizzy with too many new things to learn once she learns one then move on to another command. Go for walks in the neighborhood so she gets familar with her new surroundings. Don't force things eventually she will come around. I rescued a 3yr old coton named Roxy from a breeder I thought am adult dog would be easier to train but I was wrong. Roxy didnt know what a leash was never mind walk with one. I devoted my time for the next few weeks to bonding with Roxy I didn't have any visitors until I knew Roxy was comfortable. Leash training was rough for both of us she hated it. When I did take her out to do her business on leash she just stood in the grass would not move. I was getting frustrated and thught I made a mistake. I reminded myself this is a new life for & its going to take more time I let her do certain things in her own time. She know what a toy was & didnt know how to play with one she wasn't socilized. She barked at everyone she saw when I took her out & when anyone tried to come near her she was scared. Socializing her was hard. It took Roxy maybe 2/3 months to adjust but in total it took 8 months for her to become the Diva that she is she walks like she owns the place all the neighbors know Roxy and when she sees them she gives them kisses & they give her belly rubs.Its amazing what patience & love & trust can do if u dont give up. Dizzy will be fine I know you will give her good life and good to all
Mesquite NV

Jan 28, 2013
help for Dizzy NEW
by: Anonymous

I was thinking maybe checking book or video from Cesear (the dog whisperer). We tried some of his tricks with our cotton and it worked really well. He had a lot of information on dog who need the kind of help Dizzy need. Hope everything turns out well, cotton are so wonderful.

Jan 28, 2013
Dizzy it is NEW
by: Anne & Molly

So nice to hear your story about Dizzy. Sounds like she needs to settle in and learn who she can trust. Consistent love and attention and correction did the trick for us. Our Coton, Molly was very shy and seemed to have had little people contact. We think its because she was a stray and spent time surviving. She watched us constantly. She would watch our reactions to different situations and she figured out what was okay to do and what was not. My husband and I both feed her, give her treats, hold her, and care for her. Before you knew it, she was an integral part of our family.

Molly is so gentle, kind, sweet, well mannered and a cuddle bug. Also, Gerber Toddler Meat sticks are the perfect treat - they're the right size and you don't have the boil to get the salt out. We are so grateful for this white, fluffy, funny dog.

Jan 28, 2013
Dizzy NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

She still pretty young to forget her bad beginnings. Maybe for a while ur husband should feed her & when he goes to give treats maybe get down to her level to hand them to her since grownups look so big to a little dog.

As far as learning today. Weather its shake, come, walk just keep it short & fun. A slice of hotdog cut into 6 treats is a winner. Boil the heck out of them to remove most sodium.

Keep ur voices reg. & try to give commands w/a smile on ur face that way they always come out light & fun. A simple no if they make a mistake will do the job try not to yell. They catch on easy.

Most of all it sounds like ur off to a good start love & kindness is always a winner. Congrats r ur new Coton let us know how ur all doing. Its a wonderful thing u have done in giving ur pup a home.

Jan 28, 2013
Dizzy NEW
by: Teresa / Sasha

Hello--So nice to hear Dizzy has a wonderful family it is a shame people mistreated her.
As far as training maybe check with your vet for any recommendation,do you have any pictures, would love to see
Have a wonderful time with your new addition

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