Sometimes a blind pig finds a TRUFFLE!

by Bobby B.
(Seattle, Washington, USA)

Our Coton de Tulear is named Truffles. She is a rescue dog from Dallas, Texas. The good people of the rescue shelter saved her from an abandon house and she had very rough start in life. They cured her of the mange and saved her life. We had no idea what breed she was at first but the first clue was when she began walking around on her hind legs when you came into the room. My wife believed she was some sort of Poodle. The second clue was that she smells good, that there is no doggy odor. The third was that her fur is so very soft and fine and grows and grows. The fourth is the vocalizations as she makes funniest grunts however she has a loud bark. Not at all a yappy dog but she barks for a reason. Some clue to her previous life is that she barks at doorbells on the television. Her age is uncertain and her teeth are very dark which is another trait that is listed of the Coton.

Truffles is so very good nature and has a companion dog named Shiloh who also was rescue puppy that is a Jack Russell - Pug mixed breed. They really get along great together and never have any friction. We always had large breed breed dogs and these are the first small breed dogs we have owned. This now really seems the way to go. The two of them always stay close but are not really needy. How did a Coton de Tulear get found in Texas and now lives in Seattle? Well, Sometimes a blind pig finds a Truffle.

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Oct 11, 2018
My Rhylie acts just like Truffles! NEW
by: Pat

My Rhylie-girl acts just like Truffles! Rhylie is always walking on her back legs. Anytime I leave the house and comes back, Rhylie greets me standing on her back legs and pawing the air. She, too, runs in circles and makes grunting noises. She is too funny! She'll put her toy down and runs circles around it and "tags" it with her nose and then reverses and runs in the opposite direction. She is grunting all the way. We laugh and laugh. I've had her since she was 2 months old. She has given me so many happy days and a lot of laughs. Best thing I ever di was bring Rhylie into our home! She is loved so much!

Oct 06, 2018
Hurrah to Truffles NEW
by: Viv Lancs England

Well, what can I say, our Coton is called Truffles as well and 'what a breed they are'. We have a Cavalier King Charles 'Heidi'(aged 4) and a grumpy Maltese 'Poppy', but beautiful (aged 9) when we got our Truffles. We hadn't heard of this breed before and they are so wonderful, and I'm really glad your Truffles has a lovely new home where she will be loved. Our Truffles runs our Heidi ragged, our Poppy tries to join in but having bad hips she struggles, but they are a beautiful family to have. We got our baby when she was 5 months old and what a character she is (we've only had her 2 months), but she gives us loads of love and pleasure and gets up to alsorts, well she is still a baby! We hope all the Truffles in this world have a lovely life, ours will and I'm sure yours will. What a nice story.
Viv from Lancashire in England.

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