stress, depression, not affectionate

Only got our Coton two days ago and logically I'm just factoring that in, but our lil guy seems a little unaffectionate, eating is a little scarce, and he is sleeping all the time.

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Aug 16, 2019
New 16 month old Coton not adjusting
by: Anonymous

We picked our 16 month old Coton up from the breeder over 2 weeks ago and although he has bonded to me he was very very scared and stressed. Even after 2 weeks and lots of patience and taking things at his pace he only bonds with me but even though he just lies around all day looking depressed. He still doesn’t eat much and growls at my children even though they are being very respectful and keeping a distance. He is terrified of strangers or even my kids when they walk into the room. I can’t take him out and he’s terrified of having the lead put on . Is this likely to change? The breeder thinks he will just take time to adjust but my gut feeling is that he hasn’t been socialized appropriately with new people/places/dogs/children and he may learn to tolearate the children but may never enjoy them, and we may never be able to take him places. Am I being too quick to think I should return him before it’s more difficult fir him to go back? Anyone have a similar experience adopting a slightly older Coton? Thanks!

Aug 29, 2015
depressed NEW
by: CoCo

My name is CoCo, short for Coconut. I found my mommy September 9th last year.

Here's what my mommy did for my depression:

It was a Wednesday afternoon. I was really scared, shaking uncontrollably, after the long truck drive through winey mountain roads traveling to the Pacific Ocean coastal shores. That's where I was handed over to this BIG TALL person, stranger whom I had never met. I was just 11 weeks old. I had just left the warmth of my birth mom & pop, and a bunch of new litter mates I played with. My own litter was already all gone, one at a time, I was the last. I was last cause I'd run and hide, scared & shy, when Big people came. After all, with one swoop I'm gone "somewhere", "forever"! I was terrified of the unknown, terrified of Big Tall Animals that just 'grab ya'.

I heard the truck driver say he had to make another stop and could this Big Tall Lady "take me" until he returned. There was an overnight bag full of puppy food, snacks, leash, shampoo and many toys.

The gruff truck driver opened the truck crate, grabbed with his big cold hand, I peepee'd I was so terrified.

Sight unseen before, this TALL lady was on the street beside the truck. She extended her hands as to catch me flung in the air from the truck crate. . . Gently she placed me to her left side, next to her heart. I felt her warm hands delicately massage my back. I snuggled into her jacket she opened for me. I could hear her heart beat.

Of course I didn't know where to pee or poo just yet. No one had shown me. She wrapped me in a warm towel, the warmth of my birth mom's tummy, and together we drove to Dollarama for Puppy PeePee paddies!

It was the warm towel. I love my forever mommy cause she's always heating me warm towels from the dryer. Without my litter mates I'd shake & freeze. I was still a little puppy. I needed warmth.

I needed to hear a heart beat to feel safe. My forever mommy laid me on her left chest and together we napped under the warm soft towel. The towel is a thin beach towel, green/blue, wide & thin stripes, with white. We call it "CoCo Coton" Blanket!!

We have a "GoGo" beach bag that matches the towel. "CoCo-Go-Go" and Together we all go, me tucked in my "Go-Go" canvas bag, wrapped in my CoCo Coton" beach towel, traveling with my forever mommy where ever she goes. The canvas shoulder bag is swung so I lye listening to my mommy's heart beat. I tuck & hide so no one in a building or a store even knows I'm there!

When I need to PeePee I lick inside my mommy's ears, or when in the Go-Go bag I lick inside her Finger's web. She has portable travel dishes for my food & water, with peepee pad for emergencies!

Depression? It was the warm towel. Warmth balances my neuron brain chemical transmitter's rhythm, my mommy says.

Your new puppy may like the warm cotton towel, too! When I come in from the Pacific Ocean rains I get loads of massage with the "warm" towel tricks. My mommy says it drys my hair better than an electric hair dryer. I hate the sound of electrical instruments. My mommy says electrical currents are positive ions, bad for my negative ion balance. How does she intuitively know us little puppy Coton's are so very sensitive?

I love my warm "CoCo Coton" towel-like-blankets, Cotton beach towels. Snuggled close to my mommy's natural heart beat.

Depression? Lonely? Stressed? Wrap with Warmed Cotton towel. Not synthetic. Add Heart Beat.

Aug 28, 2015
Stress, depressed, unaffectionate? NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

CoCo acted the same way the first several days he came to me as a puppy. He even shook at night, like he was having seizures. I attributed it to his vaccinations prior. I looked in his book from the breeder. . . The little puppy was loaded up with too many all-in-one dosage, too many too fast, in my opinion.

I hugged him and whispered: "We're safe".

Eating scarce? No one eats well under stress. Vaccinations, a new home, leaving mommy & litter behind is stressful for a puppy. I fed CoCo food, a piece at a time, from my hand, while cuddled on the couch. He responded best with warm natural milk in the mornings and for snacks "little chunk" cheddar cheese. Both are with lots of protein, minerals and calcium! He loves apple chunks too. After that he started to 'trust me'.

