Solution for dingy gray paws

by Pat Thomas
(Ponte Vedra, Fl, USA)

My girl Jazz suffered from dingy gray paws for 3 months. I did not want to use a brightening shampoo. The solution came when we evacuated to a hotel during Hurricane Irma. After the hurricane passed, rain still poured down. In between rain bands, Jazz would go out to do her business. When she came back, I would comb out her paws so that they wouldn't mat. Within 2 days at the hotel and walking on rain soaked grass, Jazz' s paws were back to a pretty white color.

Apparently the solution is pure rain water without any shampoo. I use to give Jazz regular foot baths with county water and diluted shampoo when her paws were dirty, sandy or muddy but her paws were still
dingy. The plain rain water made her paws a brighter white.

Using rain water is a very simple way to clean up dingy paws.

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