Routine Lover

by Kurt
(Tel Aviv, Israel)

My Toys

My Toys

Isae loves routines. He enjoys his walks and is resistant to change. When on the walk he prefers going the the same route. When you deviate from the route he often locks all four legs and lays down. Then when you go his direction he has no problem. When he returns home from the walk he heads straight to the bathroom sink to have his feet washed. After his morning and evening combing he goes straight for the cookie bag. If you forget the evening combing and are in bed, he is in front of the cookie bag waiting for his treat.

He is very loyal, each day about 4pm he lays in front of the door for nearly 1 ½ hours waiting for my arrival. We've never heard of Coton's until we found Isae. This month he will be one year old. They are a special breed and characteristics described on this site are right on. People who come to the house always want to know if they can take him home. He is very lovable.

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Jun 30, 2016
Isae NEW
by: Gale

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

Jun 30, 2016
Isae's new home in DC NEW
by: Holly

Isae relocated with my parents from Tel Aviv to Washington, DC recently. I knew it would be a great fit for my parent's dogs and mine, but I didn't realize how much of a Godsend it would be.

I heard Cotons are considered therapy dogs, and I have to say, it's very true. My Jack Russell Terrier, Kisses, wasn't able to use (nor feel) her hind legs for almost one year due to spinal issues. The only thing that could've helped was surgery, but it was too risky, so she was on daily medication and physical therapy. She made great progress, but she was still significantly limited. To make it worse, I knew she was depressed because of this.

Since she met Isae, it all changed... Within 1 1/2 months she's recovered almost 100%! She's always been the alpha (fe)male, and everyone listened to her - except Isae. He constantly teases her, so she'll chase him, and he rarely lets her rest. Due to his persistence, Kisses can now run faster than she has in a long time, go up and down stairs, she's more alert, and best of all, she is no longer depressed. You can barely tell that she's had health issues!

Kisses and Chamsut (my parents other dog) look very similar. Isae would be so scared of Kisses, that he'd throw her ball the opposite direction when she was close to him. And, when both dogs were near Isae, he would freak out because he couldn't tell which one was Kisses!

Even with my Pit/Lab mix, Fez, who had similar issues as Kisses - when he's not feeling 100%, and Kisses tries to pick on him, Isae will protect him. Fez is even more alert, and stays awake more because of him. One time, we were sitting in the backyard and Fez was sunbathing. Isae and Kisses were running around, and Isae ran up Fez's back, and leaped off his head!!

He keeps us all on our toes, and no one has time to feel bad. If we do, his empathic instincts kick in... Like my Dad says, he communicates with his eyes, and completely understands what you're feeling.

Speaking of my Dad, he had to return to Tel Aviv, and Isae definitely misses him. His routine has been thrown off significantly... When Isae is upset or sad, his facial expression changes, and he'll walk away. That's what he does each time my Dad calls. He gets excited, listens to his voice, smells the phone and licks it...then, he'll get sad and walk away. His loyalty is still very true to my Dad, it's adorable.

Mar 25, 2015
Answering. . . NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

"Routines and resisent to change" - that's my CoCo too! He looks similar in pictures as to your Coton. Today he was so cute & I thought of your post. . . He simply refused to go my way on his walk. . . He likes his perfect "routine". Thank god I trained him well as a baby pup cause it seems that what he learned 5 & 6 months ago is exactly what he perfers today.

We live in West Vancouver B.C. CDA. I was in Tel Aviv 20 years ago. Nice memories. Great to C your pictures!

CoCo got a new treat this week. . . A day bed moved to a double window with view of a flower bed and street view as to passing Park walkers with their doggies. . . He adores the new "view". I read that the Coton will be more content to stay alone if they have "window views". They want to "see". The new view for CoCo allows him to see my car leave & return. He gets to sit right at a window, on a soft cushion day bed, while he waits, watches & sees. We call it the "CoCo Lookout"! He's real excited with the new open view as his prior window view was blocked by a Holly Tree. He could "hear" but couldn't see too much through the Holly tree. Now he gets two windows to run to and the new one is full open view of passerby's walking along the River front.

A few changes works well inside. Outside its very much "routine". . .

Funny that your Coton is not much for fruit or vegetables. CoCo loves his Apple slices (chunks), bananas, carrot treats. He turns up his nose to dog pepporonnie treats, milk bones and most commercial dry foods. It seems he likes fresh people food. He loves rice, but never two days in a row. He'll eat roasted chicken any day. Yams, sweet potatoes, are another favorite. If I cut the vegetables into chunks, before I boil, he can easily chew them. If I mash the vegetables it's more difficult for CoCo to eat. He loves butter and oils added to the freshly boiled vegetable "chunks" (with a touch of salt).

CoCo will not eat vegetables with meat. Meat is one dish. Vegetable is another. Try feeding vegetables or fruits singular.

It's amazing how natural their instinct truly is.

It's fun sharing & learning together 'bout these stunning creatures. U R 10,700 KM from us yet we share the same iinstincts in our puppies, daily. Awesome.

Mar 23, 2015
Meal time NEW
by: Kurt

It sounds like CoCo makes your day interesting.