"unaffectionate": probably just frightened. Whispers like "you're so cute" works well, lots of tenderness and none "no" words. I reserved "no" for life saving instructions only: "No Street". For puppy behaviors I just adverted CoCo's attention to chewing on a puppy bone rather than my hand or shoe.

"Sleeping all the time": that's just what little puppy dogs do - sleep - just like little kittens do and just like human babies do. Lots of sleep naps are healthy.

"Depressed": take him for PeePee's often cause the Coton puppy bladder is tiny, the size of a Pea, and it's too difficult to hold pee pee for long. If paddy training, try to choose the "unscented" pad brand. The sense of smell is so enhanced for puppy dogs. Many can not tolerate artificial perfumes, soaps or toxic flea powders.

With CoCo I use a natural, homemade, essential oil blend for flea & tick control. I use 1 drop natural lavender, 1 drop sweet orange essential oil and blend with tablespoon of Jojoba Oil. The oils are not oily once applied. I tip fingertips into the mixture and dap CoCo's legs, arms, neck and fluff up his hair. We call it "Dippity Doo"!

Coton's love to be talked with. As a new puppy I told CoCo puppy stories in bed and sang him puppy songs. . . I whispered love secrets in his ears and giggled "O, look'-'it you". . . He loved it!

CoCo is the most happy, well behaved dog I've ever had. I quit reading the tough training books/lessons for Big Dogs. CoCo was no bigger than my upper arm. I treated CoCo gently, with respect, love, softness / the way I'd wish to be treated if I were that tiny. I show him how to do things, rather than scold - he just wants to please me! I treat him as a Royal Prince and CoCo listens and responds to me as though I am his Royal Queen!

Protect and Love your new puppy with all your heart and he'll be healed in his new home real soon!

Aug 26, 2015
Little guy NEW
by: Lulu

even though he is young, he still gets over the separation as well as trying figure out new home. Socrates came home on my lap. Then he knew i am the mom takes care of him. Ever since the first bonding, he became a Velcro boy.

Gentle touch and belly rub before and after the meals can be very important as well as talking him gently. Puppy also needs to be burpped after each meal by rubbing his back.

Good luck with your little one. He will be joy of your life.

Aug 26, 2015
by: Deb

When we first got Saylor Jane, she was 9 weeks old. They had to pull her out from under the couch to show her to us. It was love at first sight for us but not her. She was very scared and shy. We spent the next few weeks letting her get to know us. We held her as long as she wasn't visibly upset and feed her lots of treats. She is two now and follows me everywhere I go. If I stop walking she literally bumps into my legs she is so close. You will love this breed. Just be very patient and it will pay off. Good luck!

Aug 26, 2015
Don't worry.
by: Terry and Chloe

Our Chloe was not affectionate when we got her and she was 7 weeks old. Our breeder told us she was very friendly when we picked her up and full of love for people. Well, we were surprised to find that she wasn't at all that way when we got her home. However, we cuddled her, played gently with her and gave her treats until we found her favorite; carrots and boiled chicken. It didn't take very long before her personality started to shine through. Yes, she is very attached to us, wants to know where we are most of the time except when she's sleeping. You will have a very happy puppy in time. Be sure to socialize her too. Keep us posted and don't be afraid to ask questions. This is a wonderful website where Coton owners love to share.

Aug 26, 2015
by: sherry cotton candie

Just wondering also if he is very young? The strange new place would be scary to a small puppy used to his mommy and litter

They are people dogs so this will not last, speak very soft to him and try and cuddle as much as possible, offer bites of healthy
treats ( raw carrots, boiled chicken, blueberries) and spend as much time as possible with him. He will be
like a magnet to you in a short time.

Once his shots are complete take him places even if its only a short ride around the block, get him used to riding in the car, noises and being around people. Socialization is very important.

Congrats on your new baby and keep us informed as to how he is doing, Good Luck with him.

Aug 25, 2015
Sad dog?
by: Iris

Cotons are friendly and playful but also sensitive. Like a small child. It's a new environment, all the smells and sights and sounds are different. If your dog was with other dogs or people,it's natural he
will feel sad and lonely for them. How old is your dog?

Are you offering food the dog was used to? Fresh cool water?. Be kind,calm and patient.most of all loving.offer a small ball or toy.lie down on the door with the dog and let him explore and familiarize your scent. Don't lock him up in a crate. Put down pee pads near doorways when you can't get out with him on leash. They are highly intelligent and learn fast. Bits of cooked chicken are a good treat..

Stay in touch.woukd like to know how the dog is progressing . Love Tuffy Coton and mom

Aug 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

Give him a little time. Ours was like that when we got our first one and now he's all over the place. He just needs sometime to settle in and get use to what is going on around him

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