separation anxiety.

by Betty
(Gloucester MA)

I am seriously considering a Coton. A concern is learning about separation anxiety issues with the Coton.

Living in a quiet condo setting, separation anxiety could be a deal breaker.

Is SA a common trait of the breed?

Thank you.

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Mar 22, 2021
Attaching crates or playpen
by: Jeff in NYC

I just adopted a 2 yo female Coton de Tulear. I am trying to deal with separation anxiety, and thinking of getting a playpen to attach to her crate, or another larger crate to attach to her nighttime crate.
Any advice, suggestions....?
Thanks much!
Jeff in NYC

Aug 26, 2020
Corona and SA
by: Gigi

I was told when considering a Coton that SA is common. They are just very much people pups and don’t like being left alone. I waited until I retired, because I was certain a Coton was for me. I love my little girl, and don’t like being away from her either. She is very bonded to me and I have found that even when my grandkids or daughters come over to stay with her when I go somewhere even for a short time, she is still very happy when I return.

Another consideration is the daily grooming. They have beautiful luxurious hair, but along with my girl Winnie’s monthly grooming, daily brushing and combing is required to keep her mat free. So worth it, but SA and the time and attention they need is def something you’ll want to consider.

They are full of personality, smart and friendly, playful and very loving. Winnie has enhanced my life in so many ways. I can’t imagine what it would be like without her. Good luck in your search
-Gigi and Winnie

Aug 22, 2020
separation anxiety NEW
by: Pat

My Rhylie Girl doesn't like when I leave her. My husband said she will sit by the door and just wait. She won't drink/eat until I get home. When I get home she is so excited. She stands on her hind legs waving her arms and wanting to be picked up. She showers me with kisses! While she loves my husband, too, I am the one she adores and looks for and gets upset when I leave. The wonderful greeting I get from her when I come home is the best. She knows I'm coming back and she waits patiently.

Aug 21, 2020
Can be an issue. NEW
by: John and Susie

Our Jordy is two years old. My wife & I are both retired so he is with us most all the time. When we can’t take him with us, we put him in his crate with a treat and tell him that "this is a bye-bye".
He is very happy in his crate because he knows that it is his safe spot. We have always fed him in his crate as well.
When we tried leaving the door to the crate open or not telling him to go in his crate, he would bark a lot. We know this because we have a baby cam pointed at the crate!
Do you think that we spoil him and are we ate up with it?! Duh!
Jordy likes me but he is IN LOVE with my wife Susie.
When she has to leave and it is just he and I at home, he will lay down near me and act depressed with one eye on the door waiting for her to come back. As soon as she gets back he is his normal playful happy self.
Jordy is our first Coton, so he is our only reference point to S.A.
But I have read in more than one source that SA can be an issue with Cotons. I hope that it will not be a problem with your new pup. I believe that they are the best breed in the world.

Aug 21, 2020
by: Anonymous

When I rescued my coton they told me he had high SA but I also have a12 yr old poodle which I think helps him not be scared ! But when I left him in the crate he barked all day , but out of the crate no barking and very happy! He has learned I leave I come back !

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