Isae had his 1st birthday the other day. No fruits or vegetables for Isae, no interest at all. When it comes to meal time even with food Isae likes he lays on the floor, stretching, takes his time, not a care in the world. The other dog which is 4 months younger will finish his food then quickly moves onto Isae’s dish. We put the younger one on the chair so he doesn’t pressure Isae. Isae doesn’t eat dry food very much even when we soak it in warm water he might or might not be interested. We bought a few varieties of moist meaty packets the other day it seems ok, he’s been eating it for a few days now.

We’ve been rather successful with a fried egg and boiled chicken before bed. We’ll keep these other ideas in mind.


Mar 21, 2015
Eating different foods. . . . NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

CoCo just turned 9 months. From his first day with me he was finicky when it came to his foods. He seems to avoid, or dislike, processed foods including commercial treats. He prefers apple slices, cheese and other fruits for treats. His main meals - what he will eat one day he turns his nose up the next day. I get he prefers rotation - Variety for a range of nutritional needs. Most of his food is home cooked and he likes to eat "dinner" near me (usually a TV tray in the living room - I eat off the tray and he eats from his "glass" bowl from the floor by my feet). Yes, CoCo wants "glass" plates like mommy uses for "dinner"! I read somewhere that eating together bonds a dog to his owner as that is what "the pack" does naturally. Well, CoCo seemed to insist on this "dinner together" thing since a pup.

CoCo perfers only one dry food he will "nipple" at during the day - it's no preservatives, no GMO and all natural (real) vegetables & fruits. Home-cooked he likes scrambled eggs for breakfast, fried rice for lunch and oven baked chicken breast strips for dinner. I rotate the vegetables and other ingredients. He's not much into beef so that's not so often. He really likes his vegetables and fruits. He gobbles up the cooked yams, carrots, green beans. He likes one vegetable at a time.

Seems like CoCo is a natural healthy eater in his choices and preferences. My thinking is this breed has a small body, tiny organs and therefore more sensitive to foods. He turns up his nose to meat made for dogs, dry or wet. So I went to the Dollar store and bought food cans at $1.25 made for "human" consumption - FDA approved meats. CoCo eats the ham (heated), chicken (fried), Tuna, Sardines and likes the Spam sautéed in olive oil. No utility grade dog food meats for this guy's taste!

I think they teach us what they need per day for nutrition. When ever I bring the grocery bags in, CoCo is right there with his nose sniffing every bag. Last week he pulled out the cucumber & tomatoes from the grocery bags in the kitchen and brought 'em to me. So I cut up the cucumber. He ate it!

Mar 08, 2015
Understanding Coton's NEW
by: Kurt

Never know, maybe your guest will participate in your after dinner ritual? 

We are fortunate to have another 8th month old puppy in the house, Isae enjoys playing with him so much. Sometimes Isae takes a toy or object then playfully teases the other dog just to be chased. Then Isae only runs fast enough to not be catched. Soon afterward he comes back lays down where they roll around. It’s rather funny because before they go to sleep at night on the bed and when they wake up in the morning they wash each other’s face. I do think they seem to tell time.

Playing after eating and before walks, we have a challenge to get Isae to eat. He will eat a particular food for two days or so then chooses to walk away and not eat. Then we try different food and the same result. Then maybe back to previous food. Everyday seems like a crapshoot as to what he wants to eat that day. We weren’t sure if other people have the same problem?

Mar 07, 2015
Isae NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Yes when you look into their eyes it's as if they understand all you say. One thing to be careful of as with people, right after they eat you should let food settle b4 walking & jumping around playing.

If your on Facebook as w/this site their is another one I like it Coton Dr Tulear Puppy Cut Fashions. This is a public group of owners from all over the globe.

It also is more then just talking about haircuts.

Mar 06, 2015
isea routine NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

I loved reading about Isea and yes they do like routine. They are a very special breed and at least for mine-----very demanding.

She knows after dinner it is time for fetch and running around the couch. If this does not happen she gets in my face and becomes very vocal. Kind of embarrassing when there is guest around but I think I am known as the crazy "coton" mommy. LOL

Also bedtime is a ritual and will set at the door and run back and forth until taken in. (she will not go to bed until we do). Then its time for greenie---her favorite time of the day. Do they tell time???

Your baby is so adorable, we are fortunate to have such loving cute furbabies.

Mar 06, 2015
Thank you NEW
by: Kurt

Thank you for your comments.

We try and take Isae on various routes, it kind of depends on how much time we have. When we walk in the park he tries pulling us to the pond to watch the ducks. Once he spends a little time watching the ducks he's happy and continues on the route. That is an excellent idea creating different routes and mentioning home at each turning point.

Maybe other Coton’s are similar but when you look him in the eyes and talk to him he looks back into your eyes and tilts his head like he’s thinking. He has a wonderful personality.

Are your Coton’s on this site?


Mar 06, 2015
Isae NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

He is simply adorable. You r so right that dogs like routine. One thought. Dogs r very smart & even thou they like the same route I mix it up once they know the one traveled most. I'm not sure if this really works, I hope I never have to find out but I take 3 various routes around Our house & mention home on each turning point to actual street.

If they ever got out or a catastrophe happened I feel this may help if ever spooked. Jonah is 7 & depending on route taken he knows the walking pattern home.

Again I do not know if in an emergency situation I can depend on it happening & really hope I never find out but since it's a routine & He's familiar w/smells on the 3 routes I feel odds are in my favor.

Just a thought.

Mar 05, 2015
routine NEW
by: Iris

Sounds like he means business. How sweet. what an awesome dog.
Much more local e and blessings with him

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