Sad news.

by Janette

I am so upset! After about a year of trying to find out what is wrong with my little girl..9 yrs. call last night after more blood work.came back...she has insulinoma (pancreatic cancer) apparently very rare in dogs. She has had ultrasound, x-Ray ...she lost her sight about a month ago. Has anyone gone through this? We thought for awhile it was thyroid. Checked for cushings.

I am not sure what to do. She is doing okay for now. Could go for expensive scan to confirm and see how far along it may be.
Would appreciate some feed back, thanks!

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Jun 29, 2018
Update NEW
by: Janette.

I’m sorry that I didn’t do an update to this story! I thought I did. It turned out tha my Chloe didn’t have that cancer but it was S.A.R.D.S. Sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome. Still rare, untreatable unknown cause!
She is doing very well she finds her way around the house and outside. She gained weight before losing her sight which I read online is common. Her hair has gotten thinner. It breaks my heart! Chloe used to love watching tv. She is still my precious baby! I have another cotton also. They are both 11 yrs. old now. Love my girls!

Jan 27, 2017
Thanks for responding NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks! Some times she is better than others with her sight. Vet said a chance she may regain some f we get her glucose levelled by feeding a lot of small meals. Going to get glucose checked again in a week or so.

Jan 26, 2017
Sorry for such sad news NEW
by: Iris

Has your dog lost all her sight completely?
I would be terribly upset to hear that diagnosis, as I see you are. I'm sure you're doing all you can for her. I would also consult a holistic Veterinarian for advice on the diagnosis and what options there are.
My dog is also nine years old and two years ago he developed severe reoccurring calcium oxylate bladder stones.
It's easy to look back after the fact and see if you made the right decision, but in our case I chose what seemed safest and my poor dog ended up not one but two bladder surgeries in leads than six months and then a reconstruction surgery to redirect his urethra to a new hole between his hind legs to pass any large stones. It's wait and see every single day. He's on a prescription diet dog food for urinary stones and has to drink a lot of water to keep the urine diluted. He's still the same old playful best friend I have and were in it for the long run
Blessings and love, Iris and Tuffy Coton

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