Shaggy my Savior

by Claudia Saldivar
(Monterrey, México)

Since I coudn´t have children of my own, I decided to bring a dog home. First as a anxiety therapy recommended by my psichologist, but in the very first day she came home I fell silly in love with all that Shaggy look over her head...That´s why I named after....

We have 18 months togheter and my anxiety has gone, she is so loyal, tender, is like my Velcro dog, cause she is always attached to me as velcro does.

I could´n imagine my life withour her... And I hope she has a long life with me.

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Aug 14, 2015
by: Reenie & CoCo

Oh my, your therapy story sounds so appreciative of your doggie! HEALING is wonderful news.

CoCo found ME. I wasn't looking for another doggie after my dearest Winston was killed. My heart, soul was shattered and no one could ever replace WINSTON.

Shortly after Winston left, a dog bark came to my bedroom bedside. Just outside my bedroom window, along the garden trail, I found a fresh doggie bone, a small one with a pink ribbon intertwined. I heard "doggie bones in heaven are specially designed. Here's one I brought to show you".

Through a series of coincidental events CoCo was delivered to my home, with a bag full of puppy goodies. There in the puppy greeting bag from the breeder was a small Bone, THE Bone from Heaven!

CoCo nursed me back to health winning my heart, soul & undivided attention. . . He lovingly snuggled in my bed from the very first night, always in perfect rhythm with my every move, my every need. Playful as a puppy, obedience behavior as an adult.

Taking puppy CoCo in his soft "Go-Go-Bag", where ever I went, bonded us as a mommy/child. People's behavior changed. When I am with CoCo strangers, neighbors, are all so warm & pleasant!

I never had children either. CoCo is like a child and I get to play teach and be love mommy! His every need is respected, heard, analyzed as to what his talk is trying to communicate.

In return I have a loyal, protective, "Best Friend", very loving companion that absolutely adores me! How can I be sad?

I spoil CoCo and he spoils me too!

Best of all, men of authority seem to show better respect. CoCo opens their "heart" chakra!

CoCo kisses his thank you's to me often. And I don't dare attend a male oriented meeting without him. I get better respect from others and my sentences are heard to the very end when CoCo is present!

As a Therapy Specialist, CoCo well deserves his pay. He uses his hard earned money to visit Ju-Lee his groomer, Martha Stuart doggie clothes, Toys & specialty foods/treats!

CoCo's Royal strut is an example for me too, to "Walk Tall"!

Aug 09, 2015
Coton love NEW
by: Mindy & Chris

So happy for you !!!! We have a 3 year old Coton named Daisy & she is our little girl !!! Love her so much !!!! Cotons are the best !!!! Enjoy your little guy !!!!

Jul 12, 2015
My Saviour NEW
by: Claudia

Yes guys, this breed is not common in México, so every day we went in our walks by a near park wiith a riverside walk in our neighborhood lots of people stop us to greet her... I feel so happy to have her... She has been more effective than PRISTIQ ao any other antidepressant prescribed to me...

This little guys are so loyal, friendly, lovely ... This is why I think she is my saviour ❤️

Jul 11, 2015
Shaggy NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Shaggy is adorable. I'm so glad you found each other & hope you have a wonderful life.

Jul 07, 2015
Shaggy NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

I love the name and so happy you have her to love and love you.
They are such a comfort and continue daily to give us joy. May
you both have a long healthy life together.

Jul 07, 2015
sweet NEW
by: Lois

So sweet. I am happy for you. My Sherman is my baby because my babies are all grown with babies of their own.

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