Star Wars Dog Names

Star Wars dog names are perfect for dogs like the Coton de Tulear, known for their fun and quirky personalities.

Star Wars dogMay the Force be with you

May the force be with ... your puppy

You're either a fan or you're not. Fans are loyal to the franchise and proud of it. Why not show off your love of Star Wars by naming your new puppy after your favorite character?  Here are some of the popular characters that would make good dog names. Many of these can become cute nicknames as well. For instance, I know two dogs named Chewy, short for Chewbacca.

Many people think my dog, Luc (pronounced Luke) was named after Star Wars. He wasn't. But I hear a lot of "Luke, I am your Father" wherever we go.

Just make sure you're willing to pay the price for choosing a Star Wars dog name. You may have to hear "May the force be with you" for many years.

Anakin Solomale
Aurra Singfemale
Barriss Offeefemale
Bastila Shanfemale
Boba Fettmale
Callista Mingfemale
Captain Phasmafemale
Captain Rexmale
Carnor Jaxmale
Chief Jawamale
Count Dookumale
Darth Vadermale
Dash Rendarmale
Han Solomale
Jabba The Huttmale
Jaina Solofemale
Jango Fettmale
Jar Jar Binksmale
Kylo Renmale
Luke Skywalkermale
Major Bren Derlinmale
Mara Jadefemale
Natasi Daalafemale
Obi-Wan Kenobimale
Poe Dameronmale
Princess Leiafemale
Qui-Gon Jinnmale
Rey female
Snap Wexleymale

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