Saylor Jane is a bed hog

by Deb Cardin
(Tennessee USA )

Saylor Jane loves to sleep in the middle of the bed. Just in the last few weeks she has started bring her toys to bed in case she wakes up in the middle of the night and is bored. We love this little girl!

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Feb 26, 2014
bed hog
by: Anonymous

I downloaded the picture. Not sure why it didn't show up. I will try again.

Feb 26, 2014
bed hog
by: sherry cotton candie

We also have a little 10lb bed hog. Its amazing how much room our little girl requires. We feel her little back feet pushing on us most of the night. she likes to sleep upside down with her little back toes in the air. She likes to kick them off and on like she is kick-boxing. annoying at times but she is just too cute to keep off the bed. She is the boss of us.

Would love to see a pic of Saylor Jane. Enjoy her, wish I could give mine some furry toys. They only last a few hours as she thinks she has to destroy them, pulls out squeakers, stuffing, eyes whatever.
nothing cuter than a little dog carrying around its animal.

Feb 26, 2014
So cute
by: Barb - Albuq

How about some pictures of Saylor? I love to read the comments but I also love to see pictures. Schnappy brings his rabbit to bed every night. I also bought him one of the coton teddy bears with a little tee shirt on. He runs around the house with it. I bought the teddy bear from the website listed on the left hand side of this column.

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